Friday, October 30, 2015

Obama the Hypocrite Hosts Cops in Chicago

The side of the mouth he speaks out of is dependent on what audience is before him:

"Obama calls police wrongly ‘scapegoated’ for society’s failings; Society’s ills not responsibility of officers, he says" by Darlene Superville Associated Press  October 28, 2015

CHICAGO — President Obama, in remarks to the International Association of Chief of Police, which held its annual meeting in the president’s Chicago hometown, blamed the news media’s tendency ‘‘to focus on the sensational’’ for helping to drive a wedge between police officers and a public they take an oath to protect and serve. 

Yup, it's not the beatings and the killings that are covered up and enabled by the pre$$ with fantastical scenarios that are on the edge of believability. It's the mouthpiece media. That is not to say they share no blame because the government and pre$$ are hand-in-glove.

He called for rebuilding the trust that once existed between them.

Too late. Once you break it.... it never comes back.

Obama delivered his speech amid a roiling national debate about officers’ treatment of potential criminal suspects following the deaths of unarmed black men in New York, Missouri, and elsewhere by police. 

Never mind that whitey blown away last night. No protests or Lives Matter campaign for Johnny Cracker.

‘‘Too often, law enforcement gets scapegoated for the broader failures of our society and criminal justice system,’’ the president said. ‘‘I reject any narrative that seeks to divide police and the communities that they serve — I reject the story line that says, when it comes to public safety, there’s an ‘us’ and ‘them,’ ’’ Obama said. He said it’s a ‘‘narrative that too often gets served up to us by news stations seeking ratings, or tweets seeking retweets, or political candidates seeking some attention.’’ 

Can you believe the war-maker in chief is plating such steaming swirl?

Obama opened his remarks with a tribute to slain New York City police Officer Randolph Holder as hundreds of officers streamed into his wake.

Holder, 33, died last week after being shot in the head by a man he and his partner were chasing. The officers had responded to a call of shots fired and a bicycle stolen at gunpoint. A suspect is in custody on charges of murder and robbery in Holder’s killing.

Obama praised the Guyana native as emblematic of many US police officers who put their lives on the line every day....

The strange thing is the death rate is declining and leveling off.


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That was less than a week ago!

Obama Supports Police Brutality 

Yes, the TORTURE CENTERS of CHICAGO are mentioned, as is the irony of the police chiefs from all over the world meeting there.

Call it the Ferguson effect, I guess.

So what sign will he be waving today?

"Thousands “disappeared” at Chicago Police Homan Square black site" by George Marlowe 29 October 2015

According to recent revelations, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) has “disappeared” more than 7,000 people at a converted Sears warehouse in Homan Square over the last decade.

A report last week in the Guardian showed that the number of people illegally detained at the department’s secretive interrogation center is more than double what was previously disclosed earlier this year.

The detention center located in the highly impoverished Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago has all the hallmarks of a paramilitary facility, referred to by reporters and lawyers as the domestic equivalent of a CIA “black site.” The drab and imposing red-brick warehouse is equipped with floodlights, cameras and razor-wire fences and has a heavy police presence. Many of those detained at the secretive facility have previously alleged that they were tortured, sexually assaulted and provided no access to legal representation.

Significantly, more than 65 percent of the arrests and detentions in Homan Square in the last decade occurred under the administration of Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff for President Barack Obama. Indeed, the city has a long history of police violence and torture, with the full backing of the Democratic Party. The most notorious cases of torture occurred under former police detective and commander Jon Burge between 1972 and 1991, with the full complicity of the then Attorney General and eventual Democratic mayor, Richard Daley....


The $icke$t thing of all? 

He's getting a pension

That is why they can't pay your lottery winnings!

"Illinois budget woes delay lottery payouts" AP  October 16, 2015

CHICAGO — People who win more than $600 in the Illinois Lottery won’t get their money right away because of the ongoing state budget impasse, as officials said Thursday that the agency coffers had run out of money.

What a BETRAYAL! This is WHY the STATE took the numbers away from the MOB (that and the pile of ca$h they $melt; think fantasy football, kids). 

And now THEY CAN'T PAY!! Then what frikkin' good are they?

Last month, the Illinois comptroller’s office said that without a budget for the current fiscal year, the office didn’t have the authority to write checks of more than $25,000 and payments would be delayed.

I'll bet the tax loot to corporations and debt interest payments to banks is still flowing.

Lottery officials said Wednesday that they anticipated the agency’s check writing account would be exhausted the next day and that there was no legal authority to replenish it. As of Thursday morning the account — which is used to pay winnings between $601 and $24,999 — was empty, officials said.

Are you tired of the goddamn excuses of looting leaders, America? 

And this a Democrat $tronghold!

Prizes $600 and below are paid by retailers using money from ticket sales.

‘‘Once a budget is passed in Springfield, all outstanding claims will be paid,’’ according to statement released by lottery officials.

Two winners have filed a federal lawsuit against the lottery for stopping payouts of prizes above $25,000 because of the budget impasse. The lawsuit seeks to force the lottery to pay winners of more than $25,000 with 5 percent interest and asks that the lottery be barred from paying administrative or operational costs until all winners receive prizes. The lawsuit alleges dozens of people are awaiting $288 million in prizes.

Wednesday’s announcement came the same day that state Comptroller Leslie Munger said the budget impasse means next month’s $560 million payment to the Illinois pension system will be delayed.

So much for what the courts ruled then. Fa$ci$m right before your eyes! 

She said retirees will still receive benefit checks as scheduled. But the impasse has led to a cash shortage, altering the way her office will dole out payments.

Yeah, don't want them protesting in the streets.


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It's all a $cam.

"Chicagoans get hefty property tax hike" Associated Press  October 28, 2015

All a last resort, huh?

CHICAGO — Chicago’s City Council easily approved a budget plan Wednesday that includes a massive property tax hike and other fees to help close a shortfall and improve the city’s underfunded pension system, votes many aldermen called the most difficult of their political careers.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed an incremental $543 million property tax increase for police and fire pensions, along with a separate $45 million property tax hike for school construction, a $9.50 monthly household garbage pickup charge, and other fees.

While much of the debate before Wednesday’s 36-14 vote on the $7.8 billion budget was supportive, many aldermen said the revenue measures were a last resort.

‘‘None of this is easy,’’ said South Side Alderwoman Carrie Austin who voted in favor.

Chicago has the worst-funded pension system of any major American city, along with a school system that’s drowning in debt.

All despite a flowering U.S. economic recovery. There must not be a stock market exchange in Chicago.


I'll bet somehow nothing is solved and that loot disappears -- with inferior buildings and such should any be left standing after the loot is gone.