Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remembering Romania

MSM wouldn't have were it not for a kink in the globalist plan:

"Romania in turmoil as election fraud is alleged; Amid dispute, IMF suspends $2 billion loan" by Alison Mutler, Associated Press | December 10, 2009

BUCHAREST, Romania - Many Romanians had hoped this election would lift the country out of its political crisis, help it shake its reputation for corruption, and allow it to climb out of its worst recession in 20 years.

Instead, it has plunged the country into even deeper turmoil.

The opposition is alleging that the presidency has been stolen by fraud, a $2 billion international loan probably won’t be delivered, and some in the business community fear the scandal will scare off the foreign investment the country so badly needs.

Results in Sunday’s presidential runoff election showed that the incumbent, Traian Basescu, eked out the slimmest of victories: The Central Electoral Bureau said he took 50.33 percent of the vote to 49.66 percent for his challenger, former foreign minister Mircea Geoana.

Three exit polls had forecast a victory for Geoana, albeit a narrow one.

Geoana has alleged that he was robbed of the presidency by “deliberately organized, massive fraud.’’

He said his Social Democratic Party has evidence of ballot stuffing and multiple voting - both inside Romania and abroad, where he lost heavily to Basescu.

Thousands of fictitious personal identity numbers were created, Geoana said. He said his party has evidence that, in one instance, hundreds of voters shared one address - that of a small house in Bucharest.

You now, I EXPECT THIS IN ANY ELECTION ANYWHERE -- especially in the "free" West!

As far as I can tell, the ONLY FAIR ELECTIONS in the LAST FIVE YEARS have been in Palestine, Iran, and the Latin American countries that went leftist.

ALL ELSE are SUSPECT because of s*** like this!

Romania is one of the European Union’s poorest countries, and Geoana said there is also evidence of widespread vote-buying. He is appealing the result to the country’s Constitutional Court and demanding new elections.

The court is scheduled to rule this week on whether the results are valid.

The Liberal Democratic Party, which supports Basescu, denied the fraud allegations and said Geoana didn’t now how to lose with grace.

Electoral thieves always say that.

Even before Sunday’s runoff, the situation was chaotic.

In September, a vice prime minister alleged that plans for electoral fraud were already underway. That led the prime minister, Emil Boc, to fire him in October - after which Parliament dismissed Boc himself with a vote of no confidence.

The country has been without a government since then.

Because of that, the International Monetary Fund suspended a $2 billion loan meant to help pull the country out of the recession.

They DID YOU A FAVOR! You don't need a loan from a debt-inducing, globalist vampire; no one does.

While the instability continues, the loan is unlikely to be released. The International Monetary Fund wants Romania to have a government and a 2010 budget first - and neither will happen until the election issue is resolved.

I'll bet it is being worked on behind closed doors as I type.

In the meantime, unemployment is 7 percent and the economy is expected to shrink 8.5 percent this year.

Some fear the allegations of electoral theft will repel foreign investors.

That's what the agenda-pushing paper is all about, and why this item makes it.

You see why it makes the paper, right?

Otherwise, they don't give a damn about Romania -- until the IMF loan is in jeopardy!

“In the eyes of European advanced democracies, vote-rigging is the ultimate in corruption, as it signals corrupt leadership from the top down,’’ said Vivien Ashton, an adviser to the Bucharest stock exchange.

What do you do when it is a feature and staple of your political system (hi for AmeriKa, world), and where all candidates are preselected by the rulers?

“It reinforces the foreigner’s view of the big business barons as having absolute control of the Romanian political base, with no regard for the direction of the economy.

How come it is the same in ever country?

That is discouraging for business growth; no one wants to invest in such a climate.’’

Is that why no one is investing in AmeriKa?

Cristian Parvulescu, who heads Pro Democracy, a nongovernmental organization that monitors elections, said he could not determine whether the vote was rigged.

He said, however, that there were instances of vote-buying and “electoral tourism,’’ in which voters cast ballots in many places.

Basescu called yesterday for reconciliation. “The time for competition has ended,’’ he said. “It is time to come back to the country’s priorities.’’

But Geoana said it was his duty to challenge the fraud so it does not become the standard for future elections.


So is he challenging, or did the globalists get to him?

"Basescu declared winner in Romania" by Associated Press | December 15, 2009

BUCHAREST - Yesterday’s decision is expected to bring some stability to Romania which has been without a proper government since Oct. 13, when the government was dismissed by Parliament in a no-confidence vote.

Romania’s president appoints the prime minister, who in turn will form the new government and set a budget. Amid the uncertainty, a delegation from the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission arrived in Romania yesterday to discuss a loan to the country that has been frozen following the political crisis. The delegation is meeting Romanian authorities to discuss the 2010 budget, which has to be approved by Parliament and is crucial to the decision to free up a $2.2 billion installment of an IMF loan.


As usual, a fraudulent election validated.

What, Afghanistan the most recent before this?

Now about that challenge:

"In Romania, incomplete revolution; Problems linger 20 years after communism" by George Jahn, Associated Press | December 17, 2009

TIMISOARA, Romania - Today, Romania is a member of both the EU and NATO, both of them clubs associated with Western values and prosperity - and on the surface seems to have overcome the past....

Like mass-murdering war crimes and torture over lies?

Those kinds of values?

Today, Romania is drowning in debt - with foreign obligations of almost $113 billion.

And the IMF wants to SINK THEM EVEN DEEPER!!!

Yes, governments, businesses, readers, and anyone else who will listen, it is ALL ABOUT DEBT and LOADING EVER MORE on you!


Although it joined the EU in 2007, the nation remains plagued by corruption, mired in recession, and paralyzed by political infighting - most recently by a hotly contested presidential election marred by allegation of wholesale fraud.

US Ambassador Mark H. Gitenstein paid tribute to the events of 20 years ago - while noting that Romania has a long way to go to achieve full democratic, free-market values.

“You in Romania have much yet to do to complete your revolution,’’ he said. “Romania, like America, must aspire to be a government of laws . . . not a country where policy and law depends on which party attains a majority of 50 percent plus one.’’

Yeah, it would be nice if the AmeriKan government actually obeyed the laws, but.... after a while you become jaded to the hypocrisy because there is so much of it.


Tudorin Burlacu, who was among Timisoara’s revolutionary fighters 20 years ago, asked if he had a message for Romania’s youth, he said: “They have to learn from us, they have to keep fighting from freedom.’’

Didn't an American founding father say something about eternal vigilance?

But today’s generation has other priorities.

“We saw it on TV, but it’s no big deal for us,’’ said Iasmina Capverde, 17, of the planned march and other commemorative festivities. “Maybe for our parents it was a big day, but it’s nothing special for our crowd.’’

I can not tell you how much my heart sank reading that.


It's not just AmeriKa or Romania; it's darn near everywhere since most people are living under some sort of oppression in some form or fashion.

In AmeriKa it takes the form of indifferent and looting government.