Monday, January 20, 2014

IPCC Fart Poot

$tinks real bad!

"Inaction on climate change costly, report warns" by 2030, current technology won’t be able to help" by Justin Gillis |  New York Times, January 17, 2014

Weren't they the same ones warning about glacier melt in the Himalayas and that didn't happen?

Nations have dragged their feet in battling climate change so much that the situation has grown critical and the risk of severe economic disruption is rising, according to a UN draft report.

Translation: rather than blame the usurious vampires of private central banking and their corporate looting schemes for the collapsing of the house of cards they call the global economy, they are going to blame the weather -- and maybe even make a buck or two out of it!

Another 15 years of failure to limit carbon emissions could make the problem virtually impossible to solve with current technologies, the experts found.

Why? Didn't do anything over the last fifteen years.

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Yeah, I am tired of the foul fart mist

That's what happens when the bull$hit won't stop.

Delay would probably force future generations to develop the capability to suck greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and store them underground to preserve the livability of the planet, the report found.

And then frack them loose again? 

I've got something they can suck on.

C'mon, folks, wake up and smell the bull$hit!

But it is not clear whether such technologies will ever exist at the necessary scale, and even if they do, the approach would probably be wildly expensive compared with taking steps now to slow emissions.

Hey, chalk it up to the haze of the fart-mi$ting propaganda coming from the pre$$.

The report said that governments of the world were still spending far more money to subsidize fossil fuels than to accelerate the shift to cleaner energy, thus encouraging continued investment in projects like coal-burning power plants that pose a long-term climate risk.

Well, even in the clean energy sector it is all a cover for tax giveaways to corporations; however, once again we have the $tench of nothing but a government money-grab here.

While the spread of technologies like solar power and wind farms might give the impression of progress, the report said, such developments are being overtaken by rising emissions from fossil fuels over the past decade, especially in fast-growing countries like China.

Sigh. Gotta work in some war agenda, too, I guess.

And one of the most important sources of low-carbon energy, nuclear power, is actually declining over time as a percentage of the global energy mix, the report said….

That's good. Did the report use the word Fukushima, or did the IPCC just skate by that radioactive word?

The new warnings come in a draft report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a panel of climate experts that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for its efforts to analyze and communicate the risks of climate change. The report is not final, but a draft dated Dec. 17 leaked this week and was first reported by Reuters. The New York Times obtained a copy independently.

And that were all proved to be a bunch of liars trying to hide the decline in global temperatures. Interesting how the leaks that exposed Climategate were called hacks and these pieces of shit are called leaks by the propaganda pre$$.


In the dry language of a technical committee, the draft outlines an increasingly dire situation.

Even as the early effects of climate change are starting to be felt around the world, the panel concluded, efforts are lagging not only in reducing emissions, but in adapting to the climatic changes that have become inevitable.

After I have been told it's happening for years.

It is true, the report found, that the political willingness to tackle climate change is growing in many countries, and that new policies are spreading; but the report said these were essentially being outrun by the rapid growth of fossil fuels.

While emissions appear to have fallen in recent years in some of the wealthiest countries, that is somewhat of an illusion, the report found.

So is what I'm seeing on TV and reading in my new$paper every day.

The growth of international trade means many of the goods consumed in wealthy countries are now made abroad — so that those countries have, in effect, outsourced their greenhouse gas emissions to countries like China.

Oh, so it is the GLOBALIST $HITTERS who have not only BENEFITED from the POLICIES that THEY THEMSELVES DEVISED while destroying the American middle class, but they have also EXACERBATED the GLOBAL WARMING PROBLEM? 

The SAME PEOPLE who claim they are going to FIX EVERYTHING (making a buck or two, of course. Not worth doing if you can't do that)?

And CHINA is they BAD GUY in page after page of my propaganda pre$$ -- as if wealth is heading down to Walmart for cheap Chinese crap!

Emissions in the United States rose slightly in 2013, but are still about 10 percent below their 2005 levels, largely because of the country’s newfound abundance of natural gas, which produces less greenhouse gases than burning coal.

Yeah, the emissions rose because of the war machine and tracking is our $avior. Just ignore the flammable water, the "fire water," if you will.

The Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty meant to limit emissions, has “not been as successful as intended,” the report found. That is partly because some important countries like the United States refused to ratify it or later withdrew, but also because of flaws within the treaty itself, the report found. The treaty exempted developing countries from taking strong action, for instance, a decision that many experts have said was a mistake in retrospect.

Efforts are underway to negotiate a new international treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol, but it is not supposed to take effect until 2020, and it is unclear whether countries will agree on ambitious goals to limit emissions. It is equally unclear how much political support a new treaty will gain in China and the United States, the world’s largest emitters.

Nations have agreed to try to limit the warming of the planet to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit above preindustrial levels.

Good thing it is actually in a cooling phase right now.

Even though it will be exceedingly difficult to meet, this target would still mean vast ecological and economic damage, experts have found. But the hope is that these would come on slowly enough to be somewhat manageable; having no target would be to risk catastrophic disruption, the thinking goes, as scientists can best figure….

I figure the $cienti$ts thinking is pfffffft! when seen in my propaganda pre$$.


Yeah, the effect of the biggest polluter on the planet, the AmeriKan War Machine, receives no mention in the report.

"Climate change is an issue that has gained urgency in many quarters in recent years." 

Mostly in the banks and in people like Al Gore whose carbon credit companies will literally make money out of thin air.

Yeah, forget about the pre$cription pharmaceuticals found in the water, the chemical fertilizer and industrial plant run off (sorry, West Virginia, there is no Santa Claus in my Globe today), the oil and chemical goo in the Gulf, the radiation swarm being spewed into the Pacific from Fukushima to the tune of tons a day, or the fracking that is destroying groundwater for all time, and the real despoilments that are dangerous.

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Yeah, picking it up there and sailing down to D.C. with it:

"Congress scrambles as coastal residents rail at insurance rates" by Kimberly Railey |  Globe Correspondent, January 19, 2014

WASHINGTON — Members of Congress from coastal states including Massachusetts are banding together across party lines to respond to a rising tide of constituent complaints and reverse increases in federal flood insurance premiums mandated by a bill passed in 2012.

Property owners by the ocean obviou$ly have a voice in Wa$hington.

Massachusetts lawmakers have been vocal in their call for action: Representative John F. Tierney called the increases “extremely concerning.” Representative William R. Keating said homeowners who have lived in coastal communities for generations could now be forced to move. And Senator Edward J. Markey warned the higher premiums could close homes and businesses.

But for all the alarm members of the Massachusetts delegation are sounding, they are partly to blame.


With the exception of newcomer Representative Katherine Clark, all of them voted for the rate increases in 2012, along with most other Washington lawmakers….

You $ee why I never want them doing a damn thing? It's never for the stated reasons, and they always do more harm than good.

But the Senate could vote this month on a measure to restore the full subsidies and delay the increases for another four years. House Speaker John Boehner has said he does not support a full reversal, but is willing to entertain changes.

In the shorter term, a provision in a $1 trillion budget bill negotiated in Congress and signed by President Obama on Friday night would postpone some of the increases until Sept. 30.

Yeah, I noticed the Pentagon and Wall Street were the only ones happy with the deal.

Fiscally conservative groups and House Republicans say the push will only prolong the reckoning that needs to take place for people who choose to live in coastal areas. Particularly as sea levels rise because of global climate change, specialists say, the risk of flood damage will only increase….

The bullshit rises, and have you forgotten the Antarctic ship crisis already?

The desire to provide constituents relief from costly insurance is uniting liberals and conservatives along geographic lines, drawing support from lawmakers representing the East and West Coasts and the Gulf of Mexico.

Always a concern in the middling halls of power, and something I always like to see.

They’re responding to complaints from people….

That's a fart-mi$ting first.


Did you notice that as soon as the Globe recommended fixes for their bitches Congre$$ began to cooperate on many levels

Yes, yes, you are still waiting for the unemployment checks and food stamps to start coming again, but f*** that. What I want to know is did the elite get more loot and are they happy? 

And now, the cold hard facts:

"And so, as the late-day sun hit Boston’s skyscrapers, doors opened and a few brave souls ventured forth, like Hanna Bartlett, 75, who was walking down Newbury Street in an absolutely grand mood. All around Boston, the midday sunshine brought people out to play, to sled on Boston Common, to take photos on the frozen lagoon in the Public Garden, and to generally slosh around in the snow before city life turns it that rat shade of gray. Jeff Marc-Aurele, who was cleaning the sidewalks in front of his family’s liquor store in Ipswich, which won the snowfall derby for the state with just over 2 feet. Marcorelle’s Package Store was one of the few businesses in town that bothered to open, but when it snows, Marc-Aurele said, people need their booze."

Globe is driving me to drink.

Have you $een the light yet, reader? 

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go return a library book. Might take a while because I'm riding the bike.