Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Burlington Busting Prostitutes

"Burlington police announce campaign against prostitution" by Felicia Gans Globe Correspondent  October 15, 2015

Burlington police will launch a series of sweeps targeting prostitution over the next several months, authorities said.

The program will largely focus on online sex trafficking, where users find one another through classified ad websites and connect to meet up in person, Burlington Police Chief Michael Kent said Thursday in a statement.

Ultimately, the goal of the program is to make Burlington sex-trafficking-free, said police spokesman John M. Guilfoil.

“We are a thriving community with a bustling commercial district and several hotels, and we are aware that this can attract the wrong element sometimes,” Kent said. “We want people to know that Burlington is not the place to conduct these kinds of activities.”


Burlington police made a similar sweep in December. An officer created a fake online ad offering sex for money. Seven men and one woman were arrested, police said. 

It's enough to make you say legalize the world's oldest profession -- and get your cut, like, well, you know.

Of course, then government would once again be killing the fun.

“There is little question that this industry will need to be regulated in order to protect consumers.”

Yeah, right. Thank God the state will once again save us from ourselves (these guys are, of course, the same ones who have brought casinos to the state, yup. Sigh. And revenues are already dropping due to the continuing Depression and yawning wealth inequality by the day, hour, minute, second.)

“We conduct these operations for one reason: Prostitution is not a victimless crime,” Detective Sergeant Timothy McDonough, who leads the operations, said in the statement.

“In most cases, the real women behind the online ads are victims of human trafficking,” McDonough said. “We know that people who torment and exploit women and children use online ads to do their business, and we will continue to be aggressive in pushing sex crimes out of our community.”

I usually have them waved in my face when the war-promoting media is trying to buck up support for a failing war or trying to start a new one.

As for aggressive enforcement, it's to a certain point; otherwise, they will cover-up the crimes and pedophilia of elite sex rings. Can't have us thinking bad of the $cum who rule us.



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Time for me to go celibate when it comes to the Bo$ton Globe.