Monday, April 19, 2021

Holding My Breath

I haven't been blogging because the past week has reached supreme levels of outright lies and insults that I have not only been exhausted but appalled by what I have been reading and really don't know where this blog goes from here. They are truly evil and totally on board with genocidal project regarding the v@¢¢eens along with the other components regarding the Great Re$et or whatever you want to call it (it goes by many names as to provide the overall plan cover and get people to argue over semantics).

The truth is they are so far from what they were, and it is quite clear they are wrangling and have probably secured the space as party mouthpiece as a worldwide communist dictatorship is established. That's why the paper reads like it does, and you aren't supposed to notice the cognitive dissonance as they gaslight you across the board, be it events at home or overseas or the $courge of CVD. As bad as they have been in the past, I'm astonished at the level of $elf-$erving propaganda they are serving up until I remember who they really are and the cla$$ from which they come.

All things outlive their usefulness and this blog may be one of those things given the one-sided slop and absolute garbage that spews forth from my pre$$ on a daily basis. It's criminal despite the courts, and I need to reevaluate my routine before continuing.