Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What the Boston Globe Missed in Southeast Asia


Thaiing Up the Chances For Korean Peace

Readers, it truly is NOT gratifying to have suspicions confirmed

Report: Weapons flight heading to Iran The flight plan for an aircraft seized in Thailand with a load of illicit North Korean arms and ammunition shows that the mysterious plane was headed to Iran, a new report from arms trafficking researchers says. According to the flight plan seen by researchers, the aircraft was chartered by Hong Kong-based Union Top Management Ltd., or UTM, to fly oil industry spare parts from Pyongyang to Tehran, with several other stops, including in Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Thai authorities, acting on a U.S. tip ....

" ... and at this point we can stop reading and dismiss this as yet another setup to start a war." -- Wake the Flock Up

North Korea weapons: Why did pilots stop for fuel in Thailand? Thailand today brought the crew of an impounded cargo plane carrying North Korea weapons before a criminal court. The circumstances of the seizure – like why a plane with illicit arms stopped in US ally territory for refueling – is raising questions.

"No question. It is a propaganda stunt." -- Wake the Flock Up

Here is another question they will not answer:

Why is Blackwater in the Philippines?

Oh, that explains a lot: Filipino Fascism Based on False Flag

Something else my Globe missed:

US warns Japan over relocation of Futenma airbase The US yesterday told Japan the planned relocation of a US marine airbase and thousands of troops based on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa was not up for negotiation in a further sign of growing tensions over the future of the US military footprint in east Asia. Reports said the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, told the Japanese ambassador to Washington, Ichiro Fujisaki, that Japan must honour a 2006 agreement to move the Futenma airbase – located in a crowded city on Okinawa – to the island's remote east coast.

: Japan Jilts U.S.