Saturday, April 18, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: South African Racists

Ever see a black Nazi before?

"South Africa moves to quell anti-immigrant violence; Violence spurred by groups targeting immigrant-owned businesses" New York Times   April 18, 2015

JOHANNESBURG — Shops and vehicles owned by foreigners were attacked in downtown Johannesburg on Friday as the South African government tried to quell a wave of anti-immigrant violence that has claimed at least four lives.

Police officers fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse crowds of immigrants from other African nations. They had armed themselves to protect their businesses from attacks by black South Africans, who had accused the immigrants of stealing their jobs.

Oh, they have that kind of government, too? 

Don't they know immigrants create jobs?

The unrest started in the southern city of Durban, where four African immigrants were killed in attacks in recent days, fueled by a traditional leader’s xenophobic comments. It spread to Johannesburg as national leaders responded slowly.

In an address to the National Assembly on Thursday, President Jacob G. Zuma condemned the violence and appealed for calm.

At the same time, Zuma said that he was “sympathetic” to the social and economic conditions that seemed to underlie the attacks, which have been linked primarily to poor young blacks targeting immigrants, particularly from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

Looks like South African's are losing their ze$t for Zuma, and I don't blame them. New bo$$ is wor$e than the old bo$$.

With Africa’s most advanced economy, South Africa is home to about 5 million immigrants.

The recent attacks began after Goodwill Zwelithini, the traditional king of the Zulus, the country’s largest ethnic group, railed against the presence of foreigners in a speech and told the immigrants to leave South Africa.


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I didn't want whitey feeling left out.

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Why Gandhi?


"South Africa’s president canceled a foreign trip on Saturday to deal with a wave of attacks on immigrants that have killed at least six people. In the latest violence, mobs attacked shops owned by foreign nationals in a poor area of Johannesburg. President Jacob Zuma was scheduled to leave Saturday for Indonesia for a meeting of African and Asian leaders, but will now stay to seek a peaceful resolution, his office said (AP)."