Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Maryland Mall Mystery

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"Amherst high school closed after ominous social media posting

Amherst Regional High School was closed Monday after school officials discovered a social media post in which a student wrote of carrying a weapon on school grounds. Amherst police were investigating the post and closed the building as a precaution, said a statement posted on the school website. “We’re hoping that the school will be open tomorrow, but we’re still awaiting word from the police,” said Kimberly Stender, a volunteer coordinator for the Amherst-Pelham Regional School District. Superintendent Maria Geryk and principal Mark Jackson planned to hold an information session in the Amherst Regional Middle School’s auditorium Monday night." 

I wasn't that far off in my fears!

"Maryland mall reopens 2 days after shooting; Officer feared for 19-year-old after seeing his journal" Globe wires,  January 28, 2014

COLUMBIA, Md. — A Maryland mall reopened Monday with increased security, somber memorials, and still unanswered questions about why a gunman killed two people and himself inside a store.

Let's look for what is unasked from my agenda-pu$hing propaganda pre$$, but first get a load of this s*** pile:

Shoppers were sparse in the early minutes of business, though when the mall opened at 1 p.m. Monday dozens of people had been waiting to get in, and by afternoon, the mall was crowded with shoppers as the community tried to get back to some sort of normalcy, [and] investigators worked to piece together a motive for the shooting.

Amazing, isn't it? 

First of all, there is no "by afternoon" because it opened after noon! The second-tier, overprivileged AmeriKan media flakes can't even tell time! Then there is this whole "getting back to normalcy" bit they always throw at you. Nothing like a false flag or further stink, especially when the end re$ult would really hurt certain intere$ts in AmeriKa. Xmas holiday shopping at the malls already way down. Dwelling on this will not help traffic or sales as malls become extinct

As for the official cover script:

Police found a journal belonging to Darion Marcus Aguilar, 19, but they would only say that it ‘‘expressed general unhappiness.’’ The contents, however, were enough for an officer looking into the disappearance of Aguilar on the day of the shooting to worry about the teen’s safety.

Uh-oh. The limited hangout of mental depression?

Aguilar was supposed to work at Dunkin’ Donuts on Saturday morning, but he never showed up.

So the cops were already looking for the kid. Hmmmmm.

Behind attempts at reestablishing normalcy at the mall, signs of Saturday’s shooting could be found in what a mall security official said was an increased presence of law enforcement personnel….

As the agenda of tyranny and total surveillance is again advanced just a little in the public mind, and the event itself no matter the circumstances is always available for manipulation and reinforcement later. No mystery there, and you will notice it as much as frog notices the rising temperature of water in the pot (I'll bet Obummer gives it a mention in his SoftheU speech tonight; gotta mentally evaluate all the kids and get 'em diagnosed for pharmaceuticals because we love them, that sort of thing). 

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Well, there are kids and then there are kids.

Investigators said on Monday that they are still trying to determine why Aguilar took a taxi to the Mall in Columbia and allegedly shot the two workers before turning the gun on himself. A spokeswoman for the Howard County police said that there was no new information about the investigation.

The police said they believed Aguilar shot Benlolo and Johnson with a 12-gauge shotgun that he bought legally last month. The shotgun was found near his body, along with a large amount of ammunition and a backpack containing two homemade explosive devices, the police said.


Why would the kid be all jacked up with ammo and bombs and then only blow two people away in a corner of the mall before killing himself? The horror of actually seeing a dead human being from actions most foul lead to immediate guilt? Story smells a little ripe to me, sorry.

Aguilar, who lived in College Park, Md., with his mother, had written in his journal about being unhappy, the police said, though the authorities have not disclosed the reasons behind his despair. Aguilar did not have a criminal record and the police said they do not believe he had a relationship with the victims….

At this point we begin to wonder what kind of pharmaceuticals was the kid prescribed.

Quy Vo, 19, who worked at Zumiez, the store where the shooting occurred but was not there at the time of the shooting, said “We’re clueless.”

And reading this isn't going to offer any.


Ariel Alvarez, 21, and Gabriel Gonzalez, 22, had arrived early. Alvarez, a student at Towson University, said she often came to shop or to eat in the food court.

“We live right nearby and the mall is known as a nice mall — nice people come here,” she said. “Things like that don’t happen. It’s crazy to think that somewhere we go every day, something like that could happen.”

Gonzales said he had no reservations about returning. The shooting, he said, was isolated and “as far as being worried, that incident is behind us.”

The shooting baffled investigators and acquaintances of Aguilar, a quiet teenager who graduated from high school last spring and had no previous run-ins with police….

This is really smelling like another psyop hoax and fictional event, folks.


So what else is going on down in D.C. these days (if you can get a ride to the mall)?