Friday, January 31, 2014

Keating's Challenger

Like I give a s***:

"Former Romney official to challenge Keating; Lawyer headed state industrial accident panel" by Joshua Miller |  Globe staff, January 02, 2014

A Republican lawyer, John C. Chapman, served under then-Governor Mitt Romney in several capacities, including as commissioner of the Department of Industrial Accidents, which oversees the workers’ compensation system in the state.

Chapman, a first-time candidate, describes himself as a fiscal conservative as well as a supporter of abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

Translation: he's just like any other puke Massachusetts Repuglican.

He said he wants to shake up a broken Washington.

Sigh. It's not broke if you are Israel, Wall Street, the war machine, a well-connected interest, friend, or corporation, and a political puppet living lavish lifestyles at taxpayer expense.

“I am running for Congress because Washington has grown polarized, become more arrogant, and lost touch with the people it represents,” Chapman, 49, said in a statement on his website….

That I agree with, and the color highlight means nothing there. Both are to blame.

Steve Koczela, president of the nonpartisan MassINC Polling Group, said that with the right candidate, Republicans might have a chance to put the district in play.

And the music plays on in the chairs of politics.

“The numbers do say that the district could be competitive: Obama won it, but so did Scott Brown in 2012 and Gabriel Gomez in 2013,” he said, referring to the Republican former senator and the GOP nominee in last year’s US Senate special election respectively.

Democrats in Washington do not see the district as fertile ground for a Republican. But in blue Massachusetts, it is one of only two districts many Republicans see as potentially competitive….

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Maybe the vote fraud can be overcome this time -- unless Democraps want to continue to back a scum if not crook in the name of party politics and power.

In the 1990s, Chapman said, he spent more than seven years working in the enforcement division of the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

He missed Madoff, too?

He then worked at Tucker Anthony Inc., a financial services firm, before joining the Romney administration.

These are just the kind of guys we need in Congre$$!

After Romney left office, Chapman said, he was a partner at the law firm Duane Morris LLP for about three years before becoming general counsel for the Joslin Diabetes Center….