Thursday, April 8, 2021

Boston Globe Guillotine

They are literally hunting for heads:

"Corporate America isn’t welcoming former Trump Cabinet officials with open arms, headhunters say" by Tory Newmyer Washington Post, April 7, 2021

Before she joined the Trump administration as transportation secretary, Elaine Chao earned millions of dollars over a decade by serving on the boards of big public companies such as Dole Foods, Protective Life, and Wells Fargo, according to corporate filings.

She offered sterling credentials to businesses eager to keep current with the Republican leadership: A former banking executive, she became the first Asian American woman to serve in a Cabinet when President George W. Bush tapped her to serve as labor secretary. She has been a regular at conservative think tanks, including the Heritage Foundation and the Hudson Institute. Her husband is Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, but now Chao is encountering a fraught reentry into the private sector.

Headhunters who have sought similarly prominent work for Chao have found little interest, according to two headhunters she has consulted personally. The headhunters, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the discussions, said top executives wary of backlash from associating with former Trump officials are boiling down Chao’s four-decade Washington résumé to its most recent entry — longstanding ally of Donald Trump — despite her resignation the day after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

One of the headhunters said his team surveyed some companies about their interest in Chao and didn’t find any takers, but while it is clear that Chao’s reentry is more difficult than in the past, a person close to her says she has not been entirely shut out of the corporate world.

They just undercut the entire thesis of this propaganda swill.

If I were smart I would lop the article off now.

’'She’s evaluating a number of invitations to join various corporate boards while helping former colleagues land, as well,’' this person said. ’'She’s interested in new-economy companies, has already accepted board positions, and is currently in various stages of finalizing agreements with them and others.’'

Chao declined to comment.

While the small numbers make comparisons difficult, corporations don’t seem to have an immediate interest in other top Trump administration alums, either. By this point in 2009, four major companies had lined up alums of George W. Bush’s Cabinet to serve as directors: global power company AES, oil and gas company Hess, chemical maker FMC, and United Technologies, the industrial conglomerate that has since merged with Raytheon.

Headhunters and other corporate advisers say the calculus for executives at most large, publicly traded companies is simple. Trump — the only president to be impeached twice, the second time on a charge he incited the mob that assaulted the Capitol in an attempt to overturn the presidential election results — left office with a majority of Americans strongly disapproving of his job performance. He remains a lightning rod for controversy and faces ongoing legal exposure from civil lawsuits and criminal investigations. Offering a board seat to anyone in his inner orbit risks inviting a revolt from customers, employees, or shareholders.

’'Boards don’t need trouble or criticism,’' one headhunter said. ’'If you want to stay away from all that potential tarnish, that’s easy: You just don’t go near it.’'

Yeah, right, they don't Target politics because of violent actions!

Gimme a break!

He says that on the heels of the All-$tar Game fia$co and as they tee off at the Ma$ters, and after corporations have donated billions to the lefti$t radicals and de$troyers of $ociety.

We are nothing but tackling dummies to them!

With Democrats in control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, companies are on the hunt in Washington for help with the new party in power. That is depressing demand for Republicans broadly, including those coming off Capitol Hill, top lobbyists say.

Forever more, folks.

There will soon only be one party if St. Louis is any example.

Can have yourself a "run-off," and the names may change but.... (sigh).

For example, Wells Fargo is still operating under a federal cap on its growth following its consumer abuses. Chao joined its board in 2011 and earned handsome pay for her work there until she resigned in early 2017. In 2016 alone, she pulled in $312,000 in cash and stock, and she collected between $1 million and $5 million in deferred stock options that paid out through this year, federal filings show.

The bank did not include Chao among the nominees for its board that shareholders will approve at its spring meeting.

The three other companies on whose boards Chao sat most recently — Ingersoll-Rand, News Corp., and Vulcan Materials — all declined to comment on whether she would be welcomed back.

Chao may not be alone. William P. Barr was a fixture on elite corporate boards before a tumultuous two-year stint as the second US attorney general in the Trump era. Critics say he used the post to act as the president’s personal counsel rather than the nation’s top law enforcement officer. Thousands of former Justice Department officials called on him to resign in open letters, a step he took in December after his relationship with Trump soured. Barr defended his moves on Trump’s behalf in high-profile cases, arguing his interventions were justified on the merits.

Bill Barr is a Deep $tate $wamp creature whose job was to keep the government's dirty secrets. That's why we never heard back from Durham regarding the Obummer spying operation and why he stepped aside in the midst of massive election fraud that denying an incumbent president a landslide reelection, and he even dispatched of Epstein for them all.

What he wants to do next with his career is unclear. Barr declined to comment, but he’s unlikely to return to at least one of his former employers. Kirkland & Ellis, the firm where Barr practiced before joining the administration, has no plans to rehire him, said a person familiar with the firm, requesting anonymity to discuss private deliberations, and the three companies for which he served as a director before joining the administration — Dominion Energy; Sculptor Capital, the hedge fund formerly known as Ochs-Ziff; and Time Warner, which has since merged with AT&T — declined to comment.

I'm $ure Bill Barr will be ju$t fine.

Barr, who earned a $10.4 million retirement payout from Verizon after stepping down as the telecom giant’s general counsel in 2010, collected $877,000 in cash and stock for board work in 2017 alone, corporate filings show.

I don't ever remember that coming up during confirmation!

Is this what awaits us or them?

You have to admit, it is a lot more cost-effective.


Pay no mind to that; he works there and it's only his way of $aying he loves you.

These guys were hired to do the honors (with traditional face coverings as well):

"In bid to boost its profile, Islamic State turns to Africa’s militants; The terrorist group has forged alliances with local militants in symbiotic relationships that have pumped up their profiles, fund-raising, and recruitment" by Christina Goldbaum and Eric Schmitt New York Times, April 7, 2021

Still the leader in flat-out war propaganda.

JOHANNESBURG — The Islamic State group’s self-declared caliphate has fallen, its fighters have dispersed and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has been killed, but two years after it suffered stinging defeats in Syria and Iraq, the terrorist group has found a new lifeline in Africa, where analysts say it has forged alliances with local militant groups in symbiotic relationships that have pumped up their profiles, fund-raising, and recruitment.

It's been 15 years of blogging about this crap, and at this point it is more sickening then CVD!

Many of those homegrown insurgencies are only loosely connected to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Still, over the past year, as violence from Islamic extremists on the African continent reached a record high, the Islamic State has trumpeted these battlefield wins to project an image of strength and inspire its supporters worldwide.

All outside of the tent, though.

Most recently, the Islamic State claimed credit last week for a dayslong rampage in war-afflicted northern Mozambique, where militants with distant ties to the terrorist organization ambushed a key port town. The attack left dozens of people dead, including at least one South African and one British citizen, and set off talk on the Islamic State group’s online forums of the establishment of a new caliphate there, according to researchers.

So who we gotta invade now? 

Or is this setting up a big boom-boom (though why they would  waste the false flag on Africa is beyond me)?

“As an organization more broadly, ISIS is hurting,” said Colin Clarke, a counterterrorism analyst at the Soufan Group, a New York-based security consulting firm. “To improve morale among its supporters, its leadership is seeking to elevate regional branches showing the most promise in launching attacks and maintaining a robust operational tempo.”

Who or what exactly is the Soufan Group?

It's a $elf-$erving outfit run by a former framer of patsy plotters!

The siege on Palma, the town in Mozambique, was the most brazen attack yet by the local insurgency and is part of an alarming rise of brutal clashes involving militant Islamic extremists across the continent. Violence associated with those groups spiked 43 percent in 2020 compared with 2019, according to the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, a US Defense Department research institution.

In recent days, tens of thousands of people who fled the assault in Mozambique have arrived in neighboring provinces and described scenes of devastating violence from the bloody ambush.

For more than a decade, US military and counterterrorism officials have warned that Africa was poised to become the next frontier for international terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and more recently the Islamic State. Both organizations have forged alliances with local jihadi groups in recent years and established new strongholds in West, North, and Central Africa from which they can carry out large-scale attacks, according to experts and officials in the United States and Europe. 

Then why did we build a $pace Force, and those military and "center" terrori$m officials sure are prescient, 'eh?

More recently, US officials have warned that even in its weakened condition, the Islamic State remains a cohesive organization in its former strongholds in Iraq and Syria, with perhaps 10,000 fighters who have gone underground.

While battlefield defeats and the coronavirus have dented its vaunted online propaganda and recruiting operations, the Islamic State still has a war chest of $100 million and a global network of cells outside the Middle East, from the Philippines to Afghanistan, according to US and United Nations counterterrorism officials.

Iraqi security forces and their Western allies continue to hunt down pockets of fighters. Over two weeks in March, Iraqi security forces backed by US and British warplanes conducted 312 airstrikes against Islamic State strongholds, in one of the largest operations against the insurgents since 2019.

Okay, I need to comment here.

So, TWO WEEKS ago a MASSIVE BOMBING RAID was carried out in IRAQ, and the media masked, 'er, muzzled the sound of the explosions until now?

Beyond that, we have the insult regarding the "war chest and vaunted online propaganda" which stinks of pre$$ projection and propaganda itself.

Yup, Uncle Joe(!!) "wins" and all of a sudden ISIS is back in the midst of a worldwide lockdown of the planet!

Yeah, I think 15 years of reading this shit is enough. 

Time to lop it off nice and clean and quick.

Even as political leaders in Europe and the United States grapple with a new threat of domestic terrorism — from right-wing extremists and white supremacists — the fear of a suicide attack in a Western city by a lone individual inspired by Islamic State ideology lurks just beneath the surface.


Secretary of State Antony Blinken and foreign ministers from the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, a group of more than 80 nations, met virtually March 30 to address what they said was increased activity in areas once controlled by the group’s fighters.

“The threat remains,” the ministers said in a statement, but as the Islamic State tries to claw back in the Middle East, it has turned to new footholds in Africa where anger against corrupt governments and ill-equipped local security forces have given rise to armed groups, according to analysts.

Really, where? 

Which government?

Which "$ecurity" force, the allegedly defunding city police? 

Otherwise, it's full-on police state militarism worldwide!

The Islamic State has forged ties with many of these local insurgencies in what analysts have described as a marriage of convenience: For the militants, the Islamic State brand brings legitimacy and recognition from local governments that the homegrown guerrilla movements have long craved. The Islamic State, in turn, has been able to broadcast the local militants’ attacks as proof that their global jihad is alive and well.

That was went the print article died, and I didn't think the pious Islamics were into casual arrangements like that.

In some places like northeast Nigeria, the Islamic State exerts influence over its local affiliate, the Islamic State in West Africa, and has provided it with trainers and financing, according to the International Crisis Group, but researchers say the Islamic State maintains much looser ties to other militant groups like the insurgency in Mozambique, which remains a largely homegrown movement born of local grievances.

For decades there, impoverished locals watched as elites in the capital plundered the resource-rich region of Cabo Delgado, along the Indian Ocean, which has served as a hub for illegal timber as well as drug and ivory smuggling. Then in 2009, one of the world’s largest known ruby deposits was discovered in the province, and two years later, oil companies uncovered a natural gas deposit worth tens of billions of dollars. Speculators flocked to the area, locals were forced off their land, and some small-scale miners were beaten and killed.

It is the REAL PANDEMIC across this planet, and it has been going on for centuries!!

By the time the nascent insurgency launched its first attacks in 2017, targeting police stations and local government leaders, it had widespread appeal among petty traders at the ports and disenchanted youths, local researchers say. The violent crackdown from the Mozambican military, which was implicated in serious abuses against civilians, may have also helped the insurgency gain more traction with locals, but over the past year, the nature of the war has changed. The militant group has destroyed entire towns, displacing 670,000 people, killing at least 2,000 civilians and kidnapping scores of others, monitoring organizations say.

I again need to comment because WAR looks like it HASN'T CHANGED AT ALL in the LAST 100 YEARS or so, and I'm sure 312 airstrikes in two weeks didn't do that!

US officials sent a dozen Army Green Berets to train Mozambican marines for the next two months. Portuguese officials said they would soon send 60 troops to Mozambique, a former colony. A Mozambican military official declared on Sunday that insurgents had been flushed out of Palma, but hundreds of thousands of displaced people from Cabo Delgado are living in limbo, relying on the hospitality and humanitarian aid to survive. Others who migrated to the province for jobs related to the huge gas project have returned home after international energy companies suspended operations.

Strange how the "terrori$ts" always gravitate toward those, and another forced migrant crisis to remake the world?


"An Iranian ship believed to be a base for the paramilitary Revolutionary Guard and anchored for years in the Red Sea off Yemen has been attacked, Tehran acknowledged Wednesday. Iran’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the attack on the MV Saviz, suspected to have been carried out by Israel — though Tehran did not immediately blame its regional archenemy. The assault came as Iran and world powers sat down in Vienna for the first talks about the U.S. potentially rejoining the tattered deal aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program. The ship’s long presence in the region, repeatedly criticized by Saudi Arabia, has come as the West and U.N. experts say Iran has provided arms and support to Yemen’s Houthi rebels in that country’s yearslong war. Iran denies arming the Houthis, though components found in the rebels’ weaponry link back to Tehran....."

Has the hand of Israel all over it, but why?

"The Biden administration said Wednesday it will provide $235 million in US economic and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people, reversing a decision by former president Donald Trump to cut almost all such funding. The State Department had previously said it would provide $15 million in coronavirus relief aid to the Palestinians but had avoided questions about whether it would resume funding for the UN Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the aid includes $150 million for UNRWA, $10 million for peace building initiatives, and $75 million for development programs in Gaza and the West Bank. The Trump administration touted its suspension of aid to UNRWA and accused the organization of exacerbating a cycle of poverty for the Palestinians while raising doubts about whether millions of Palestinians deserve to be called refugees. Blinken said the decision was in line with US interests in the region."

The only place to flee to is Greenland:

"Greenland’s main opposition party, which is against an international mining project involving uranium and other metals on the Arctic island, has emerged as the biggest party after winning more than a third of votes in an early parliamentary election, according to initial results. The result means a power shift and an end to Forward’s long reign at the top of politics in Greenland, a self-governing Danish territory. At the heart of the election was a proposed international mining project by Greenland Minerals, an Australia-based company with Chinese ownership, which is seeking a license to operate the Kvanefjeld mine in southern Greenland....."

The really are buying up the world, and the only time we heard about Greenland during the Trump time was when he asked how much to buy it.

Yeah, there is “never a good time to leave” so one must really ask why the time is right for a changing of the guard at this critical time of cri$i$?

They literally have their knee on our neck area(??), and one need not be Nostradamus to see a kangaroo show trial that is (rightly) set for acquittal -- and then the planned and orchestrated destruction of cities will begin again.

Good thing they are not "terrorists" who will need to be tried in court!


Now off with their heads:

"Justice Stephen Breyer said Tuesday that advocates of expanding the Supreme Court to dilute the power of its conservative majority should “think long and hard” about the risk of making justices appear more political and eroding public confidence in the court. Breyer, one of the court’s three liberals, defended its independence by pointing to a decision to resist former president Donald Trump’s attempts to draw the court into lawsuits seeking to overturn Trump’s election defeat, in remarks prepared for a speech at Harvard Law School....."

Your honor, I simply ask how you can erode something that doesn't exist?

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times is helping that orange, chain-smoking, irrelevant fossil promote his book as they take names:

"A group of 10 Democratic members of Congress on Wednesday joined a federal lawsuit against former president Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, claiming that they violated a 19th-century statute when they tried to prevent the certification of the presidential election Jan. 6. Representatives Karen Bass of California, Steve Cohen of Tennessee, Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey, Veronica Escobar of Texas, Hank Johnson Jr. of Georgia, Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, Barbara Lee of California, Jerrold Nadler of New York, Pramila Jayapal of Washington, and Maxine Waters of California on Wednesday joined the lawsuit that originally also named the Proud Boys, the far-right nationalist group, and the Oath Keepers militia group, but since the official dissolution of the Proud Boys organization in February, the suit now names as defendants The Van Dyke Organization LLC, Warboys LLC, and Jazu Transport LLC, which it describes as successors to the Proud Boys. The legal action accuses Trump, Giuliani, and the other groups of conspiring to incite a violent riot at the Capitol, with the goal of preventing Congress from certifying the election. It contends that Trump and Giuliani violated the Ku Klux Klan Act, an 1871 statute that includes protections against violent conspiracies that interfere with Congress’ constitutional duties. The NAACP originally brought the suit on behalf of Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi in February, adding to a host of legal problems that Trump is facing since leaving office. A spokesman for Trump, Jason Miller, said at the time that Trump did not “plan, produce, or organize the Jan. 6 rally on the Ellipse.” Thompson and the other plaintiffs are seeking compensatory and punitive damages in the lawsuit that was filed in US District Court in Washington, as well as injunctive relief. The dollar amounts would be determined by a jury at a trial, an NAACP spokesman said. The lawmakers joining the suit were in the House gallery when pro-Trump rioters breached the Capitol on Jan. 6. Many of the lawmakers who were in the building that day continue to suffer from the trauma of hearing gunshots and seeing broken windows and the faces of rioters on the other side of the doors, the NAACP said. That includes ongoing nightmares and difficulty sleeping. “As I sat in my office on Jan. 6 with rioters roaming the hallways, I feared for my life and thought that I was going to die,” Cohen said in a statement, even contemplating whether he would want to be buried with his family in Memphis, Tenn., or at the Congressional Cemetery. “This violence was anything but spontaneous,” Nadler, who sought refuge in the Judiciary Committee Office for hours, said in a statement. “It was the direct result of a conspiracy to incite a riot, instigated by President Trump, Rudolph Giuliani, the Proud Boys, and the Oath Keepers.”

Meet your cellmate:

"In the week since news broke that the Justice Department is investigating claims that Representative Matt Gaetz, Republican of Florida, paid for sex with multiple women, including a 17-year-old girl, the Donald Trump ally has largely stayed out of the public eye save for an interview on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show to deny the allegations. Now, Gaetz is planning to take center stage later this week as a keynote speaker at a conservative women’s group’s conference at Trump’s Miami golf course. Women for America First, a nonprofit organization of Trump loyalists, orchestrated and publicized a rally on Jan. 6 before the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol, and also led bus tours nationwide spreading unfounded claims of election fraud. “We know firsthand what it is like to be treated unfairly by the main stream media,” Amy Kremer, the group’s chairwoman, said in a statement to The Washington Post that defended Gaetz as “innocent until proven guilty.” The event, called the “Save America Summit,” begins Thursday at Trump’s Doral golf resort and also includes appearances from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas, all Republicans. Gaetz’s appearance comes as he faces an ongoing Department of Justice investigation into accusations of sexual relationships with underage women in violation of sex trafficking laws. The probe began after Joel Greenberg,a former Florida tax collector now charged with stalking and sex trafficking of a minor, told investigators that Gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her travel with him.  Gaetz has denied any wrongdoing and claimed that his family is being extorted. The FBI is separately looking into those allegations. Meanwhile, Trump said Wednesday that Gaetz had never asked him for a pardon in a statement in which Trump also noted that Gaetz has “totally denied” accusations of a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old that violated sex trafficking laws. Trump’s statement came in response to a New York Times story that Gaetz privately asked the White House in the final weeks of Trump’s term for blanket preemptive pardons for himself and unidentified congressional allies for any crimes they may have committed. The Times report said that aides told Trump of Gaetz’s request but that it was unclear whether Gaetz discussed the matter directly with Trump. “Congressman Matt Gaetz has never asked me for a pardon,” Trump said in his statement Wednesday. “It must also be remembered that he has totally denied the accusations against him.” The statement was notable for its limited defense of Gaetz, who emerged as a vigorous congressional ally of Trump during his term. The Times reported that some Trump associates have speculated that Gaetz’s request for a group pardon was an attempt to camouflage his own potential criminal exposure in a Justice Department investigation into his sexual conduct. A Gaetz spokesman denied to the Times that Gaetz had privately requested a pardon in connection with the continuing Justice Department inquiry." 

If true the charges he is bordering on pedophilia; however, it is nothing like the world of Epstein and Clinton, et al, and the pre$$ never really goes there other than to run cover for them.

Speak of the devil:

"President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he was open to compromise with Republicans on how to pay for his approximately $2 trillion jobs and infrastructure package but insisted that inaction was unacceptable. The remarks reflect a rapidly changing political calculus for Biden as he seeks to build momentum for another of his top campaign promises. Biden on Wednesday was unapologetic about the scope of his proposal, saying the money was needed to finance projects beyond just roads and bridges. He said, for example, that new spending was needed to do things like improve waste treatment plants and remove asbestos from schools. ’'Maybe it’s because I come from a middle-class neighborhood, but I’m sick and tired of ordinary people being fleeced,’' he said. Biden has not backed down on his insistence that the proposed spending increases be offset by a range of corporate tax hikes. This has prompted bipartisan unease....."

The guy makes one want to vomit. 

He's tired of the middle class being fleeced after helping do just that the last 50 years and as he attempts to fleece them again, and I don't ever remember promising this during the "campaign."


"Wall Street capped another choppy day of trading Wednesday with a mixed finish for stock indexes and another all-time high for the S&P 500. The benchmark index inched up 0.1% after spending much of the day wavering between small gains and losses. Technology, communication and financial companies helped lift the market, offsetting a pullback led by industrials, materials and health care stocks. The broader market has been mostly subdued this week as investors remain cautiously optimistic about the economic recovery. Small company stocks, which have been outgaining the broader market this year, took the brunt of the selling....."

What does it matter anyway?

Both parties are on board with the election fraud and illu$ion of "democracy."

"Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Wednesday there would be “no national lockdown,” ignoring growing calls from health experts a day after the nation saw its highest number of COVID-19 deaths in 24 hours since the pandemic began. “We’re not going to accept this politics of stay home and shut everything down,” Bolsonaro said, resisting the pressure in a speech in the city of Chapeco in Santa Catarina state. “There will be no national lockdown.” Brazil’s conservative president also defended the use of so-called early treatment protocols, which include anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. No scientific studies have found the drug effective to prevent or treat COVID-19....."

They have but the pharmaceutical pre$$'s job is to obfuscate those, and Bolsonaro is one of the handful of world leaders who have tried to resist those up their noses regarding the CVD genocide plan, along with Obrador, Lukashenko, and the magnificent Dr. Magufuli, may God rest his soul.

At least you have healthcare in the U.S.S.A.:

"More than a half million Americans have taken advantage of the Biden administration’s special health insurance sign-up window keyed to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government announced Wednesday in anticipation that even more consumers will gain coverage in the coming months. The reason officials expect sign-ups to keep growing is that millions of people became eligible effective Apr. 1 for pumped-up subsidies toward their premiums under President Biden’s coronavirus relief legislation. The special sign-up opportunity for Affordable Care Act plans will be available until Aug. 15....."

Then there is the good guvernor:

The vaccine is obviously a crucial part of how we get past the pandemic,” Baker said, adding that more than 4 million doses have been administered in Massachusetts, with 1.5 million residents fully vaccinated. The state is focused on vaccinating the senior population and communities of color, groups disproportionately affected by the pandemic, he said. “My hope is, as more people in their community, whatever their community might be, get vaccinated, they’ll look them up and down, realize that, you know, it’s OK and they’ll come out and get vaccinated,” Baker said.

What for? 

Based on a nonexistent virus that isn't detected by a test that is rigged to register false positives of non-infectious people?

So what if you don't want to get an unnecessary, experimental, and harmful vaccine?

"Mobile vaccination clinics are a key piece of the effort, he said. “That’s a big opportunity, and I really do hope that as we move forward, we see more and more [of the single-shot] J&J [vaccine] in the mix,” Baker said. “To go to senior centers and community centers and ... housing projects, all these places where a one-dose solution would actually be the sort of thing you could almost create a little bit of a rally around in those communities and in those particular places and spaces, is very real, but it’s really hard to do that.” Whether mobile efforts can be expanded depends on the amount of vaccine Massachusetts receives from the federal government, he said. “The feds have made really clear that they view the retail pharmacy channel as the primary channel, from their point of view, with respect to geographic distribution,” Baker said. 

Why would you ever trust the pharmacies that foisted the opioid epidemic upon us is beyond me, but it does explain the need for a house call.

So what happens if you refuse?

More gaseous spew from the mass-murdering criminal:

When they talk about on April 19 getting to the point where it’s open for every, everybody should be open and eligible — which we think is great, since we picked that day too, I’m glad they followed our lead — the big thing they say is by then, everybody in America will be within five miles of a [vaccination] site, and a huge part of the way they think about that is driven 100 percent by the pharmacy, the retail pharmacy rollout.” The federal government is “also putting a lot of doses into community health centers, as are we, to make sure that we have plenty of available supply to serve those communities,” Baker added, “but the more people talk about, you know, where else and how else this can be done, for me that all comes down to how much supply is actually going to be available.” Currently, the state is administering between 60,000 and 90,000 doses a day, Baker said. “I want you to think about the fact that right now without adding a single additional site in our current network, we could probably do double or triple that,” he said. He said he hopes to soon learn more about the vaccine supply for May. “I think by April 19, I’m hoping we’ll get more guidance from the feds about what they think the month of May is going to look like, because obviously that will be in many ways the first real opportunity we’ll all have to vaccinate a population that’s completely eligible,” Baker said. Baker got his first shot of the Pfizer vaccine Tuesday after preregistering and on Wednesday said, “I feel good.” 


He must have either gotten the saline or completely lied about it!

The ultimate goal from which they have never wavered is to get the entire population vaccinated, and by that they mean of the entire Earth although it is entirely unnecessary.

And with that, the blade falls.