Monday, October 12, 2015

Morose Monday

It's not the first time I've felt this way (and likely not the last), and it is more than the fact that I didn't get back here yesterday and have fallen further behind; it's the feeling that events are rushing by while this blog goes nowhere. It's like time has passed by this blog that passes along rank-rot reaction, cover story slop, and agenda-pushing garbage from the Boston Globe as events overtake them.

I totally missed the migrant crisis and I've neglected Russia's routing of U.S.-supported and sponsored ISIS™ in Syria and the exposure of that complete fraud upon the world. Even the corporate pre$$ over here is spinning it as a failure of the CIA-backed programs of "moderates" and the failure to achieve more than a handful of trained fighters despite the $500 million or whatever $$ figure they think the U.S. public can stomach without going "woah" and then wondering WTF the government is doing creating, funding, and directing the "terrorists" they are fighting. U.S.-coalition has been bombing ISIS™ for a year and they have grown, Russia starts rolling them back in less than two weeks. What does that tell you? It's all been a ruse since the days of "Al-CIA-Duh." They call it "Al-CIA-Bob" in Somalia, "al-nUSrA" in Syria, and they are always coming along with catchy names for other groups. It's Saudi money hiring foreign mercenaries, and on and on. I think even the U.S. government is starting to get the clue seeing as its propaganda organ known as the mouthpiece ma$$ media is letting it slip. It's just confirmation of what we have known for a long time, and yes, dear American citizen, the wars are based on lies and those that led you into them are war-criminal traitors (including the current regime despite the recent pullback). Arrest 'em all and send them to the Hague. Set a good example. Sheriff?

On the flip side of Russian/Syrian action is the Israelis really taking it to the Palestinians. I hate to say it, but some radio show guy predicted just that after the Iran negations concluded, and that's what we've got. They barged into Al Aqsa and have set off protests. I haven't read the stories very closely, but the general sense is poor Israelis threatened by Palestinians with knives as the Israeli government mows down Palestinians from in close and on high. It's a rabid, right-wing, extremist militant government over there but you will never read it in the their pre$$ here. Who do you think is propping up corporate media anyway? Gets their slanted side of the story out, and I've kinda had it with the whole narrative based on distortions at best and lies at worst.

It didn't slip by without notice that once the Iran deal was done, Russia pivoted against ISIS™ and now Iran just convicted a CIA spy running under Washington Post cover (the jig is up, guys; we know the CIA and other intere$ts have had control of the media since the '50s). Some alternative media and bloggers have suggested that Obama really got took. He got the Iran deal and has backed down on all fronts since. It does look that way, even in Ukraine, and I'm starting to think that the guy is passing it off to the next president. He's done his pages of the Zio-Con playbook and it's time to pull back, reassess, and let the legacy-building begin. The great statesman and all that, like the mass-murdering liar before him.

As it is, I'm wondering whether I have the heart to go forward here. Do I post yesterday's Sunday Globe Special slop to try and catch up currently, work on projects long put off, or scrap it all and read much-neglected blog works from my roll and beyond?

Is it an illness, is an addiction, I don't know.  I've already let the anger go and closed the book on the other day as I always do, but who knows about the long-term health implications of continuing to read self-serving, upsetting, and insulting obfuscations if not lies or agenda-pushing dogma endless shoveled. Sorry.

You could say, "Well, what would you like?" My answer would be "I don't know," but I don't want this. That's the best I can tell you.

I'm late starting and already thinking of stopping. I still have things to do and a basketball game to play tonight.