Saturday, April 18, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: The Skinny on France

Sorry to trim these down on you, but I've really, REALLY, tired of the garbage propaganda:

"Executives at fashion houses and talent agencies that use excessively thin models in France face six months in prison and a fine of $82,000, as the country fights the spread of anorexia. French lawmakers approved the measure Friday, a day after they voted to outlaw websites that encourage readers to get thin by starving themselves. More than 200,000 people suffer from anorexia in France, according to Association Autrement, a nonprofit organization that seeks to help those afflicted by eating disorders. Anorexic French model Isabelle Caro brought the issue to the fore in 2007 when she posed nude for an advertising campaign to raise awareness about the illness. She died three years later at the age of 28, according to Vogue."

Hey, at least they aren't wearing burqas. That's what the law was intended for, btw, to shut down the propagandists, I'm sorry, "terrorists." All while claiming to defend free speech even as they destroy free speech (well, almost; depends on what kind of hate speech, 'er free speech we are talking about). It certainly wouldn't extend into the political realm causing the censure of candidates and all-out war, right?

Freedom of speech is under attack in all quarters these days, so much so that it brings myself and the Boston Globe together for once. It's all part of the same agenda push as the government wants emergency surveillance powers and: 

"The bill, which would allow intelligence services to vacuum up metadata, which would then be subject to analysis for potentially suspicious behavior, was proposed long before the Paris attacks by Islamic extremists in January. But Valls said it takes on added urgency with each person who is radicalized and turns against France.



"The trauma wrought by three radical Muslims boosted the sagging profile of President Francois Hollande."  


Smelling more and more like a false flag fiction all the time!

See: French False Flag Coverage Ends 

Time to start it up again. Apparently some drones were spotted, and yes, it was terrorists!

"Paris attacker’s wife said to be with ISIS" Associated Press  February 13, 2015

PARIS — The group that calls itself the Islamic State published what it described as an interview with the widow of the French gunman who attacked a kosher supermarket and a police officer in Paris last month, claiming for the first time that she was among extremist fighters.

The interviews in French and English, published Wednesday and Thursday, did not directly name Hayat Boumeddiene or show images of her, instead identifying her only as the wife of Amedy Coulibaly, or Umm Basur al-Muhajirah. She is considered key to the investigation into the attacks in Paris, which left 20 people dead, including the gunmen, although she had left France just beforehand.

In her stilted responses, Boumeddiene called on women to be patient and make life easier for their men. She said Coulibaly would also have gone to Syria had it not ‘‘conflicted with his intent to carry out the operations in France.’’

Boumeddiene is believed to have traveled to Turkey and then crossed into Syria around the same time as the Jan. 7-9 attacks were unfolding in Paris. Coulibaly killed five people before he died in a raid by security forces. Brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi attacked the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, killing 12.


Believe it or not, she beheaded her husband, who with his ‘‘striking good looks helped get him acting jobs. During the German occupation of France, he was forced into a labor gang, cutting wood and digging ditches. Assigned to make propaganda films for the Nazis, he escaped and joined the French underground. His later films included ‘‘Swamp Thing.’’ [and] he was the last French actor from the Hollywood golden era.’’

Folks, they are all actors now. They are walking around amongst jyou, aspiring to kill as many Jews as they can -- even as the attackers are known to police

Yeah, “why was a man with a long criminal rap sheet, who went to a sensitive region known for housing terrorists, allowed to come back to France and permitted to move freely?”

Do I really need to answer that?

"After attacks, Paris restricts the filming of chase scenes" by Thomas Adamson, Associated Press  February 06, 2015

PARIS — Fearing that actors could be mistaken for police and chase scenes confused for the real thing — Paris is sharply restricting filming of action movies in the city, which has been the stage for some of film’s most memorable high-octane sequences.


Filming outside scenes with police, army, or security services was quietly banned after the attacks in the French capital that left 20 dead, including three gunmen.

There is another reason for this, too: it will keep bloggers and the independent media from ripping the story to shreds; however, that does not mean the propaganda pre$$ will all of a sudden be believed. That will never happen again.

‘‘There’s a problem with these action-type scenes, as the actors in uniform could be targets for terrorists. Also, the actors could pose confusion for the general public — during this highly sensitive period,’’ according to Sylvie Barnaud, the police official who grants filming permission in Paris.


She did not know how long the ban could last, but tensions remain high in Paris, with armed police and soldiers still posted outside sensitive sites.

How much money is all this show shit costing the austerity-lashed French?

The telegenic city has long been a favored filming location, especially for chase scenes that feature some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks.

Luc Besson’s 2014 box-office hit ‘‘Lucy’’ with Scarlett Johansson features a police chase next to the Louvre — something impossible under the new rules.

‘‘Had Luc Besson wanted to film this now, it would be impossible,’’ said William Trillaud, set fixer for the movie.

The same may have been true of 2014’s movie ‘‘Edge of Tomorrow,’’ which was partly filmed in Paris with Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise.

With all due respect, I saw it on HBO and it sucked. So does his "church."

Further back in film history, Matt Damon’s famed Mini Cooper chase in the ‘‘Bourne Identity’’ would not have occurred, and the ‘‘Ronin’’ gun battle at the gilded Pont Alexandre III would have been complicated.

Actually, that may well be a good series (even with the new guy), and I've admired Matt's work for some time now (seems like he split with Affleck; Ben been pimping for CIA). 

Maybe Elysium also part of the legacy?

Several productions have already been disrupted — including one called ‘‘Flics Tout Simplement’’ (“Simply Cops,”) which was supposed to have a scene with a police officer outside a school. Scenes with religious sites or schools, both protected under the emergency security plans, are also banned.

Except for the false flag fictions that are to be shot and then presented as real.


An obvious attempt to prevent people from recording what is obvious fraud.

"Tunisia, France detain suspected Muslim extremists" by Bouazza Ben Bouazza, Associated Press  February 09, 2015

TUNIS — Tunisian authorities have arrested 32 extremists and thwarted an ambitious plot to attack civilian and military sites across the country, including the Interior Ministry, officials said Sunday.

The spokesman for the Interior Ministry, Mohamed Ali Aroui, said some of those arrested during the last several days had traveled to battlefronts abroad, notably Syria.

In Paris, police said they detained six suspected extremists in the southwest of the country Sunday in an unrelated investigation.

One was an 8-year-old boy if you can believe it.

The Tunisian announcement was made as a new national government is taking power after the nation’s transition to democracy, prompted by the Arab Spring uprisings. A major task for the new leadership will be fighting extremism, which has flourished since protesters overthrew authoritarian rule.

This may seem kind of SILLI right now, but:

Islamic State says it was behind Tunisia museum attack

Yeah, "later in the afternoon, authorities opened the gates of the museum for a rally," even with the "blood trails still staining the ground." 

Tunisian gunmen trained in Libya, known to police

It's always the same damn script.

Security chiefs fired after Tunis attack
Tunisia seeks third man in terror attack
Tunisia raid kills presumed mastermind of museum attack
Tunisian’s role in massacre stuns kin
23 charged in Tunis museum attack
Militants kill 4 in Tunisia ambush

With all the answers, as usual:

Tunisian government should pursue justice, keep freedom

This really is silly and I've already spent too much time on it.

Aroui said the hunt for other suspects was still underway with plans to comb Kasserine, near Mount Chaambi, where Muslim radicals are holed up. The towns of Kef and Jendouba, in the northwest, also are being searched.

The spokesman, speaking Saturday night on TV and radio, said those arrested belonged to the Okba Ibn Nafaa Brigade, thought to be linked to Al Qaeda’s North African affiliate, which has in the past claimed responsibility for deadly attacks at Mount Chaambi on Tunisian soldiers.

Proper spelling is Al-CIA-Duh.

Among targets of the dismantled network were the Interior Ministry, in the heart of the Tunisian capital, and two National Guard posts, Aroui said. Also targeted were strategic sites in two southern towns, he said.

Tunisian authorities are particularly monitoring those people returning from Syria.

Some 3,000 Tunisians are estimated to have left for jihad, mainly with the Islamic State, in Syria and Iraq. Former Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou said recently that several hundred had returned home and were under surveillance.

Sunday’s antiterrorism raids in France were the second series of arrests in five days. The operations are part of an effort aimed at snuffing out networks of Muslim radicals sending fighters abroad, which has been intensified since the January attacks in Paris.

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said the six, arrested near Albi and Toulouse, were suspected of helping to finance jihadi networks that recruit youth for fighting in Syria or Iraq. Recruiters and others who help French residents travel to battlefronts also were being targeted.

The arrests came on the demand of antiterrorism judges investigating a case involving terrorism financing, a ministry statement said.

Eight people were arrested last Tuesday in the Paris and Lyon regions. Five of the eight were handed preliminary charges and four of them jailed, the statement said. It was not immediately clear whether those arrests were part of the same investigation.

There was no indication whether there were links between the arrests and the three gunmen behind the Jan. 7-9 attacks in Paris that left 20 dead, including the gunmen.

France has the highest number of citizens among European countries joining the jihad, primarily with the Islamic State. As of mid-December, about 1,200 French had left for Syria, including about 400 still in the war zone and 200 on their way.

In a separate development Sunday, the US ambassador to Lebanon said $25 million worth of weapons and ammunition had arrived in Beirut, the latest US assistance to Lebanon’s army as it fights extremists along the border with Syria.

Ambassador David Hale said the equipment includes more than 70 M198 howitzers and more than 26 million rounds of ammunition and artillery ‘‘of all shapes and sizes, including heavy artillery.’’

Islamic extremists have launched several attacks on Lebanese troops during the past months in areas near the Syrian border, killing and wounding scores of troops. The most serious attack occurred in August, when members of the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front and the Islamic State captured two dozen Lebanese soldiers.


Getting kind of fat with the articles, huh?

At least they are breaking them up and taking them into custody -- and even rescuing the Dutchman with French special forces.

Of course, France does have a problem with its white police and their killing of young black men. Thankfully, AmeriKa does not suffer from that virus.


"Eight people have been convicted in connection with a spectacular 2008 holdup at a Harry Winston jewelry shop in Paris, in which three cross-dressing gunmen stole about $92 million in jewelry, a defense lawyer said Saturday. The sentences ranged from nine months to 15 years in prison. In the robbery, the gunmen wore silky wigs, skirts, stockings, and high heels and took less than 20 minutes to steal hundreds of pieces (AP)."

Also seeThieves steal 9m in French motorway jewelry heist

Such in$ide jobs may be a problem in France, but at least they didn't get any gold.

"Paris will cut the number of cars on the road in half beginning Monday and is making public transit free to combat a spike in pollution that has obscured even the Eiffel Tower under a smoggy haze. The mayor’s office said Saturday that only cars with odd-numbered plates will be permitted to drive Monday. Public transit and electric car-sharing and bike-sharing programs will be free (AP)."

I guess that's enough hot air for today.

The photo of the French strike on page A3 on April 10 was nowhere to be found in Google.

France mourns athletes who died in helicopter crash

It's connected to Argentina somehow and only got one take in my Globe

French TV network is back after cyberstrike

It was ISIS! 

Good thing the French don't have an obesity problem.

NDUs: French replica of revolutionary frigate retraces sail to Boston