Saturday, October 10, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: Morning Anger

It is not only that I $helled out $2 for the rotten, one-section sheet of censorship and such, but they started carrying them at the former Hess so I went there to get one (returning home, as it were) and I'm in line behind two other guys. The attendant takes care of them, then turns away from me and starts shuffling through her papers (nothing new; she has made me wait on many occasions in the past and is a somewhat surly person -- or just doesn't like me for whatever reason. As if I cared. We not friends, we are not buddies, I'm there to get a paper and she is there to do a job). After about 5 seconds I turned, put the Globe back on the rack, and drove up the road to where I have been getting it. I won't be back again.

Then I found all sorts of Invisible Inks and censored stories when comparing web and print (did a preview this morning). 

Mayor Walsh stands with Hub’s Muslims....

The symbolism of the timing from the so-called Global Rally for Humanity, anti-Muslim rallies happening across America, was not lost on the mayor or the thousand worshipers seated elbow-to-elbow on the carpeting.

He says they are  “ignorant and misinformed.” 

Be careful, Mr. Mayor.

"Anti-Muslim “Global Rally for Humanity” Stands in Contrast to Events Promoting Coexistence"  "Armed Anti-Muslim Activists Plan Mosque Protests In 20 Cities This Week"  Take a wild guess at who you think is really behind this. -- xymphora

I think I know because there is not a word more about it in my Globe. Maybe they feel guilty, or maybe they are little embarrassed right now because the image don't look too good!

Sorry I don't care about Cosby, although I suspect someone is sticking it to him (how can you argue with all those women?). The Kostka-Coyne thing is old news (there was a trial?), and this story was sunk in the print of the Marshfield. They didn't even smell the carbon monoxide at the school in Newton, and the fire alarms apparently do not work in Brockton (a hero, someone one said, is often someone who is cold enough, tired enough, and hungry enough to not give a damn). I then missed the train back to the city (why would you have to sue banks for shady practices and looting schemes?) and the Good Life (proof the paper is being written for a $elect few in Bo$ton) before logging out.

I'm leaving you angry because I have to now go do some errands and then take in a football game before returning this afternoon -- maybe. Or maybe I'll just spend the rest of the night watching baseball like yesterday.