Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Just dropping the kids off for the weekend:

"Background check failed to find nanny’s record" by Shelley Murphy Globe Staff  December 29, 2015

Stephanie Lee Fox was a notorious thief. She was convicted of dozens of larceny and fraud charges in Greater Boston, spent time in jail, and was still on probation when she registered as a nanny on

Yet, the Waltham-based company that calls itself the world’s largest Internet site for finding family care failed to detect Fox’s lengthy, public criminal record during a background check — a service it explicitly promised to provide to a Boston couple seeking a caregiver for their two children, according to lawyers for Fox and the couple.

Grace and C. Grover Heintz, who hired Fox in February 2013, learned of her prior crimes after discovering last summer that she had stolen more than $280,000 from their checking account, according to court records. Fox pleaded guilty to federal bank fraud charges last month, but her case and others around the country have prompted questions about whether’s vetting process is substandard and imperils families.

The company is currently fending off separate lawsuits in Nebraska and Wisconsin brought by parents whose babies were killed....

That's an incomprehensible loss to me.


Seeing as this was the above-the-fold lead in today's Globe one can $urely $ee for whom it is written.