Thursday, June 16, 2016

Who Cares About Keurig?

I did when I saw this:

"Coffee isn’t likely to give you cancer after all, the World Health Organization’s cancer agency announced on Wednesday, and might reduce the risk of some cancers unless it’s really, really hot — like 150 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, or almost too hot to drink — in which case it might indeed promote cancer. That somewhat confusing message emerged from..." 

From where!!??!! 

They had previously said coffee prevent cancer. The next thing you know they will be telling us cholesterol and animal fats are good for you (for the purposes of dumping excess pork products and GMO corn that the world doesn't want, of course).

I al$o $u$pect other rea$ons for the confu$ing me$$age as well.  Coffee ain't Chipotle!

Globe cup has gotten cold.

"Keurig discontinues Kold home soda machine after just one year" Associated Press  June 07, 2016

NEW YORK — Keurig Green Mountain, which made its name as a maker of single-cup coffee machines, is laying off more than 100 workers after its Keurig Kold home soda machine system fizzled out after less than a year on the market.

The home soda-making machine debuted last fall amid questions about its affordability for the average consumer. The suggested retail price of the bulky countertop units was $369.99, with each soda pod costing more than a dollar — significantly more expensive than buying and storing cans of soda in the fridge.

The company had high hopes when its Kold machines debuted....



"The Vermont company, which maintains a research facility in Burlington, Mass., now needs to apply the lessons from the debacle of its Kold carbonated drinks system to its coffee business, where sales have flattened out, according to analysts who follow the company...."

Want a donut with that gla$$ of milk?

Bottoms up!

Good thing they are shorting you, 'eh?