Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mac & Cheese For Lunch

"Mac & Cheese is shedding the dyes

NEW YORK — Starting in January, the original version of Kraft Mac & Cheese sold in the United States will be colored with paprika, annatto, and turmeric. A Change.org petition that began in March 2013 asked Kraft to remove artificial dyes; it garnered more than 365,000 signatures. The company already sells a version that has no artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetic colors, Kraft Mac & Cheese Boxed Shapes. Late next year, Kraft’s other macaroni and cheese varieties, such as Shapes Cups and Easy Mac, will have no artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetic colors.

Is it still GMO wheat though? 

I mu$t confe$$ that I never eat stuff.  I've seen what it does to people, and I don't like Kraft.

You're still hungry?

Halliburton cuts 9,000 jobs

HOUSTON — Halliburton Co. has cut 9,000 jobs, or more than 10 percent of its workforce, in about six months and is considering more cost-cutting as falling oil prices sap demand for its drilling help. The oil-field services company reported a loss of $643 million in the first quarter. Oil prices plunged starting last summer, leading to belt-tightening across the industry as oil companies move to curb production. Schlumberger Ltd. said last week that it would cut 11,000 jobs — on top of 9,000 job cuts it announced in January. Halliburton’s president, Jeff Miller, said he was not ready to say the worst has passed, but that such slumps usually last about three quarters.

But the economy is fine.

Apartment tower sells for $130m

As summer blends arrive, Gas prices jump in Mass.

Why are prices going up?

GM to compensate families for 87 deaths

DETROIT — Families of at least 87 people killed in crashes caused by defective General Motors ignition switches will get compensation from the company. Attorney Kenneth Feinberg, hired by GM to compensate victims, updated the total Monday. It was 84 last week. An additional 157 injured people also are eligible for compensation. Feinberg said 113 compensation offers have been accepted and five have been rejected. The amounts have not been disclosed. The fund received 4,342 claims by the Jan. 31 deadline; 25 percent of those are still under review. Feinberg said more than half were ineligible or deficient. GM knew about problem switches in Chevrolet Cobalts and other small cars for more than a decade but recalled them only last year. They can slip out of the ‘‘on’’ position, causing the cars to stall.

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Still revved up quite a profit though, and you can't blame them for this

Just wanted to get home:

Homeowners, lawyers get $3.2m from drywall maker

OTTAWA— A federal court has released $3.2 million to be divided among seven Virginia homeowners and their lawyers from a manufacturer of defective Chinese drywall. US District Judge Eldon Fallon’s Monday order outlines payments ranging from $67,639 to more than $363,000 to the homeowners. Attorneys’ fees range from just under $29,000 to more than $155,000. Headquartered in China’s Shandong province, Taishan Gypsum Co. made the $3.2 million payment last month. Fallon had earlier held Taishan and related companies in contempt for failing to show up for court proceedings. To get out of contempt and be allowed to participate in future damage hearings, Taishan agreed to the payment. The seven cases are a precursor to a hearing later this year to determine damages for some 4,000 homeowners in multiple states.

I was wondering why it felt like Home Sour Home.

US is urged to sue to force Walmart to rehire 2,200

NEW YORK — A union wants regulators to go to court to force Walmart to rehire 2,200 employees affected by the abrupt closing of five stores a week ago. The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union filed a complaint on behalf of OUR Walmart with the National Labor Relations Board, arguing the closings were retaliation for labor activism. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said it closed the stores to fix plumbing problems. One affected store, in Pico Rivera, Calif., has been a hotbed for worker protests. The others are in Midland and Livingston, Texas; Tulsa, Okla.; and Brandon, Fla. The company did not immediately respond to the new charges. It has said the stores will be closed for up to six months, that workers would be on paid leave for two months, and that it would look to transfer some to nearby stores."

Hey, they are raising the pittance so what are you complaining about?