Sunday, April 26, 2015

Slow Saturday Special: Chicago Schools Caught Cheating

"Chicago schools chief takes temporary leave amid probe" Associated Press  April 18, 2015

CHICAGO — The CEO for Chicago’s public schools, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, took an immediate leave of absence Friday amid a federal investigation over a $20.5 million no-bid contract the district awarded to a training academy where she once worked as a consultant, school officials said.

The chief of the nation’s third-largest school district — chosen by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2012 — requested the leave effective April 20, according to Chicago lawyer Michael Scudder, whom Byrd-Bennett has hired.

But Chicago Board of Education president David Vitale said Friday that the leave took effect immediately because of the potential impact of the federal investigation on her ability to lead.

‘‘I believe that my continuing as CEO at this time would be a distraction,’’ Byrd-Bennett wrote in a letter sent to board members. ‘‘Although this is a very difficult decision for me personally, it is one I believe is in the best interests of the children that I am so fortunate to serve.’’

Yeah, it was all in $ervice to the children.

The news follows a hard-fought reelection battle for Emanuel, who spent much of the time on the campaign trail defending controversial schools decisions and his choice of Byrd-Bennett....

According to the Boston Globe coverage.


Also see: Atlanta Teachers Sentenced to Detention For Cheating 

Happened in Massachusetts years ago, too.

Maybe they weren't being taught civics:

"At Democracy Prep Public Schools, a growing charter school network, civics is an integral curriculum component starting in kindergarten. In sixth grade, students fan out into the community to run get-out-the-vote campaigns. By senior year, these same students embark on a year-long “change the world project,” on a community issue they feel passionately about, by conducting research and proposing realistic solutions. What will it take to ensure that students can participate in their local communities and in our national democracy? And, most important, teachers will need to develop closer connections with their communities in order to be able to guide their students in tackling real-world challenges. If we are serious about preparing the next generation, we have a collective responsibility to empower all students with the skills to engage in civic life — and opportunities to make change."

It's the subject of a great debate, and just make sure your solutions are "realistic" and the approved of change promoted by the politically-correct indoctrination and inculcation centers called schools.