Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Globe Special: Down For the Count

Ref just counted ten....

I suppose the only thing worse than seeing a trio of war criminals usurp the legacy of an antiwar icon is the lionization in the lying, war-promoting ma$$ media that ferociously criticized him back in the day (the Jew York Times still called Clay up until 1972?). It raises hypocrisy to a new art form.

Have they no shame, or do they just think we have all forgotten?

Good thing Ali had Parkinson's; otherwise, he might have spoken out on all the cop killings of unarmed black men.

Maybe that is one reason among many that I have only scanned the last five days worth of Globes. I have not marked a single thing other than notes on a piece of notepaper. For a few brief seconds I look forward to reading some articles and logging them into wips, and then the Globe is tossed to the side for the day and the computer left off (why not save some money and the planet, huh, and keep corporate pollution from filling my head?). I'm simply no longer interested in elite insult and Jewish supremacism passing itself off as news along with the endless lies, fictions, obfuscations, omissions, diversions, distractions, and distortions of such an agenda-pushing prism. I know I should feel lucky I'm getting a paper at all, but I suppose there is so much shit pre$$ one can stand.

That, and the fact that the pain of being here every day has nearly vanished after having been away from the computer entirely the last week (I was working so feverishly last weekend to prepare for an onslaught of Memorial Day posts to close out the month -- and then my elbow blew. Even now I'm feeling the numbness and pain return to my fingers as I type). With each day the pain lessons and my health improves. That makes the idea of catching up or continuing very unlikely. I'm not saying I'll never post a piece again, but this idea of blogging about what the regional flag$hit paper is saying on a day to day basis is done. I'm not even reading it; why would I want to blog about it? Why would I want to destroy my health typing the same things over and over again?

It's a cause for reflection. The blog has come full circle and outlived its usefulness. It began in the 7th year of a hated presidency and is now ending in the 7th year of a hated presidency, a (peace prize winning!!) president who promised to end the wars (and close Gitmo) and has done nothing but escalate them while adding a plateful of new conflicts (he's leaving Russia and China for the next psychopath, and I don't mean Trump). Back then my focus was on keeping the 2006 election from being stolen from Democrats. We were going to check Bush and end these wars -- or so I thought. Silly, stupid, naive me. Instead we got a surge and more spying power bestowed upon the federal government. And now here we are, ten years later, with wealth inequality yawning wider every second, minute, hour, day, and endless wars being brought to you by the corporate government of AmeriKa along with ever-increasing levels of surveillance.

So which faction of corporate fa$ci$m do you like?

9/11 was to be a major focus, but that event is now passing through the fog of current event into history, even as we live under the rubric of that false flag inside job's ramifications and its use as a justification going forward. The fact is that is the one area of victory here. Most Amerikans might not know it, but the rest of the world does. Even other governments. They know 9/11 was carried out by elements of the U.S. government in collaboration with dual national Zionist traitors that staff the political structure and national security apparatus. Who benefited? If there was any doubt, U.S. and allied creation and support for ISIS has dispelled it. The "terrorists" are your government, Americans, and the whole world knows it. The only ones that do not are you due to the slop served by your jew$media, and I'm sure the next FBI frame-up will reinforce the point for you.

As I can recall the purpose of this blog was also to honor the victims of AmeriKan aggression. Looking back now, that was silly considering it's the war-promoting pre$$ I'm using as a source. A killer's mercy, how nice. Back then I saw the garbage propaganda as enlightening. Now I see it all as mind-manipulating psyops no matter what the focus. I may not be able to figure out the particular buttons they are trying to push, but the more attention the ma$$ media gives something the less likely I am to pay attention now. There is always some ulterior motive within their works of altruism (the u$ual $u$pects mo$t of the time of you read far enough). The agenda they are pushing will soon become obvious anyway. If nothing else it will be a mixed message of fear and confusion, a state they want you in permanently so you will either turn to authority for protection or authority will be provided with a cause for repression should revolution be your course.

When I look at what I'm posting now.... sigh. All crap from corporate mouthpiece. Yes, I branched out in what I was reading over the years (when I started I was only reading front section, no Metro or Business) and that's the point. I veered way off course and the virtual mob has failed -- as designed. Who do you think set up the blogging platforms in the first place? Atomize us all and get us off the street.  I thought I was doing good when that was suggested to me at the end of my active protest stage, which followed my writing the newspapers phase believing those opinion shapers would turn antiwar and change things for the better. How naive was I!!

Blogging was also begun to show you, the world viewer, that not all Americans were war-mongering idiots, and what the conscientious and concerned citizen was receiving when he reached out to try and find out about what was going on in the world. That was always the answer from parents, teachers, friends. You want to find out what is going on in the world? Read a newspaper! Pfffft!

Well, time to take a dive, as they say....


Another day, another unread Globe placed in the pile on the table.

US Muslims drew inspiration from Ali’s fight for his faith

Ah. The Zionist media is turning it into a religious thing.

Muhammad Ali’s fights outside the ring

Muhammad Ali’s sacrifice for all athletes

Maybe that brutally barbaric "sport" should be banned, 'eh?

I wonder if the ladies who refused to sign up will be cast as heroes in today's hyper-militarized society and pre$$?

Turns out Ali was part of the club (which explains all the fawning ma$$ media; they are literally mocking us).