Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Last Gasp

It's a bit long-winded but this post will be one for the books and begins with a five-day old article that is/was in print for the second time(!), like a double you used to get in a pack of baseball cards. I thought it sounded familiar after the third paragraph, did some searching of drafts, and there it was

We are told doctors emphasize that the possible side effect is extremely rare as the Globe tells you what you need to know after the sudden halt in Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine injected jitters into the nation’s COVID-19 inoculation campaign and the broader US vaccination push at a critical juncture as fast-spreading coronavirus variants fuel fresh outbreaks as the state remains in a struggle with the coronavirus more than a year after it arrived and officials urge people to not let their guard down while they try to vaccinate the population with something they neither need nor want even as the state remains in a struggle with the coronavirus more than a year after it arrived and experts say fast-spreading coronavirus variants, pandemic fatigue, spring fever, and loosened restrictions could be behind a recent rise in cases as officials urge people to not let their guard down, while they try to vaccinate 4.1 million adults as quickly as possible.

They claim that their goal was to protect the public and be transparent, but critics worry they overreacted and might undermine vaccine confidence as they are more concerned with the health of the genocidal vaccine campaign rather than your health!

Nevertheless, there are three above-the-fold jabs yesterday, one featuring a frightening photograph, and a front-page feature in the B-section as well; however, they also carry with them the absolute stench of lies and deception.


They should declare victory and get out like in Afghanistan as the forever war is over -- except it isn't and we are not even leaving because residual forces will remain behind, be they mercs or CIA! The alleged withdrawal is simply a repositioning of forces for the coming wars being planned by the usual suspects with their crystal balls and time capsules.

They say they will "loose tabs"on their terrorist assets whom they will meet anywhere they may arise, in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and elsewhere, as the Afghans wonder what about me as US troops prepare to withdraw, according to Thomas Gibbons-Neff of the New York Times, who also says even in the cities where real progress occurred, there is fear that everything will be lost when the Americans leave because residents found some comfort in knowing that Afghan forces, backed by the US military, were keeping the peace at least in some areas and women would be most at risk under Taliban rule because when the group controlled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, it banned women from taking most jobs or receiving educations and practically made them prisoners in their own homes (aren't they already with COVID around?)

Of course, "the U.S. government was well aware of the Taliban's reactionary program, yet it chose to back their rise to power in the mid-1990s and the creation of the Taliban was "actively encouraged by the ISI and the CIA," according to Selig Harrison, an expert on U.S. relations with Asia. "The United States encouraged Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to support the Taliban, certainly right up to their advance on Kabul," adds respected journalist Ahmed Rashid, and when the Taliban took power, State Department spokesperson Glyn Davies said that he saw "nothing objectionable" in the Taliban's plans to impose strict Islamic law, and Senator Hank Brown, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Near East and South Asia, welcomed the new regime: "The good part of what has happened is that one of the factions at last seems capable of developing a new government in Afghanistan." "The Taliban will probably develop like the Saudis. There will be Aramco [the consortium of oil companies that controlled Saudi oil], pipelines, an emir, no parliament and lots of Sharia law. We can live with that," said another U.S. diplomat in 1997."

The gall is topped only by the invasion of Iraq, promoted by the same pre$$ that asks for marking the anniversary with silence and kindness this Patriots Day as Lexington confronts its history of slavery  with the irony of a Black man in a slave mask!! The Revolution failed but the bells still rang!

The only things more galling are the current lies spewing forth regarding Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, something that is repeated by Michael D. Shear, David E. Sanger, Steven Erlanger and Andrew E. Kramer of the New York Times, who claim that Moscow annexed the peninsula in 2014 after a military intervention while making no mention of the Obama-sponsored regime change in Ukraine and Crimea's subsequent vote for succession and petition to join the Russian federation.

When lies are told in two consecutive articles that are adjacent to each other, you know it is pure war propaganda all the time (literally, in some cases, as her father was the founder of it), as it has ever been. Nothing has changed at all as the US prepares sanctions against Russia for the massive hacking campaign that was likely carried out by Israel. Russia responded in kind, expelling our intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover as Russian state television anchors portrayed Biden as senile, a favorite state propaganda theme (speaking of state propaganda, try on these fluffy slippers for size).

Well, he is certainly no Jack Kennedy as the Globe pushes for another World War, a recurring theme in their paper -- as are these racy ads that keep popping up. I'm not exactly sure what they are selling here, but..... they sure look damn young and the maybe the purveyors should be in jail.

That's all I'm going to say about that, as the Iran talks have resumed after Israel's act of war overshadowed them. What is absolutely upside-down, inside-out, and backwards is that the three European nations Britain, France, Germany, joined by the United States, have sharply criticized Iran’s moves in recent days, calling them “provocative” and “particularly regrettable” in the face of progress at the Vienna meetings

The big question now is who will China side with? 

They just signed a 25-year trade deal with Iran but pedophile John Podesta, who also helped the Obama administration draft its climate strategy, said the Biden administration had an interest in keeping “the channel of communication open,” even if it means sacrificing Hong Kong and human rights (as if the U.S. had a leg to stand on regarding such issues) because Kerry never mentioned them (how could he when he is soaked in blood?) so when the rubber hits the road expect a Pacific War if HRW gets their say as China is losing allies by the day and those they do have are acting like IsraelisWith any luck the place won't be flooded with radiation(!!) as Japanese government said Tuesday it had decided to release into the sea more than 1 million tons of water that has collected at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant, despite opposition from local fishermen and nearby countries as the combination of cooling water and groundwater seepage had become contaminated from contact with reactors that melted down during the 2011 nuclear disaster, and initial attempts to treat it were only partially successful, leaving significant levels of radioactive isotopes. The government says the water will be treated further to remove dangerous isotopes and diluted to well below World Health Organization standards for drinking water, in an operation to be supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as Tepco says it is running out of room to build more tanks and will start releasing the water into the Pacific Ocean in two years, in a process that is expected to last two to three decades as a decade after Fukushima disaster, contaminated water symbolizes Japan’s struggles as the fishing industry fears that even if the water is safe, its discharge into the ocean may undermine confidence in the region’s produce.

So above you have John Kerry jetting around and adding to the very problem he is ostensibly solving while the WHO and IAEA sign off on the fouling of the Pacific Ocean and the removal of all life from that body -- now take a vaccine and Iran has nukes and is ready to blow!

I guess Japan isn't Florida, as the nor'easter quickly comes and goes in the face of the climate change agenda, part of the Great Cull and Great Re$et the tree-hugging Globe advances but doesn't talk about -- just like the NASCAR $pew and other garbage that continues unabated.


Besides, what is more noticeable is what at the bottom of the yesterday's front page is this load of insulting BS from the Globe that implies that this recession has been very different from historical patterns, as it’s highly unusual for households to come out of a recession with an enormous accumulation of savings,” and there are signs the boom is underway despite shipping containers are tied up throughout the international supply chain and it’s still far from clear what the new normal will look like as the appeal of their “treasure hunt” shopping experience will resume (the new normal is the same old, same old, btw, and the old normal of eating in restaurants and traveling shall be referred to as the Before Times as consumers have saved a lot of money and many are itching to break free of their coronavirus isolation).

More like a fox on a wild goose chase as a rabid, growing following of cult members say it's another day, another record, I said, another day, another record, I said, another day, another oops, as Michael Feroli, an economist at JPMorgan Chase, suggests that the current level of jobless claims has been artificially inflated (as the Globe admits the COVID deaths were overinflated!) as more Americans seek benefits, because of the higher payments, even though some don’t actually qualify and what they suspect is a sizable number of fraudulent claims -- and even as prices for lumber, copper, oil, and other raw materials have already risen as demand for gas, homes, and electronic equipment have jumped, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell stressed that the central bank has been expecting a spring spike in inflation and views the increases as temporary and not a worrisome development, especially when JPMorgan Chase’s dealmakers just helped usher in the firm’s best quarter on record, investment bank Goldman Sachs saw its profits nearly quintuple in the first quarterCitigroup’s profits more than tripled in the first quarter, and Bank of America’s traders and investment bankers reaped another windfall, joining their Wall Street rivals in capitalizing on the stock market’s wild ride this year in an economy where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from prosperity.”

It's Robinhood in rever$e, folks, despite all the blather, and they have you by the Gills. Even UnitedHealth’s first-quarter profit jumped about 44 percent despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and the GE factory in Lynn was essentially insulated from cuts because of its focus on military work (that's why Culp is laughing all the way to the bank), and hey, you win some (even before COVID-19, the casino industry in Massachusetts had not been generating the level of revenue that had been expected when the state legalized gambling expansion in 2011, nor did the weed), you lose some (Nangle was already deep in debt, but weeks like this offered myriad opportunities to make some money. In addition to any casino winnings, Nangle was double-dipping into political and state funds, billing the Commonwealth for his travel to Beacon Hill even as his campaign donors funded the rental car, prosecutors say. This was the way Nangle fed his gambling habit through much of his two decades of public office. For years, federal prosecutors say, he scrambled for money wherever he could find it, tapping into his campaign account, borrowing from friends and family, securing bank loans under false pretenses, and cheating on his taxes. The scheme leaned precariously on his role as an elected official — until a February 2020 indictment effectively ended it), right?


He was an honest thief, $o to $peak, the poor guy, or so the article implies, and I have no sympathy for him (although he was against casinos, thus the removal for penny ante activity) or the other creators under the $tench-ridden golden dome. The effluvient $ewage that $pews forth from that rank, fetid, and corrupted $hell is aopen $ecret, an instinct toward secrecy that advocates are targeting this year in a renewed push for transparency on Beacon Hill as voters have been left to wonder why some popular, common-sense proposals don’t pass in the Massachusetts House — even when a majority of the chamber’s members sign on publicly in support (it’s because the vast majority of bills never get a formal vote, they die in the obscure committee process, where voters can’t see who killed them), and the Commonwealth is the only state where the judicial branch, Legislature, and governor’s office all claim they’re exempt from public records laws as Massachusetts is “very much toward the bottom on transparency,” -- as well a host of other things! 


In the olden days, it was tar, feather, harbor, and it may still be if they persist.

I'm told it is “complicated” and have you had enough of the $elf-$erving insults covering up the oozing corruption yet?

Now they are scrambling to address an abrupt hike in an unemployment insurance surcharge that has blindsided the business community. It's known as a solvency assessment, and the fee could cost many employers more than $1,000 extra for each full-time worker this year, largely because of the torrent of pandemic-related layoffs in 2020 and after many businesses had believed the state put off higher charges to replenish the insurance fund when the Legislature froze rates in March, but lawmakers did not freeze the solvency surcharge to fund benefits and the Greater Boston Chamber was among 20-plus business groups that sent a letter to state and federal leaders on Friday, urging them to use some of the billions Massachusetts is getting in federal relief money to offset this steep increase while a formative fix could be in the works after a one-month reprieve (it's called kicking the can down the road, a requirement for public $ervice).

In response, officials in the Baker administration said the solvency assessment is based on a formula in state law that they cannot change (the kings hands are tied when it comes to the money? Since when?) as chamber members were taken aback, particularly because many employers were forced to curtail operations last year due to government-imposed restrictions and they had the expectation that the idea that a small business would get hit with an unplanned unemployment insurance bill of tens of thousands of dollars, that’s a lot to a small business right now, trying to reopen and recover and rebuild. The state needs to focus on this issue.”

Maybe someone should put them under the knife, huh?

Sure smells like you-know-what to me as they dole out the goodies to the tune of $17.8 billion a year in tax breaks (remember now, the state unemployment fund is insolvent and it is taking weeks if not months for you to get your unemployment check as the government investigates fraudulent complaints and as the new push around jobless benefits comes a year after the arrival of the coronavirus sent the economy into a tailspin — and brought the country’s unemployment system to its brink as millions of Americans suddenly laid off found themselves for the first time applying to receive weekly support, only to encounter massive delays in receiving their first checks because nationwide, staffing shortages in local unemployment offices and technical glitches with their ancient computer systems delayed families from receiving money for months (sure looks like the foundation is being laid for a UBI program). 

So how much tax loot do you think Leo (no mask and no distance?) and George got, and maybe Will will move his set here, huh?

If they have anything left over from the $77 million in film tax subsidies in 2019, they can transfer, i.e. $ell, them to insurance companies, corporations, or even individuals -- and NOW you KNOW WHY the PROGRAM CONTINUES even in the face of white $upremaci$m at PBS, which has collectively have received millions in credits over the years to propagandize us all with their agenda-pushing garbage. The $how must go on!

Yeah, $omehow, despite the $camdemic, fears of a state revenue crash were unfounded while the state awaits a windfall of federal aid as the budget proposal unveiled Wednesday underscores the state’s relatively stable, and unexpectedly rosy, financial position even as Massachusetts remains saddled with a 7 percent unemployment rate and thousands of new COVID-19 cases each week as they will pluck up to $1.9 billion from the state’s emergency savings to balance the state’s books and, overall, the budget plan would mark a nearly $1.2 billion jump in spending as Massachusetts has been enjoying relatively good news despite the economic upheaval wreaked by the pandemic but revenue projections are still more than $1 billion below what the state had been expecting in January 2020 and health care costs — the biggest driver of state spending — also have proven unpredictable this year as the federal stimulus aid has “provided potentially a false sense of security going forward.”

Part of the money grab is a delay allowing residents to claim a charitable deduction on their state tax returns, saving the state $64 million, but the House did not wade into debate over the state’s controversial film tax credit, which is scheduled to “sunset” in 2023 and the House also proposed pouring $5.5 billion into direct local aid for schools — a near $220 million increase over last year and more than $20 million above what Baker proposed — in an effort to meet the state’s commitments under a recent landmark education law as the Student Opportunity Act, which was signed into law in 2019 and promised to give $1.5 billion in extra money to Massachusetts schools by 2027, did not come with a dedicated funding source, meaning lawmakers had to rely on the state’s economic growth to continue to find the extra money. It looks like a House of cards, and House leaders promise they will fulfill the funding promises within the next six years.


Another group for whom I have no sympathy are the alleged Globe reporters when I flip the page and see the $elf-$erving slop they promote as their minor league team has built the most expensive minor league stadium in history, at $157 million, after Worcester agreed to borrow $100 million and the state kicked in $60 million for the entire project -- which includes a parking lot and the redesign of several surrounding streets -- but officials maintain the park will pay for itself in the long run (where have we heard that before?).

Thus do I see the whining over a situation they helped bring about as insultingly offensive as well as a repudiation of all his "reports." He is sitting at home waiting for the fax or phone call. That's not reporting, that is a propaganda agent. The paper is no longer a good fit, and that's one reason among many that I could not care less about the Globe reporters and their union

As far as I am concerned, they can go work at Walmart or McDonald’s, although the king of all whiners has to be Wa$hington Compo$t owner Jeff Bezos, who rejected portrayals of his company as a sometimes brutal workplace for hourly employees, saying “if you read some of the news reports, you might think we have no care for employees who are sometimes accused of being desperate souls and treated as robots.”

Oh, the irony!

Of course, Shirley Leung, another Globe whiner, came in a close second this past Sunday when she said if white seniors had been the victims, this country would have declared a national emergency by now -- because there was neither any outrage or emergency declared when it happened to a 73-year-old woman with dementia last year and it took a lawsuit for it to be noticed as she conveniently ignores the white enclave that she touts as the $hining example of Bo$ton as Cambodian refugees take over Lowell and the white liberals tremble in fear at the feet of the sociali$t of Somerville.

Meanwhile, the Globe is pushing the great divide when it comes to fears about both the pandemic and a growing tide of racism targeting their community -- most of whom are being attacked by African-American men who are likely drug addicts or criminals who have been released (like in Zimbabwe) and then paid to do these things in the strategy of tension, Operation Gladio-like stuff on our road to tyranny.


For my part, I think there is a larger purpose afoot after the civil war that is being peddled everyday regarding the police shootings, with protest after protest after protest after protest

I'm told it took the courage of a 12-year-old (Virginia Roberts Giuffre comes to mind) to raise the alarm, to do the thing that should have stopped him, only to watch him pass two more decades with impunity, because nobody who could have intervened had the courage (the snake-in-the-grass Bill Clinton now comes to mind, or he who is still in office, Cuomo), and I wonder if it was the advertisements as the Globe nearly forgets about the white female victims being devoured by alligators and sharks as families reunite (really gets you right in the heart, doesn't it?).

Yes, the police are no longer heroes. They probably never were, and some are still not. The names may change but the encroachment of the total surveillance state continues; however, time to let it rest. Otherwise, you end up like Chicago, where Mayor Lori Lightfoot asked the public to remain calm and keep the peace but decried the city’s long history of police violence and misconduct and said  “we live in a city that is traumatized by a long history of police violence and misconduct, so while we don’t have enough information to be the judge and jury of this particular situation, it is certainly understandable why so many of our residents are feeling that all too familiar surge of outrage and pain. It is even clearer that trust between our community and law enforcement is far from healed and remains badly broken” while choking up watching the “excruciating” video footage because“as a mom, this is not something you want children to see” as some downtown businesses boarded up their windows in the expectation that there could be unrest (she is a lesbian so how would she know?) or Knoxville, where the mayor of the east Tennessee city of Knoxville requested the release of video footage of a high school shooting that left one student dead and a police officer wounded, but a local prosecutor said Thursday she denied the request amid the ongoing investigation after Mayor Indya Kincannon said on Twitter that she had requested that redacted video be made available to the media and the public from Monday’s shooting at Austin-East Magnet High School in east Knoxville. Police said a 17-year-old student had a gun inside a school and was fatally shot in a confrontation with officers in a bathroom, but details of what authorities say happened have changed since the incident (if the story keeps changing it is likely a staged and scripted, false flag fiction, sorry).


On top of the police brutality, we are getting mass shooting events that carry with them the stench of agenda-pushing psyops after a significant drop in mass shootings in the United States during a pandemic-hit 2020 and Trump's term in general, whatever the alleged circumstances as one victim was “a workaholic, who... the other day she had the (COVID-19) shot and she was really sick, but she still went to work” and the story keeps changing (it's like being on a treadmill, readers) so take cover because for too many of us, living in this country is like living in a state of war, a war we are losing. This conflict is televised and decentralized, the battlefront shifting every day. It plays out in grim increments. State by state, day by day, the bodies and the grief and the trauma pile up. As every week does, last week brimmed with victims — some randomly chosen, some less so as the global justice movement Floyd’s death sparked hasn’t slowed the relentless accumulation of Black and brown people dying at the hands of the police even though the police state makes some very comfortable -- unless they are Chinese troops under U.N. cover due to the civil unrest and violence?

Is that why no draft is now needed?

Sure feels like a gun grab as Biden vows to ‘do more’ to end gun violence, and I'm sure he will just issue another decree like other dictators after a slight delay.

That's one reason among many that I'm not following the politics anymore. They are all a bunch of scum as the Globe whitewashes the stand down at the Capitol and focuses on the commission recommendations, and that includes Trump. There may still be some true believers out there, but there is no more return date for a republic in transition so it must have been aborted -- just like the life of the sheep-dipped Ashli Babbitt -- as a US Capitol Police officer has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing for the fatal shooting and will be buried with full honors befitting a hero who we now find out died of natural causes after being used as a political prop!

All of a $udden, the pre$$ fear-machine makes a lot of grift, 'er, $en$e as the purge continues and political opponents are jailed.

Meanwhile, the White House, not Biden, accepted an invitation from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, for President Biden (or whoever will be impersonating him) to address a joint session of Congress on April 28, on what will be his 99th day in office and the Republicans continue to play ball and confirm nominees as legislation to make the District of Columbia the 51st state advanced from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on Wednesday, paving the way for approval by the full House for the second consecutive year —quashing every Republican amendment during the markup as the vote injects another shot of momentum in Democrats’ favor as they seek to seize on their majorities in both chambers of Congress and control of the White House to push D.C. statehood further than it has gone before in hopes of securing a permanent majority forever and making future Senate races irrelevant.

In other words, “no SALT, no deal,” as Biden has begun publicly courting Republicans to back his sweeping infrastructure plan, but his reach across the aisle is intended just as much to keep Democrats in line as it is a first step in an uphill climb to any bipartisan deal as Biden’s high-profile Oval Office meeting with a bipartisan group of lawmakers on Monday was just one piece of his effort to win over GOP lawmakers, White House aides said, but even if it doesn’t succeed, it could prove useful — boxing in Republicans while helping keep the widely disparate Democrats in line, and while Biden has made it clear he wants Republican support, the White House is also preparing to go it alone, if necessary, to get the bill passed. That would leave the GOP in the politically unpopular position of explaining why it objected to investments many Americans want and Biden dismissed the idea that his outreach to Republicans is just for show, but most Republicans have said they have little interest, for now, in joining the effort, but the White House has expressed confidence that voters won’t be sympathetic to any objections by corporations to their tax rates being raised from 21 percent to 28 percent at the expense of broadly popular funding for highways, subways, water pipes, broadband Internet, and more. Congress has launched the long slog of legislating, with multiple paths for bringing the package forward for votes. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has set a July 4 goal for action, but even that seems politically ambitious in the face of the daunting challenges ahead.

They make it sound like an Earthshot as they deflate expectations for passage.


It sure look like the plannedemic is in its death throes if the scattershot and hysterical pre$$ reporting is any indication. I'm told a spring wave of coronavirus crashes across 38 states as the coronavirus pandemic in the United States has turned into a patchwork of regional hotspots, with some states hammered by a surge of infections and hospitalizations even as others have seen the crisis begin to ease as the spring wave of the pandemic has driven hospitalizations above 47,000, the highest since March 4 and thirty-eight states have reported an increase during the past week in the number of people hospitalized with covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, according to a Washington Post analysis of data provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, but the national statistics don’t capture the intensity of the coronavirus emergency in the hotspots like Michigan and 32 other states have registered increases in infections in the past two weeks, including all the states along the Great Lakes, from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, Minnesota and South Dakota, making the Upper Midwest the major regional center of the spring wave and if there’s a single broad trend, it’s that the northern tier of the country is generally faring worse than the southern — for the moment and other regional hotspots include Maine and New Hampshire in northern New England; Delaware and Maryland in the Mid-Atlantic; Arizona, Colorado and Nevada in the Mountain West; and Oregon and Washington in the Pacific Northwest -- all blue areas with the lockdowns, masking, distance, and high rates of vaccinations, save for New Hampshire, although I heard their governor on the $ports talk radio pushing the jabs and Miami is allegedly experiencing a surge as well as Puerto Rico.

It's OVER, a$$holes! The JIG is UP and you look foolish as well as a liar!!

Apparently, some shaman named Robert Wachter, chair of the department of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco and guest host of the podcast “In the Bubble,” says when passengers are allowed to take their masks off for meal services, his comfort with air travel goes away because  “[planes] turn into a flying restaurant and the dynamics of spread become very different,” saying he “would not eat at an indoor restaurant at this point, even being fully vaccinated, and so the time during which the plane is, in fact, an indoor restaurant is a time when it is somewhat less safe,” and a recent study released by the CDC supports Wachter’s concerns as being on packed planes with maskless passengers does increase your risk of coronavirus exposure, despite the plane’s ventilation system (he must not have seen the Defense Department study of the risk of catching the coronavirus on a packed commercial flight concluded that a person would have to be sitting next to an infectious passenger for at least 54 hours to receive a dangerous dose of the virus through the air).

Appropriately, travelers may wonder why there’s still risk at all if they have been immunized, but Wachter explains that it’s because vaccine protection is great but not an impenetrable shield and “being fully vaccinated means that I’m highly protected against getting COVID, but not 100 percent” -- raising the question of why take the genocidal poison in the first place for something you have a near 100% chance of surviving if you never know you had that which doesn't exist and is nothing more than seasonal flu and the common cold!

What no one is noting is why we must be propagandized by celebrity $cum to get something that should be $elf-evident were it not for the lack of tran$parency and $elf-$erving greed in the gutter.


Of course, around June last year, as the initial COVID-19 wave started to ebb in Rhode Island, pediatricians like Dr. Susan Duffy started to notice something strange in the emergency department of Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The kids weren’t showing up. At least, not at pre-pandemic levels. Children, by and large, weren’t getting seriously sick from COVID-19, a fact that by then was pretty well established, but even as the pandemic loosened its grip, volumes in the pediatric emergency department stayed low. Kids weren’t breaking bones. They weren’t getting stitches. They weren’t getting the flu. The halls of Hasbro’s emergency department in Providence were, relatively speaking, quiet, and though volumes have picked up some since then, they’ve stayed low even a year later — about 70 percent of normal, Duffy said. “What is going on with children right now?” Duffy has wondered.

The Globe says a lot, and very little, all at once, and I didn't bother with the rest as the propaganda absolutely collapses amongst the silence at the hospital and they say throw money at the problem.

One would think the Globe would remember the childhood rhyme that says oh what a deadly web we weave when we practice top deceive -- meaning you get confused over time after telling lie after lie after lie.

I assume the tests will be coming back negative, especially now that the ma$$ media has finally begun admitting the false positive fraud that should lead to criminal charges against politicians and official experts as internal WHO documents obtained by the AP show the uncertainty about deliveries is causing some countries to lose faith in the effort at a time when coronavirus is spiking worldwide and as at least 300,000 more people died last year during the coronavirus pandemic than were reported in Russia’s most widely cited official statistics. Not all of those deaths were necessarily from the virus, but they belie President Vladimir V. Putin’s contention that the country has managed the virus better than most. In reality, a New York Times analysis of mortality data shows deaths in Russia during the pandemic last year were 28 percent higher than normal — an increase in mortality greater than in the United States and most countries in Europe.

I don't know if she is up to the test, but a former Hudson middle school teacher pleaded not guilty Friday to charges she repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl a decade ago after meeting her at the school where she worked and where the child was a seventh-grader. Caitlin Harding, 37, of Wellesley, was arraigned via Zoom in Middlesex Superior Court on one count of rape of a child by force, three counts of aggravated rape of a child, and six counts of indecent assault and battery of a child under 14, and she is accused of sexually assaulting the child multiple times in 2010, according to a statement of the case filed by prosecutors in Middlesex Superior Court Friday. Harding met the girl when she was in her sixth-grade class at Hudson’s John F. Kennedy Middle School, which closed at the end of the 2013 school year, and hen the girl was in seventh-grade, Harding began seeing her socially outside of school, according to prosecutors. During the summer of 2010, before the girl started eighth grade, Harding allegedly changed their relationship into a sexual one during a trip to get ice cream, prosecutors said.

Apparently, Harding had been a teacher in Hudson for seven years and then became a social studies teacher at the Pollard Middle School in Needham in August 2013, but was fired from that job four years later after another teacher reported that Harding had become threatening and abusive when she broke off their three-year romantic relationship, according to court filings in a civil suit brought by Harding against the town and in her wrongful termination suit, Harding accused the town of firing her because of her gender and sexual orientation, but the town said in court filings that an internal investigation found that Harding had harassed her former girlfriend and fellow teacher with threatening texts and e-mails, and also confronted other teachers in front of students during class — constituting “conduct unbecoming of a teacher” -- although the lawsuit was dismissed last year after the parties notified the court that they had reached a settlement.

Looks like she passed the exam, and that's the future of the schools as the perverts take over the asylum, folks. Petty jealousies and unhealthy relationships. Enjoy! 

Of course, any return to college is going to require a vaccination because “this is going to be the norm.” It sure will explain the auti$tic accountants f**king up the books, and one wonders if the Rain Man would cooperate with the cheating and fraud? They are just looking to make you $afe as $impli as po$$ible so you can watch your Spotify and knit a quilt.

Now the New York Times is screaming that we will soon see “dead bodies rotting in the streets” -- something we should have been seeing this past year if it were a true pandemic, and perhaps that is a signal that Gates and Co. are planning to release a deadlier bioweapon since they are losing the narrative despite the pre$$ whores. They never learn while making you gasp for air and Michigan may finally be starting to turn a corner after enduring more than a month of explosive coronavirus spread, according to a New York Times database, suggesting that the current wave may be cresting even though hospitalizations and deaths are still rising as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer cited the state’s continuing mask mandates, capacity restrictions and her call for a voluntary two-week pause in indoor dining, youth sports and in-person schooling as factors that may have helped combat the surge on the NBC program “Meet the Press” as she defended her decision to not try to go further, with the kinds of closure and stay-at-home orders imposed early in the pandemic, saying her state’s initial success in limiting the virus’ spread had, paradoxically, made it more vulnerable to a later surge and that seasonal travel patterns, notably spring-break vacations and the return of “snowbirds” who spent the winter in warm states like Florida, had also played a role in seeding outbreaks in Michigan (did you remember to pack your swimsuit?).


Furthermore, what you see above is a happy signal that the project is failing. The thin blue line is beginning to disobey.

On top of that, news comes from the north that face masks are not only worthless but harmful!


Let me get this straight, they are going to DESTROY the CYCLE of LIFE on EARTH in order to SAVE the WORLD?

Meanwhile, the winners of the XPRIZE are going to use carbon dioxide to cure concrete, trapping it in a process that also emitted less of the greenhouse gas compared with traditional cement production, a “game-changer for global decarbonization.” 

Of course, it is all for you ladies, the turf wars, everything, as tele-adoption(?!!) and tele-abortion(!!) services will soon be available as COVID is BIG $$$!


Well, folks, it looks like the journey is at an end. I can see what the Globe obscures, and and have hit a brick wall. The Globe is literally a black hole these days and literally for the birds, goose shit and all. It's literally dog shit and I don't think I will be finding my way back

Farewell, dear readers, and thank you for your patience in making it this far. 

Au revoir!