Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Giving You a Llega Up

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"Albanian woman allegedly bilks man out of more than $100,000" by Astead W. Herndon Globe Staff  December 03, 2015

ARLINGTON — Anisa Llega, a 24-year-old Albanian immigrant, alleges that Donald Hodgins, an 84-year-old widower and real-estate mogul, voluntarily gave her the money, out of kindness, but also because he was sexually attracted to her.

Hodgins admitted that he once felt romantic feelings for Llega, but....

I don't need to hear anymore. I don't like that age difference.

The two met almost three years ago at Classic Cafe, a small diner on Massachusetts Avenue where Llega was working as a waitress and host, said Fatos Qari, a current manager at the restaurant.

“Donnie,” as people call Hodgins, is a regular at the restaurant and Qari said the duo struck up an informal friendship.

Eight months ago, Llega left her job to work for Hodgins. She would clean his house, provide computer assistance, and set up an online presence for his real estate company for a salary of $50,000 and an at-home laptop, Hodgins said.

Soon, however, Llega began requesting more money to handle family problems, student loans, auto bills, and eventually, brain cancer, Hodgins said.

Steven Goldwyn, Llega’s court-appointed attorney, said she never connived to deceive Hodgins.

He said Hodgins, angry that Llega did not return his romantic affections, made up the story that she was fleecing him to get back at her.

“He found out she was going with her boyfriend to Florida and he got livid,” Goldwyn said of Hodgins.

In arguing for a higher bail, Assistant District Attorney Raquel Frisardi asked Judge Roanne Sragow to consider what she called Llega’s flippant behavior while she was being booked.

Frisardi said Llega was consistently “laughing and giggling” while police were questioning her.

Llega “does not have any consideration for the seriousness of the offenses,” Frisardi said.

While in no way defending her, I could really not care any less about this, one feels obliged to point out that people react to stressful situations in different ways. 

After all this maybe the government could hire here out as a crisis actor.

In setting the bail at $100,000, the judge also forbade Llega from working with senior citizens. Authorities have confiscated her passport, though Llega has a green card, and Goldwyn said all her close family is in Massachusetts and that she is not a threat to leave the country.

Llega’s fiance, her father, and a former employer were present for her arraignment. Each declined comment following the proceedings....

I already have.


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