Friday, December 11, 2015

What I Think Friday

It looks like you didn't Thync much of yesterday's post. 

What I thought was I would start you off with this:

"In another embarrassment for the MBTA, a six-car, 420-foot Red Line train departed Braintree station Thursday morning with no one at the controls. The driver got out to deal with what he said was a signal problem, and his ride took off without him, officials said."

I got off before the turn-in drop-off; however, you can then switch to the Green Line to get to the Convention Center or the GE Seaport (complete with tax subsidies since GE pays no taxes and is “it’s a very heavily subsidized company, on state, local and federal [levels].” All of a $udden Ma$$achu$etts is bu$ine$$-friendly and on the short list for stealing jobs from Connecticut) before hanging these Christmas decorations:

"Are you more Pottery Barn and your husband is all about CVS? Do you love colored lights, while your wife hates them? You’re probably living in a mixed marriage: holiday tacky vs. holiday tasteful. Call it the great Christmas decorating divide."

Everything is framed in terms of conflict in my war paper, and speaking of time running out:

Options, time running out for Emanuel

Nice to see the pre$$ pick the ongoing protests back up and the Washington Post seems to agree he should resign, but he's going to try and ride it out until 2019 despite the second (cops planted a gun at the scene?) and third cases (victim's father is former law enforcement?) that have recently come to light.

Prosecution rests in Freddie Gray officer’s case
Officer testifies in his own defense at Freddie Gray trial
Chief backs officer in Gray case 

The non-racist killing (cop was black) is only briefly being covered in light of all the other events.

N.C. probes death of black man in custody

I finished today with something about a racist judge

He may want to revisit what he said before grabbing a gun and putting it to death. Does the vote really even matter in this age of rigged selections?

Armed man taken into custody after driving onto Arkansas State campus

Hardly anyone is left because finals are over, but why waste a good crisis drill?

"Students in Nantucket were ordered to remain inside local schools and part of a road was shut down Thursday amid concerns that an armed man may have been in the area. Police located the man who had sparked the complaint about an hour after they received it. Charles Pearl, 42, turned out to be unarmed, officials said, but he was taken into custody on a warrant for allegedly failing to register as a sex offender. An acquaintance of Pearl had called police at 10:24 a.m. and expressed concern for his well-being. The caller said Pearl could be armed, according to Nantucket police Lieutenant Jerry Adams, but Pearl had no weapons in the Sparks Avenue shed where police found him around 11:27 a.m. As a precaution, police temporarily closed down Sparks Avenue between Sanford Road and the traffic circle at Hooper Farm Road while setting up a perimeter around the man’s home. Adams said police also asked Nantucket High School and the Cyrus Peirce Middle School to go into “lock-out mode,” meaning students were not allowed to leave the building. Pearl was arrested on a default warrant out of West Roxbury District Court in September for failing to register as a sex offender. He was taken to Nantucket Cottage Hospital for a medical evaluation."

Turns out he turned himself in.

Northeastern to equip officers with semiautomatic rifles

There are concerns? Even museum guards are being militarized.

Judge denies Texas bid to block refugees

That pretty much decides things and settles the issue so what's the use?

Calif., Texas shelters set for immigrant children

I'd stopped reading by the paper by the time that article appeared, and we are told it's a new spike from Central America.

Then, in the bottom right corner, a one-day wonder of a brief and really of no concern (could have been lead story on front page if you ask me):

Psychotropic drugs for very young on rise

Prescriptions were written for children 2 and younger, what one guy calls “just nuts.” I would agree, but who am I to question what is healthy for pharmaceutical conglomerates? Certainly isn't drawing as much Dear attention as other things, is it?

My world lead this morning wasUS may create antiterrorism hubs abroad

It's the “hubs and spokes,” Project for the New American Century plan that "would all but ensure what Pentagon officials call an “enduring” US military presence in some of the world’s most volatile regions." 

What an Obummer. All the crisis drills gone live, the staged and scripted fictions, the false flag Gladios, and adjacent mind-manipulating psyops have led to nothing more than increasing tyranny after failure at home and a huge shove to the war agenda abroad. The public is sooooo being played by the propaganda pre$$ and its ma$$ media. 

Next to that lead is the Af-Pak peace process getting monkey-wrenched by some US lackey. I no longer take peace talks seriously when it comes to a war-promoting paper, but more on that after the flip of a page. There is a one-day wonder regarding Rwanda and war-promoting fart mist regarding Korea, and in the bottom right corner (you might miss it) is a swap of spies between allies with one welcomed home as a hero.

With the page flip I see the CIA has put the Swiss on high alert over SILLI (a.k.a. IS, ISIS, ISIL, whatever) stuff (I suppose they would know, being based in Virginia and all).

Interesting how the EU conference in Turkey, the NATO summit in Brussels (where the Paris plot allegedly came from), and the fart mist coming from Paris (all China's fault) was not interrupted as they wind up with a victory over terror and the planet's last, best hope (now it is responsible for the refugee crisis, and what was carbon footprint to that security detailmotorcade, and airplane ride anyway?).

The world’s smallest island nations have an outsize voice at Paris talks

I'd say they were like Israel; however, Israel will never, ever, occupy the "moral high ground."

Of course, "Climate change poses an existential threat" -- not the ongoing wars which could go nuclear or the leaking of 300 tons of radioactive water every day, day after day, since 11 March 2011, among other things. Now pay that carbon tax when the methane from the $tatu$ quo sectors is the greater threat

Btw, why aren't those islands already under water? I was told decades ago they would be gone by now. 

Thankfully, emissions are on the decline (a sign of reduced economic activity in this age of recovery), and seeing as that is all settled it is time to move on to more scientific inquiry:

"In April, a group of scientists said they had finally figured out why knuckles crack, but the big knuckle debate centers on one big question."

Makes you just want to hit something, doesn't it?

You can forget going skiing since it's been nothing but rain so far. The moths have arrived early and "in a separate development Monday, Corbyn is giving cover for Cameron to bomb Syria (which they were already doing anyway) so never you mind the flooding.

Below the CIA alert that I see that the terrorists have a seat at the table in Saudi Arabia (how appropriate it is being held there) regarding the Syrian "peace" conference (really a regime change effort as it always has been):

"Representatives of Ahrar al-Sham, a Salafist Islamist group that has cooperated closely with Al Qaeda’s Syria affiliate in the past, later returned to the conference. Military groups will be represented by Western-backed Free Syrian Army groups in the north and the south of the country, with eight representatives. Ahrar al-Sham and the Army of Islam will each have one."

A sham indeed, as are all these U.S. government and allied-aided terror groups. The mask is off and the emperor is naked. 

And yet I'm told "Russia’s intervention, however, has tilted the balance of power on the ground back in favor of the government" as SILLI (except it no longer is) expands and although Russia and Iran have agreed to the Vienna statement calling for a political settlement, ‘‘they are escalating their military actions on the ground so there is a contradiction between what they say and what they do.’’ 

Oh, then they are just like the American government and its pot-hollering-kettle propaganda pre$$.

Somehow this wormed its ways into my front section before I see the Jewi$h War Pre$$ (peace only got a photograph) has now decided to take up the cause of Muslim women, and I just simply can't stay silent any longer when it comes to the hypocritical and clearly agenda-pushing press (it supports the religious persecution angle and supremacist Zionist notion of tolerance that I was subjected to in the form of a full page ad in the Globe yesterday -- if you were unclear just how deep Zionist control of this country runs. They leave nothing to chance.)

That gets us to San Bernardino:

Couple practiced at shooting ranges before California attack
Both San Bernardino shooters radicalized at least 2 years ago
San Bernardino suspects may have hatched a terror plot in 2012
Calif. pair may have plotted a terror attack 3 years ago 

FBI, DHS, and others had all that time and missed it, huh?

The San Bernardino California Shooting Is A Fraud: Another BOMBSHELL!

'Craft Intl mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting'

"Eyewitness to San Bernardino Terror Attack Still Says ‘three tall white men did it’"  Eyewitnesses can make mistakes, but this is an awfully detailed and specific account, maintained over time in the face of the Official Story.  American authorities are filling in the details of the legends of the patsies in an extremely belated manner.  Usually they have most of the story - e.g., Oswald, 9/11 - prepared beforehand, and thus immediately available.  We might be able to assume that the lack of official readiness for the propaganda push is an indication that this attack, or at least the timing of this attack, was not planned at the highest American government levels.

I thank them for asking the tough-questions.

‘Fake mass shooting’ set for Texas

It's going to be a ‘‘fake mass shooting [with] fake blood,’’ in the blue bastion [of] a very red state."

Talk about having the crisis drills being thrown literally thrown in our face with the agenda quite clear (never mind GE leaving, gov). 

What I think is happening is that the crisis drill frauds have been so exposed the propaganda pre$$ is forced to react by saying we would tell you if it was all staged and scripted fiction.

Furthermore, I think they are setting us all up for a horrific Gladio-style operation that will in fact be real. 

Speaking of such a thing:

"Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced the new alert system during a forum with Defense One magazine. The new terror-alert system, he said, better ‘‘reflects the current environment and current realities.’’The discussion followed President Obama’s Oval Office address to the nation Sunday on terrorism."

That address failed to inspire, and I know someone who reads that magazine. He's not afraid to speak out, either -- even though it was "an emotional response to that situation” that he hopes the post conveys the helplessness that he felt."

RelatedPost-massacre, gun makers’ stocks surge

"The prospect of big sales amid a push for greater gun control following the San Bernardino shootings pumped up gun makers’ stocks."

One must admit, the gun certainly takes away the feeling of helplessness. 

All that overshadows what is happening in the halls of Congre$$:

"Negotiators were hoping for a deal on a separate revenue bill that could cost $700 billion or more over 10 years by extending dozens of mostly obscure tax cuts and make permanent expiring business tax breaks worth perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars."

More like being obscured (we all know they are profitable corporations collecting tax loot subsidies), and why waste a good false flag crisis drill? This while Democrats and Obama offer chump change tax credits that you can't use without work, and the level of U.S. adults employed is at a decades low total with revenues for companies and economic activity in general all down. 

But don't believe me, believe in your bu$ine$$ pre$$ that is ba$ically the cho$en elite talking to themselves.

I'm even told there was a ‘‘Christmas miracle’’ with the acknowledgment of the failure of the NCLB, somehow now cast as a victory as things return to the way there were before (save for the tests and Common Core) in a ‘‘rare example of how bipartisanship should work’’ -- which is strange because I was just told yesterday it was “one of the most productive Senate years in a long time” on bipartisan efforts such as cybersecurity and highway infrastructure thanks to soccer-mom Democrat Patty Murray (bought off on the TPP by Boeing) most of all (by a guy whose office was cover for a child pornography and procurement ring). 

Then it is on to Campaign 2016 and:

Terrorism fears bolster Trump’s standing in new poll

Plans to visit Israel, meet Netanyahu are canceled

"A visit to Israel is considered a rite of passage for US presidential candidates as they seek to burnish their foreign policy credentials and appeal to Jewish American voters, and throughout a three-decade political career, Netanyahu has been a leading voice warning of the dangers of Islamic extremism. Yet he has tried to be careful about differentiating between Islamic extremists and the Muslim religion. Nearly 20 percent of Israel’s population is Muslim."

If they are trying to appeal to Jewish American voters why are they going to Israel? Look at the spin of the Jewish War Pre$$ regarding the vetting of our candidates by their masters! 

As for that slop regarding Netanyahu, I suppose it doesn't apply to reelection bidsOy vey!

British petition to keep Donald Trump out of country

Netanyahu took their lead.

He was welcomed in New Hampshire, however, and defended against the condemnation by the American people and Congre$$although he will likely lose Massachusetts given all the demagoguery and rhetoric. He's already being compared to David Duke and calls have been made to ban him in the land of free speech.

Does he know what is coming this Christmas, readers? 

Well, I think that's it for today. I'm no longer deriving pleasure from politics or what is happening in Bo$ton as put forth by the Globe. Sorry.