Sunday, December 27, 2009

MSM Signs of the Times

Not only is it an appropriate reflection on MSM, but the saying itself is the New World Order motto, isn't it?

The Boston Globe: Of, By, and For the Jew

That's why I'm sick of reading the Glob.

"Nazi sign featured at Auschwitz is stolen; Theft of symbol draws rebuke" by Monika Scislowska and Krzysztof Kopacz, Associated Press | December 19, 2009

OSWIECIM, Poland - The Nazis’ infamous sign declaring “Arbeit Macht Frei’’ - German for “Work Sets You Free’’ - was stolen yesterday from the entrance of the former Auschwitz death camp, Polish police said....

Who would want to do that?

The theft from the entrance to the camp - where more than 1 million people, mostly Jews, died during World War II - brought condemnation worldwide. “The theft of such a symbolic object is an attack on the memory of the Holocaust, and an escalation from those elements that would like to return us to darker days,’’ Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev said in a statement from Jerusalem. “I call on all enlightened forces in the world who fight against anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia and the hatred of the other, to join together to combat these trends.’’

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Yeah, the timing of this worthless exercise (stealing a sign) is stinky as Israel's image is in the toilet.

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Hate Crime Hoaxes Appearing All Across America

Yeah, it has that familiar false-flag whiff.

The sign disappeared from the Auschwitz memorial between 3:30 a.m. and 5 a.m., police spokeswoman Katarzyna Padlo said. Police deployed 50 police, including 20 detectives, and a search dog to the Auschwitz grounds, where barracks, watchtowers, and ruins of gas chambers stand as testament to the atrocities of Nazi Germany.

You know, what do Jews have on everyone? Something happens to anything Jewish and people are falling all over themselves!!

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Oh. Oh! OH!!!!

Police said they were reviewing footage from a surveillance camera that overlooks the entrance gate and the road beyond, but declined to say whether the crime was recorded.

Auschwitz museum spokesman Jaroslaw Mensfelt said it might have been too dark for the camera to have captured images.


He said the thieves apparently carried the sign 300 yards to an opening in a concrete wall. That opening had been left intentionally to preserve a poplar tree dating to the time of the war.

Four metal bars that had blocked the opening were cut. Footprints in the snow led from the wall opening to the nearby road, where police presume the sign was loaded on to a vehicle.

Poland’s chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, said he had trouble imagining who would steal the sign.

“If they are pranksters, they’d have to be sick pranksters, or someone with a political agenda. But whoever has done it has desecrated world memory,’’ Schudrich said.

Yeah, and WE KNOW WHO, cui bono!

Btw, the desecration of memories is something akin the Zionist-dominated MSM and AmeriKan educational curriculum under which we suffer.

Police were offering a $1,700 reward for public tipoffs about the thieves.


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Poland tightens border in hunt for Auschwitz sign

Let's see what cover story the Zionist MSM comes up with. This should be fun.

"Auschwitz sign to be restored only after security improvements; Museum officials seek more funds to preserve site" by Vanessa Gera, Associated Press | December 22, 2009

What, Jews extorting more money over the HOLOHOAX™?

WARSAW - The three pieces of the infamous sign proclaiming “Arbeit Macht Frei’’ (Work Sets You Free) will be welded together and restored to the main gate at the former Auschwitz death camp after an improved security system is put in place to guard against another theft....

It's a ghost work camp fer cryin' out loud!

More "security" so the poor Jew myth can be shoved in your face again?

Surveillance cameras and around-the-clock foot patrols already protect the vast 940-acre site....


, readers!!!!

The sign was cut into three pieces....

Oh, so they wanted to MELT IT DOWN and sell it as SCRAP, right? =

The sign disappeared under cover of darkness in the bitter cold early Friday.

Oh, BITTER COLD, huh, fart-misting propagandists?


That warm you up?


Since each sentence in each paragraph in each story is more absurd, I'm looking forward to some laughs.

"Theft of Nazi sign believed orchestrated outside Poland; Investigators criticize Auschwitz security system" by Monika Scislowska, Associated Press | December 23, 2009

Yeah, no doubt the IDEA originated in ISRAEL!!

WARSAW - A foreigner outside of Poland commissioned the theft of the infamous Auschwitz sign “Arbeit Macht Frei’’ (“Work Sets You Free’’) and detectives may expand their investigation beyond the country’s borders, officials said.

In a bid to learn more about the escapade, the investigators held a reenactment yesterday of the theft by the three men who confessed to taking the sign from the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz.

It's an "escapade?" That sure is a strange choice of words coming from the Zionist AmeriKan MSM -- almost as if they know something and aren't telling, huh?

Based on the evidence gathered since the theft Friday, the crime was commissioned by a “person living outside Poland’’ and police were seeking help from Interpol and others as they investigate, said Artur Wrona, the chief prosecutor in Krakow. Polish media have reported, without citing any sources, that someone in Sweden could be under suspicion, but Wrona did not confirm or deny the claims. In Stockholm, a Swedish police official said they have not been contacted about any links.

Wrona said the investigation so far had exposed “glaring negligence’’ in the security system at the Auschwitz museum that let the burglars act “undisturbed.’’ He said they drove to the then-closed museum in a sports car after dark Thursday but found they needed tools to take down the sign so they went to a shop and bought them.


Yeah, NEGLIGENCE in 'ROUND-the-CLOCK PATROLS with a CAMERA at the GATE! You are telling me there is NOT a LIGHT at the ENTRANCE of the place?


When they returned, it was just after midnight and there were no guards about as they unbolted one side and ripped the other off the opposite gate post, officials said. Police said the sign was cut into three pieces with a saw so it could fit in the getaway car. Only one camera overlooks the gate, and it remained unclear whether it recorded the theft.


CUI BONO, readers!!

Museum spokesman Jaroslaw Mensfelt said that for more than 60 years of the museum’s existence, the security system had seemed to be sufficient, but that it is now undergoing scrutiny. “Any upgrades that might be made must mean that no one will ever think of another theft,’’ he said.

PFFFFFT! Who would want to?

Working from tips, police found the sign Sunday - hidden under snow in the woods - and arrested five suspects in northern Poland. Prosecutors said three of the five men have confessed. All five suspects face up to 10 years in prison if convicted of stealing and dismantling the sign.

No NAMES?!! Why, they JEWISH?

And first they said three suspects, now it is up to five?

Prosecutor Piotr Kosmaty said the reenactment of the crime gave investigators “valuable material.’’ The three suspects who had confessed were taken back to Auschwitz to show investigators how they unscrewed and tore the sign, which weighs 66 pounds and is 16 feet long, from the gateposts.


What a JOKE!


As usual, it is all about the $$$ when it comes to the lyin' Zionist Jew!

"Polish official promises funds for security upgrades at Auschwitz museum" by Associated Press | December 24, 2009

WARSAW - Poland’s culture minister yesterday promised the Auschwitz museum money to step up security after the infamous “Arbeit Macht Frei’’ (“Work Sets You Free’’) sign was stolen from the site of the former Nazi death camp.

Police found the sign Sunday, cut into three pieces and hidden beneath a layer of snow in the woods. Five men have been arrested, and police say the crime was not driven by ideology but probably commissioned by someone from abroad.

Why all the ANONYMITY?

I mean, if they were MUSLIM TERRORISTS their names would be ALL OVER the PLACE!!! And WHY play down the IDEOLOGY ANGLE now?


Yesterday, Bogdan Zdrojewski, the culture minister, said he has earmarked about $137,000 for improving external security at the memorial site in southern Poland....

Can you afford that, Pole?

Museum spokesman Jaroslaw Mensfelt said the money could buy more than 10 high-quality surveillance cameras.

The one you had (allegedly) didn't work, so WTF?

The museum is constantly upgrading its security system....

After 60 years of sufficiency and upgrades it failed?

Oh, STINKO, readers!!!

Prosecutors investigating the early Friday theft said that security at the museum was insufficient. But Mensfelt disagreed, saying that more than 50 of the museum’s 250 employees were in charge of security, and that police experts were regularly consulted on security matters.

Then HOW in the WORLD did this happen?

The annual budget of $3.3 million comes from the Polish state coffers and from guided tours, historic publications, and a parking lot. Mensfeldt said the management was reviewing scores of offers of funding from Poland and abroad....

Paying for lies, Poles!

Police were analyzing the damaged sign and it was not immediately clear when it could be returned to the museum. For now, a replica of the sign hangs in its place.

And that is when the Glob dropped it!

Yup, everything back to normal and no need to know who the perps were or who paid them, stink. The "replica" bit is a nice touch considering the Zionist lies promoted by history.


Update: Why did Israel Steal Marys Gate Before Christmas?

Here is another series of Jew-centric coverage that is personally offensive to me:

"Pope moves pair closer to sainthood; Jewish groups raise outcry over Pius XII" by Nicole Winfield, Associated Press | December 20, 2009

VATICAN CITY - The Anti-Defamation League and American Jewish Committee said the move was premature given the Vatican still hasn’t opened up to outside historians its secret archives....

Clean up your own house first.

Last year, Jewish leaders asked the pope to speed up the opening of the archives....

I believe the word is chutzpah.

In contrast to Pope Pius XII, John Paul is greatly admired by Jews. During his 27-year pontificate he forged diplomatic ties with Israel; prayed at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site; and was the first pope in history to visit a synagogue....

That explains the favorable media coverage all these years, even to the point of covering JPII's anti-Iraq War statements.

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Ever notice synagogue rhymes with demagogue?


Which is what we get here:

"Pope speaks of Holocaust memorial; Denounces crimes, as critics fault his stand on Pius XII" by Alessandra Rizzo, Associated Press | December 22, 2009

What about the CURRENT HOLOCAUST underway in PALESTINE, Pope!

VATICAN CITY - The decision sparked further outrage among Jewish groups....

No one really cares about their whining anymore, haven't you heard?

Do you know what "in one ear, out the other" means?

Nevertheless, a planned visit by Benedict to Rome’s main synagogue, scheduled for Jan. 17, is still on, said Ester Mieli, spokeswoman for Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, the chief rabbi of Rome. She dismissed a report in a Rome newspaper that the visit was in doubt following the Pius decision.

Benedict, who was forced to join the Hitler Youth and who deserted from the German Army, has repeatedly spoken out against the horrors of Nazism and anti-Semitism, but his efforts to improve relations with Jews have not always been smooth.

Yesterday, he recounted his May trip to the Holy Land in a speech at the Vatican. “The visit to the Yad Vashem has meant an upsetting encounter with the cruelty of human fault, with the hatred of a blind ideology that, with no justification, sent millions of people to their deaths,’’ he said. Yad Vashem is “first of all a commemorative monument against hatred, a heartfelt call to purification, and forgiveness, to love,’’ he said....

That's why I never listen to or watch his sermons.

The World Jewish Congress called any beatification of Pius “inopportune and premature’’ until consensus on his legacy is established, the World Jewish Congress said in a statement.

But Obama gets a Peace Prize and no Jew beef?


Oh, right, they applaud the mass-murder of millions of Muslims.

"Benedict bids to ease tensions with Jews; Pope says process would evaluate Pius’s religious life" by Rachel Donadio, New York Times | December 24, 2009

They should change the N to a J for accuracy.

ROME - In an effort to calm growing tensions with Jewish groups, the Vatican said yesterday....

And how much do I care?


That give you a clue?

And is this not an odd coincidence?

Attack on pope leaves Hub Catholics stunned


Someone unhappy with the Pope sending him a message: WE can GET TO YOU!

So how many Zionists have infiltrated the Vatican, huh?

They wouldn't need many.

Here is a different view on the beatifications.

"Pope John Paul II and Pius XII move closer to sainthood

"JP2 I understand. But Pacelli?!?!?!?

Papal Nuncio Eugenio Pacelli, having helped bring about the fall of the Weimar Republic, formed the Catholic German Party. On March 23, 1933, the German Reichstag met, and the Catholic Party, led by its Catholic leaders, former chancellor BrĂ¼ning and prelate Mgr. Kaas, personal friend of Pacelli, voted for Catholic Hitler. In his acceptance speech, Hitler described Christianity as, "essential elements for safeguarding the soul of the German people." Hitler, knowing who helped him to power, then stated, "We hope to improve our friendly relations with the Holy See." Just four months later, Hitler's government signed a concordat with the Vatican, a treaty that gave preferential legal status to the Catholic church above other churches.

Adolph Hitler was also supported by the Protestant "German Christians Party", who despised the Weimar Republic for its refusal to teach the Christian religion in the public schools, and the Lutherans, who hated the Jews.

Pacelli to the German Catholics:

" is all the more necessary that the Catholics, deprived of diplomatic representation, should find in the diplomatic pacts between the Holy See and the National Socialist Government guarantees which can assure them ... the maintenance of their position in the life of the nation."

"The Party stands for positive Christianity." -- Article 24 of the Nazi Party Platform

Pacelli became Pope Pius XII in 1939. A staunch anti Democrat, Pius XII continued the policies of his predecessor. When Franco finally established his dictatorship in Spain, Church property and all medieval privileges of the Church were restored. No other religion was allowed. Protestants and non-Catholics were sent to concentration camps for refusing to attend Catholic services. Freethinkers, democrats, Socialists and Communists were deprived of civil rights, imprisoned, or shot.

When the Spanish republic was finally defeated by Catholic troops under Franco, would-be dictator of Spain, the pope sent a special message to the victors:

"With great joy we address you, dearest sons of Catholic Spain, to express our paternal congratulations for the gift of peace and victory with which God has chosen to crown the Christian heroism of your faith ... We give you, our dear sons of Catholic Spain, our apostolic benediction."

The Catholic Church does NOT support the individual rights of men and women. Pope Leo XIII wrote that the Bill of Rights should never have been written because god did NOT give to man freedom of thought, action, and speech.

Making Pacelli a saint is on the same level as handing the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama and Al Gore." -- Wake the Flock Up

That may very well be true; however, for my part, I am really tired of the Jews telling ME how to interpret MY BIBLE!!

Of course, only Jews work for justice in this world:

"Children lead protest for fired Hyatt workers; Brookline school organized rally" by Adam J.V. Sell, Globe Correspondent | December 14, 2009

Workers fired from the Hyatt hotel in downtown Boston last summer got some unexpected support yesterday as dozens of children from a Sunday school in Brookline marched to the hotel on their behalf.

The protesters, fifth-grade students from the Workmen’s Circle Jewish Cultural School, gathered outside the Park Street MBTA station with homemade signs, T-shirts, and handouts explaining their grievances. Organizers took turns using a bullhorn to rally supporters before marching from Boston Common to the Hyatt hotel in Downtown Crossing, chanting denouncements of Hyatt’s firing of 98 housekeepers in August. Upon reaching the hotel, the leaders of the march read a statement to hotel workers before handing over a petition....


No manager was available to receive the students, but a Hyatt hotel worker heard their statement and promised to pass along their petition, signed by nearly 200 people, to the hotel’s manager.

They got the brush-off!

At least it educates the little *ews about the effectiveness of protests in Zionist AmeriKa. Next lesson: a club upside the head from a jackboot enforcer!

Calls to the downtown hotel and the national Hyatt chain weren’t returned yesterday.

Following the short meeting inside the hotel, the fifth-graders debriefed the assembled crowd and posted a letter on a trailer opposite the hotel.

Darya Mattes, the teacher who organized the protest, said civil activism is a tradition at Workmen’s Circle. “The school places an emphasis on worker’s rights,’’ she said. “We would love to make sure Hyatt knows we care.’’

Ever notice Jews care more and have more compassion than anyone else?

They are so much better than the rest of us!


And they GET YOU ACTIVE, America!!

The mayor of Cambridge, E. Denise Simmons, wrote to the president of Hyatt Hotels Corp. yesterday, reiterating her dismay over the dismissal of 98 housekeepers in Cambridge and Boston and stating the City of Cambridge will not do business with Hyatt unless the workers are reinstated.

“This is the season for charity and neighborliness,’’ she wrote to president Mark Hoplamazian, “and it is not too late for the Hyatt Corporation to do the right thing.’’

The three local Hyatts - in Cambridge, downtown Boston, and at Logan International Airport - fired their entire housekeeping staffs Aug. 31 and replaced them with workers who made half as much money.

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Patrick's Political Prejudice

The Zio-centric agenda-pushing never ends, does it?

Numerous organizations have boycotted and picketed the hotels, including groups of rabbis, politicians, lawyers, and schoolchildren.

And what do they ALL HAVE in COMMON?

Hyatt responded to the outcry by offering to hire back the housekeepers through its outsourcing firm, United Service Cos., with their old wage rate guaranteed until the end of next year and health care benefits extended through March. Six of the workers have accepted the offer.....

The Cambridge and Boston city councils have passed resolutions condemning Hyatt’s actions, and Governor Deval Patrick has threatened a state boycott if the housekeepers are not rehired.

The City of Cambridge does not do a lot of business at the Hyatt, Simmons said, but she is encouraging residents and others to boycott the chain.


If a JEW says pick up the cudgel, Americans dutifully obey!

That's how we found ourselves in two bankrupting wars, America!

Simmons held her wedding reception at the Cambridge Hyatt the day before the housekeepers were fired. “I feel very betrayed,’’ she said. “Had I known, I would have pulled it.’’


Who cares about her damn wedding!?