Sunday, June 14, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: Cleaning Up Frat Spat

It is in no way comparable to Americans who did that to returning soldiers from Vietnam (if they even did that; apparently there is some debate and mythic quality to the whole issue and as to whether the not-so-quite-accurate reflection of history passed down is on purpose to discredit today's antiwar nuts. My reflections upon it now would be agent provocateur if it did happen, and I now know COINTELPRO was in full swing at the time):

"Inquiry finds frat members did not target veterans in Fla."  Associated Press  June 13, 2015

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Investigations into a fraternity whose members are accused of mistreating wounded veterans while at a Florida Panhandle hotel have not found malicious intent, but instead a rash of bad behavior that disrupted the soldiers’ retreat.

The police investigation into the April incidents at the Laketown Wharf Resort found no criminal wrongdoing against Zeta Beta Tau members from the University of Florida or Emory University.

That's a Jewish frat, isn't it?

But investigators did find the Warrior Beach Retreat group was subjected to frat members urinating and vomiting off balconies. In addition, bottles and other objects were thrown from the balconies.

I guess they see the whole world as their own personal toilet.

Three members of the Florida chapter were expelled from ZBT after the incidents, and both universities’ chapters were suspended.

University of Florida officials interviewed a dozen veterans, most of whom described a scene of debauchery that ruined their retreat.

I was told vets were spit on earlier but the saliva of coverage has apparently dried up there.


It's really no surprise considering the double standards of today's AmeriKan jew$tice system these days, nor is the omission regarding the unique characteristic of that particular fraternity in the pre$$.