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Slow Saturday Special: No Mystery in Millis


School Fire Drills: Alarm in Millis
School Fire Drills: Newtonian Nonsense

I'm standing by my analysis:

"Millis officer’s story shifted in alleged shooting hoax; Confessed he ‘blacked out,’ police say" by David Abel, Eric Moskowitz and John R. Ellement Globe Staff  September 04, 2015

MILLIS — The report triggered a massive response by heavily armed police who cordoned off parts of the town for hours on Wednesday and led authorities to close the public schools.

That was quick, and why were so many just in the area? Those are the questions I'm asking. All in response to the call in of a shooting? What is such a small town doing with an army?


Bryan Johnson allegedly confessed to using a handgun to shoot his police cruiser three times in a wooded area of town, then getting back in the cruiser, driving it, and “blacking out’’ just before the vehicle crashed into trees and caught fire, police said.

So he shot the car and then crashed it, is that it, because later on I'm reading that "after the vehicle came to a rest [he] exited, walked to the front of the cruiser, and fired three shots?’’

It would be nice if you guys were on the same page of the script before releasing it to the pre$$. 

Johnson’s alleged confession to State Police came after he told them several false stories about what happened, according to a Millis police report filed in Wrentham District Court....

No big deal. I'm reading a paper full of false stories every single day.

Johnson is in an undisclosed “medical facility’’ and will remain there for the next six to 10 days, Sergeant William Dwyer, who has been running the Millis Police Department this week, said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

“We’re human beings,’’ Dwyer said at the news conference. “ I will still be his friend.’’


Those who have known Johnson for years said they were astonished to learn that he had been arrested.

“Nothing I can think would explain this,” said Pedro Henrique Jungermann, a close friend from high school. “I’m still surprised and confused. None of this really makes sense to me.”

So he is taking the fall for the drill like a good soldier, 'er, cop?

He said Johnson had long wanted to be a police officer, noting how two years ago he graduated with a criminal justice degree from Western New England University in Springfield.

He described Johnson as “very responsible, mature, hard-working, and smart.”

“He didn’t do the crazy stuff that all the other kids did,” Jungermann said. “He was the type of friend who was always there when you needed him.”

None of it makes any sense -- unless you go drive down my road.


Johnson is a 2009 graduate of Millis High School, where he was the cocaptain of the basketball team. The sport continued to draw his attention as an adult, as he was involved in the town’s youth basketball program, according to social media postings.

On Thursday, a man at a Walnut Hill Road address listed in public records for Johnson refused to comment and said, “You guys need to leave, and leave now, please.”

Before selectmen voted to approve Johnson’s appointment to the force on Aug. 17, Chief Keith F. Edison called him “an exemplary employee.”

On Friday, Selectman Christopher Smith said he had heard only good things about Johnson.

“By all accounts, he was doing very well at the police department,” Smith said. “This seems very uncharacteristic of him.”

He called the incident especially unnerving, because he knows Johnson’s family. “They’re a very nice family, a very good family,” he said.

Johnson’s burned-out police Ford Explorer was pulled from the woods off Forest Road about 50 yards southeast of the intersection with Birch Street late Wednesday night. Dwyer said Friday that the 2014 SUV, valued at an estimated $28,000, was a total loss.

Dwyer said Millis officers worry that the incident has eroded public confidence in law enforcement. But Dwyer said he hopes that the department’s speed in identifying the incident as an alleged hoax would send a signal that no one is above the law.

We got it.

“These things happen in law enforcement. We are not perfect,’’ he said. “But people, hopefully, will see when we have something like this, we handle it properly, and they are treated no differently than anyone else.’’



The message here is if its a hoax, the the propaganda pre$$ will report it as such so believe all the rest. 

They must really be getting desperate, folks. No one is believing them anymore and they have not a clue as to what to do.

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When's recess?

"Boy, 13, guilty in Michigan playground killing" Associated Press  September 05, 2015

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A jury convicted a 13-year-old boy of first-degree murder Friday, turning aside defense claims that a childhood of abuse should shield him from criminal responsibility for the fatal stabbing of a younger boy at a western Michigan playground.

The verdict in Kent County court came after a three-day trial and four hours of deliberations. The AP isn’t naming the boy because of his age. He will be sentenced as a juvenile, then resentenced as an adult when he turns 21.

‘‘Prison is the answer,’’ said Michael Verkerke, father of the 9-year-old victim.

There was never a dispute that the boy, who was 12 at the time, killed Michael Connor Verkerke last summer at a playground in Kentwood, near Grand Rapids. The jury had to determine whether years of abuse at home had wrecked his mental health and overwhelmed his decisions.

In his closing argument, prosecutor Kevin Bramble said the killing was planned for months and the boy knew what he did was wrong because he called 911. During the call, which was played for the jury, the boy demands that police arrest him and give him the electric chair.

‘‘He set out to kill someone and he did it,’’ Bramble told jurors Thursday. ‘‘Take the emotion out of it.’’


I'm done playing around with Next Day Updates.