Thursday, December 31, 2009

Senator Kerry Really Cares About You

And the WARS, LIES, and LOOTING?

No, he cares about FOOTBALL GAMES!

"Kerry aims to keep the football fans happy

Senator John F. Kerry said yesterday he’s doing his best to make sure a dispute between Time Warner Cable and Fox doesn’t deprive football fans of their New Year’s Day bowl games.

WHO CARES, Senator?

You have NOTHING BETTER to do?

Btw, how is your
daughter doing?

The Massachusetts Democrat’s office released a letter from Time Warner in response to one Kerry wrote last week urging the cable giant to continue carrying Fox even if the two media conglomerates don’t resolve their long-running contract dispute....

Kerry Doesn't Care About Carbon Footprint

Yeah, I've never seen the fart-misting protesters at the football games, either.

In his Dec. 22 letter, Kerry warned that if Fox programming were removed from Time Warner cable systems, millions of viewers “could lose access to the Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and Orange Bowl, as well as NFL playoff games.’’

Yeah, SO WHAT?

“Fox and Time Warner need to strike a deal - millions of football fans are depending on it,’’ said Kerry, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee’s subcommittee on communication, technology, and the Internet. “Having screens go dark because two parties couldn’t come together in time is no solution. New Year’s Day and football are synonymous in households across the nation. Private industry negotiations cannot disrupt a fundamental American tradition.’’

Well, that settles it: POLITICIANS are


NASCAR coverage was also expanded on the cable channel New England Sports Network, which is owned by New England Sports Ventures, the parent company of the Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group. The New York Times Co., which owns The Boston Globe, holds a 17 percent stake in New England Sports Ventures."

Yeah, why aren't the protesters picketing gas-wasting, global-warming auto races, huh?

Now I understand all the self-serving sports promotion in the paper, the tax loot to build coliseums, the congressional hearings on sports instead of war crimes and constitutional violations by this government, and the mingling of them all.


And they only gave you a video game.


So what is the BIG DEAL, huh?

"Free TV could get its curtain call; Broadcasters want bigger cut of providers’ fees" by Andrew Vanacore, Associated Press | December 30, 2009

NEW YORK - For more than 60 years, TV stations have broadcast news, sports, and entertainment for free and made their money by showing commercials. That might not work much longer.

The business model is unraveling at ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox and the local stations that carry the networks’ programming. Cable TV and the Web have fractured the audience for free TV and siphoned its ad dollars. The recession has squeezed advertising further, forcing broadcasters to accelerate their push for new revenue to pay for programming.

Translation: NO ONE LIKES a LIAR -- and shit-shoveling ones at that.

That will play out in living rooms across the country. The changes could mean higher cable or satellite TV bills, as the networks and local stations squeeze more fees from pay-TV providers such as Comcast and DirecTV for the right to show broadcast TV channels in their lineups. The networks might even ditch free broadcast signals in the next few years. Instead, they could operate as cable channels - a move that could spell the end of free TV as Americans have known it since the 1940s.



“Good programming is expensive,’’ Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp. owns Fox, told a shareholder meeting this fall. “It can no longer be supported solely by advertising revenues.’’

How would he know?

Fox is pursuing its strategy in public, warning that its broadcasts - including college football bowl games - could go dark Friday for subscribers of Time Warner Cable, unless the pay-TV operator gives Fox higher fees. For its part, Time Warner Cable is asking customers whether it should “roll over’’ or “get tough’’ in negotiations.

Then FUCK FOX!!!


I think you JUST GOT MY ANSWER, TW!!!

The future of free TV also could be altered as the biggest pay-TV provider, Comcast Corp., prepares to take control of NBC. Comcast has not signaled plans to end NBC’s free broadcasts. But Jeff Zucker, who runs NBC and its sister cable channels such as CNBC and Bravo, told investors this month that “the cable model is just superior to the broadcast model.’’


Of course, the BILL will be included in the BILL for the INTERNET ACCESS and TELEPHONE!

I can SEE WHY Comcast promoted the convenience of the one-source set-up for everything. I'm fucked, readers.

This also explains why the government ditched analog reception and pushed the digital and HD developments. No more rabbit ears picking up signals.

Sure is going to be quiet around here. Glad I have the DVD player. Looks like King Kong is going to get worn out.

The traditional broadcast model works like this: CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox distribute shows through a network of local stations. The networks own a few stations in big markets, but most are “affiliates,’’ owned by separate companies. Traditionally the networks paid affiliates to broadcast their shows, though those fees have dwindled to near nothing as local stations have seen their audience shrink. What hasn’t changed is where the money mainly comes from: advertising.

Cable channels make most of their money by charging pay-TV providers a monthly fee per subscriber for their programming. On average, the pay-TV providers pay about 26 cents for each channel they carry, according to research firm SNL Kagan. A channel as highly rated as ESPN can get close to $4, while some, such as MTV2, go for just a few pennies. With both advertising and fees, ESPN has seen its revenue grow to $6.3 billion in 2009 from $1.8 billion a decade ago, according to SNL Kagan estimates.

Oh, well isn't that just great for ESPN! No wonder it is all laughs over there!

It has been able to bid for premium events that networks had traditionally aired, such as football games. Cable channels also have been able to fund high-quality shows, such as AMC’s “Mad Men,’’ rather than recycling movies and TV series.

I would rather they do that -- from about 30-40 years ago. TV sucks now.

That, plus a growing number of channels, has given cable a bigger share of the ad pie....

Having two revenue streams - advertising and fees from pay-TV providers - has insulated cable channels from the recession.

And NOW they want to CHARGE YOUR PUT-UPON PAYCHECK even MORE, America! TURN that fucking PROPAGANDA BOX OFF!!!!!!! I HAVE!!!

By contrast, over-the-air stations have been forced to cut staff, and at least two broadcast groups sought bankruptcy protection in 2009.

And I have to tell you, LOCAL TV is EVEN WORSE!! It USED to be GOOD about 40 YEARS ago but it has been a ride downhill ever since!

Fox illustrates the trend: Its broadcast operations reported a 54 percent drop in operating income for the quarter that ended in September. Its cable channels, which include Fox News and FX, grew their operating income 41 percent. Analyst Tom Love of ZenithOptimedia estimates that ad revenues at the big networks dropped 9 percent in 2009 and will be followed by an 8 percent drop in 2010 and zero growth in 2011. A small chunk of the ad revenue is being recouped online, where the networks sell episodes for a few dollars each or run ads alongside shows on sites such as Hulu. Media economist Jack Myers projects online video advertising will grow into a $2 billion business by 2012, from just $350 million to $400 million in 2009. But that is not significant enough to make up for the lost ad revenue on the airwaves.

Awwww, the poor advertisers!

Well, I HAVE MY OWN PROBLEMS and I'll have to SPARE the EMPATHY!!

Advertisers spent $34 billion on broadcast commercials in 2008, down by $2.4 billion from two years earlier, according to the Television Bureau of Advertising. So rather than wait for the Internet to become a bigger source of income, the networks and local stations are mimicking what cable channels do: They’re charging pay-TV companies a monthly fee per subscriber to carry their programming....

Which will be PASSED ON to YOUR BILL, Amurkn!

Yeah, keep stuffing your face with those chips and sodas, s***bags!

Actually, when you think about it, THIS would PROBABLY GET Americans going!

Threaten their FOOTBALL and BEERS and you get 'em RILED!

Lie to them about wars and loot their pockets and THEY DON'T CARE SO MUCH!

I expect a deal any time now.

Oh, and as you were WAITING for the INTERNET it PASSED YOU, MSM!!

How does the dust taste?


I know you are on the edge of your seats for an update, readers, so....

"Fox may shut out Time Warner; News Corp. says arbitration is not the right solution" by Ryan Nakashima, Associated Press | December 31, 2009

LOS ANGELES - Bart Simpson and the Sugar Bowl game could disappear from the TVs of Time Warner Cable subscribers in New York, Los Angeles, and other markets....

Make sure you wave goodbye, America!

With a deadline of midnight tonight approaching, Time Warner Cable offered an olive branch that could leave the Fox network and some of its cable TV channels on the lineup for millions of subscribers - for now. But an executive at Fox owner News Corp. indicated a signal interruption was probable.


In dispute are the fees that Time Warner Cable Inc. pays Fox to carry its channels. In the past, the Fox network was offered free, and cable companies essentially paid more for FX and other cable channels that News Corp. also owns. This time, News Corp. is demanding $1 per subscriber every month for the network itself.

So that EXTRA $12 dollars in your bill will be going directly to the LIARS at FOX!

I'd rather SAVE the MONEY!

Fox, hurt by reductions in advertising revenue and increases in programming costs, argues that Time Warner Cable is making money off its programming, so it should get a cut of revenue....

How GREEDY and SHAMELESS of that SLIME Murdoch!

Of course, he is making NOTHING OFF ME! I never watch his channels -- and his NEWSPAPERS are WORSE than the ONE I READ!

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Well, maybe they are the same.

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Maybe not.

Maybe I've been buying the WRONG PAPER all these years, huh?

Actually, the problem is reading a paper at all:

"The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing, but newspapers." -- Thomas Jefferson

I resolve that the last day was today.

In a note to employees, News Corp. chief operating officer Chase Carey said temporarily extending the current terms past today would “simply extend the period of time that Time Warner profits from our marquee programming without fairly compensating Fox for it.’’

He also rejected arbitration as a possibility in a letter to Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, who had pleaded for both sides to agree to uninterrupted television for football fans “through the college bowl season.’’

Late yesterday, Kerry threatened to ask the Federal Communications Commission to intervene if the sides can’t agree in time.

Yup, he is OUT THERE WORKING for YOU, America!

If a new deal isn’t reached, programs that could disappear from Time Warner Cable’s lineup include “The Simpsons’’ and several football games - among them, the Sugar Bowl tomorrow, the Cotton Bowl on Saturday, and the NFL’s final regular season contests on Sunday....

Oh, my FRIENDS will be HITTING the CEILING!!!!



I'm tired of the SUNDAY CHARADE so GO AHEAD, Fox! YANK 'EM!!

You think I care?

In Florida, two television viewers filed a lawsuit yesterday against News Corp., seeking an injunction to ensure that the Fox broadcast of the Florida-Cincinnati Sugar Bowl contest would remain on Bright House’s cable system....

I TOLD YOU Americans would TAKE ACTION on this!

Yeah, let the LIES, LOOTING, and WARS continue -- this is REALLY IMPORTANT!


I don't know when I'll be back, readers.

I'm not buying the Boston Globe anymore, and college bowl games are on TV. I was thinking of taking the rest of the day off.