Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bugs For Breakfast

I spit it out as soon as I saw it

You can chow down the insulting, agenda-pushing gruel (literally judging by brilliant photographs) from the elite pre$$ if you want. I can't read it because I was nearly in tears when I saw the regurgitated slop.

When the political cla$$ and the 1% or whatever start chowing them down at buffets I'll take notice, and the fact is they don't. They have good food, good spreads, and here they are, the greedy $cum, telling you to go eat gruel, most of the planet they have put in poverty does, be a good world citizen, and let us gorge on all the goodies -- and it's getting goddamn sickening to the point where you want to eat something.

So if you don't mind, until I see some stinking elite over at the shit pit (?? was it really that long of a dump here, frown ??) I'll pass on the insects. What I'm not seeing much of is the poisoning of air, water, and soil and its effect on food. Fukushima's daily radiation dump into the sea is unremarked upon, and I get a Slow Saturday Special regarding the goo at the bottom of the Gulf (did you see the dolphin carcasses?).

I hope you can understand why I soured on the rest; you can busk your own ear of corn from the market.

The rotten part is I have to go grocery and I don't know if I will make it back to blog more today. Not as hungry for this sh** as I used to be, and they are now applying the most ludicrous and absurd propaganda with a f***ing bucket loader.