Friday, September 4, 2015

Becoming the Mainstream Media Monitor Again

They are the true muckrakers and mainstream media now:

Al Qaeda: The Database

Any wonder I've turned sour on them?

Obama’s Presumed Innocence In Projecting Middle Eastern Refugees To Pressure Europe

[Putin is not the only one, nor is he the first, to grasp the obvious fact that wars of aggression inevitably drive entire populations to the roadways, forcing sane families to do the insane, in order to increase their odds for survival.  Obama has always understood this hard fact and he has consistently used it to his advantage, using refugees as another passive weapon, to be used against our European allies.]

Related: “Boy on a Beach” Narrative Riddled with Inconsistencies & Agenda Pushing 

I knew something was fishy when I saw them waving the world lead at us. When the Jewish War Pre$$ starts waving around dead Palestinian children maybe I'll sit up and take notice.

Future of War and Peace at Stake in Streets of Japan 

They are still out there?

Not Content: Frustrated Dick Cheney Hints At Nuclear First Strike On Iran 

I'm just glad he lets us know where we are all going.

Texas Sheriff Says You Have To Obey the Police Because Their ‘Authority Comes From God’

Good thing he isn't a marriage clerk in Kentucky.

I saved the bests for lasts:

"Nobody did anything wrong

"Hillary Clinton Minion Who Set Up Her Personal Email Server Will Plead The Fifth"  Odd, since we're told nobody did anything wrong.

"Too early to tell if photo of drowned Syrian boy will be election game-changer, strategists say"  Surprisingly, the Canadian media is making a big thing out of this.  Harper's answer is that the loss of one refugee is such a tragedy that Canada has to do more Middle East bombing, thus solving the problem by creating a lot more refugees!  "Canadian airstrike in Iraq may have killed up to 27 civilians: Kurdish militia soldier"

"Who Runs The Migrant Media Campaign And What Is Its Purpose?"  In what small supremacist group's interest is it to stir up Islamophobia in Europe?

"The Obamanites are fools."

Even Roth can do the math:  "The Refugee Crisis That Isn't"  Note the comparison to the US, though he's pulling a fast one by comparing immigration to refugees.  As only a few people have noted, the American immigration 'crisis' is being solved as the ongoing, but secret, complete American economic collapse - caused by the cost of baseworld and the Wars For The Jews, 'incompetent' policies of the Fed, and the intentional exportation of jobs - is causing people to return to their native countries. As is so often the case in politics, Trump is surfing on a crisis that has already passed for the ultra-ironic reason that previous American politicians have been paid to destroy the country.

"Ethnic activist and “Constitutional crusader” Glenn Greenwald demands lawlessness on immigration"  To be fair to Greenwald, his motivation is certainly the glibertairian (low-wage conservative) politics of Crazy Pierre, and not the politics of Jewish group supremacism, though they happen to overlap.

"The Rehabilitationists"

"Strange Words From St. Bernard and the Sandernistas"  Americans are allowed a 'long-shot' 'kookie' socialist candidate, but never a peace candidate, which is what the country really, really needs.

"Russia and Syria: The Die Is Cast" by Israel Shamir.  Russia is certainly taking a revived interest in Syria, but this is a lot of supposition based on the musings of Thierry Meyssan.

"US public school program comes under Israel lobby pressure" Utterly obvious purely hateful behavior from a powerful identifiable group.

It's funny how many things are only explicable using conspiracy theory.


Then it occurred to me that I need to get active this afternoon and stream as much truth as I can seek. I haven't seen or heard much lately, but you know I like Les.