Friday, June 19, 2015

Mouthy McPhee

She is lucky she wasn't shot to death:

"Radio talk show host Michele McPhee charged with drunken driving" by Peter Schworm Globe Staff  June 11, 2015

Radio talk show host and journalist Michele McPhee was charged with assaulting a State Police trooper and resisting arrest after she was pulled over early Thursday on suspicion of drunken driving, authorities said.

The trooper was injured in a struggle with McPhee and called for backup to take her into custody, State Police said.

McPhee, who began hosting a show on WMEX (1510 AM) earlier this month, was pulled over about 1 a.m. on the Southeast Expressway in South Boston after police allegedly saw a Mercedes-Benz SUV drifting between lanes and nearly hit a Jersey barrier on the side of the road, according to a State Police report filed in court.

McPhee was arraigned Thursday in South Boston Municipal Court on charges of assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and drunken driving. She pleaded not guilty and was released without bail. She is due back in court in early August.

McPhee’s license was revoked. She has a four-page driving history that includes several stops for speeding.

Neither McPhee nor her lawyer could be reached.

In the report, a trooper wrote that McPhee, 45, had bloodshot eyes and slurred her words.

Did she take a breathalyzer?

She told the trooper she worked at a radio station and had “defended cops for 30 years,” according to the report. She mentioned that she was friends with a number of police officials, including the head of the State Police, it said.

And therefore, of course, she should GET SPECIAL TREATMENT!

“McPhee listed several members of police agencies and Massachusetts State Police Colonel Timothy Alben as friends whom I should contact,” the police report stated.

Are you sure she was drunk?

McPhee later said she had advocated for police for several years and “I should know of her,” the trooper wrote.

It amazes me to this day how the echelons of the elite and their subservient slave classes think they are so special!

McPhee, who lives in East Boston, refused field sobriety tests, and when the trooper told her he was placing her under arrest, she grew “belligerent, resistant, and enraged,” according to the report.

She elbowed the trooper in the chest, and then kicked him in the legs, saying, “I’m calling the colonel . . . let me go . . . get a supervisor,” according to the report.

As an “evolving and escalating” struggle continued, the trooper radioed for help, bringing two other officers to the scene, the report said.

McPhee continued to resist, and at one point she and two of the officers stumbled and fell to the ground, police wrote. The trooper’s knee was cut, and McPhee suffered a “serious cut on her forehead,” leaving blood all over her face and shirt, the report said. 

She didn't reach for his gun, did she?

“McPhee was emotional and shouting but I couldn’t understand” exactly what she was saying, the trooper wrote.

While McPhee was being booked, she allegedly “continued with enraged and condescending statements,” the report stated.

The trooper and McPhee were later taken to a hospital.

McPhee, a long-time journalist and the author of several books, had been a reporter at the Boston Herald and the New York Daily News. She was a correspondent for The Boston Globe from 1994 to 1996. 



Oh, she's white. That explains why she is still alive.