Saturday, December 26, 2015

Globe Xmas Gift: T-Shirt

You shouldn't have.

"There’s enough cotton sitting in warehouses to make more than 127 billion T-shirts, or 17 for each person on the planet, according to the US Department of Agriculture — bad news for investors betting prices will rise. “To get excited about the cotton market,” said Fiona Boal, at Fulcrum Asset Management, “we will need to see either a weather event or something else that really changes the Northern Hemisphere producers’ mind about growing cotton. Otherwise, it’s hard to see prices move substantially higher.” US harvests were hampered by heavy rains this year, and output is expected to fall in China and India. But that’s not enough to dent global stockpiles, forecast to fall just 6.8 percent from last year’s all-time high." 

Thanks, Globe! I like the print on it (although I wanted one that said "I'd rather be blogging" on it. Just what every employer wants to see)!

(Put with underwear and gloves)