Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sunday Globe Special: The End is Near

A perfect example as to why reading the Globe is nearly useless these days:

"How’s this for a campaign slogan for 2016: ‘Why, God, why?’" by Michelle Boorstein Washington Post  June 11, 2016

From Christians and Jews to those who follow psychics and ancient civilizations like the Maya, the bitter political chaos of Campaign 2016 has some of even those who Moore calls ‘‘sober-minded’’ wondering if its causes are entirely secular. Could there be some divine or cosmic force behind the fact that the last two candidates standing to run the world’s superpower are the least-liked White House contenders in US history? After all, every faith tradition has an end times story — or stories — which typically includes societal turmoil.

Please tell me the Globe did not ask that question.

Further omens: the current flooding, fires, possible earthquake, and one of the snowiest Junes in history

May God help us all.

What’s going on in American politics 2016, for some, definitely qualifies. That includes people who earnestly study scriptures for clues.

Yeah, bury your head in the Bible or the Quatrains -- just as long as you are not looking at the powerful movers and shakers orchestrating world events. It's some esoteric, unseen force directing everything.

Guess who (hint: rhymes with) gets first billing?

While most US Jews take an empirical, secular view about why things happen, Messianism is all over Jewish scripture.

And yet somehow that oddball characteristic is not the focus of my agenda-pushing, war-promoting jew$paper. It is for other groups, mainly Christian and Muslim.

Suhaib Webb, a Washington imam who fields 100 inquiries a day from young Muslims in particular, said the Prophet Muhammad is believed to have said ‘‘when trust is lost and the ignorant become your leaders, prepare for the hour.’’ ‘‘Whenever I see Trump, I think of that!’’ Webb said with a laugh.

Since Barack Obama entered the White House, some opponents have suggested his presidency was evidence of the anti-Christ.

Why not bring up that term, too? Talk about being out there.

For the record, most U.S. presidents qualify for the title; however, imho it was Bush. He's the one who invaded Iraq and defiled Babylon, leading to the persecution of Christians. After a seven year reign, he left, leaving the rest to those that would come after. Go read your prophecies!

David Carrasco, a Harvard Divinity School historian of religions, said he sees Trump deliberately trying to tap into people’s anxieties about the election, terrorism and instability by evoking millennial language.

Actually, it's my newspaper doing that. They are the ones who put this article out, not Trump.

Good thing no AmeriKan politicians have traded on fear in the past, huh?

‘‘People feel like: ‘My God, how will we decipher the danger we’re in?’ Humans need seers, holy people, and you hear this in Donald Trump,’’ he said. ‘‘He’s saying: ‘We’re in the most dangerous, darkest times.’ ”

Now I am beginning to fear the mushroom cloud

That was where my print copy gobbledegook ended, but the web Globe delved further into scripture.

Some Buddhists teach that there are cycles of stages, including the later one called ‘‘mappo’’ in which people become corrupt and can’t understand the dharma, or teachings of the Buddha. It includes a government you can’t trust, Carrasco said.

I think I just found my true religion.

The Mayans believed the world runs in very long cycles and that when we are shifting from one to another there can be enormous turmoil. 

They were wrong about the date of apocalypse, and having spent my entire life planning on such a thing I won't fall sucker again.

Danielle Egnew, a psychic who speaks and consults on the paranormal, drew hundreds of thousands of views to a May YouTube video in which she described the high anxiety as a completely reasonable reaction to one 100,000-year-long energy cycle falling away and another one rising. 

Has nothing to do with lying and looting war-criminal governments and the rigged $y$tem perpetuating avarice at the expense of suffering?

The Maya, the Hopi and other ancient belief systems, she noted, described these cycles. A ‘‘masculine’’ one is ending and a ‘‘feminine’’ one is rising — causing a ton of stress, especially to a male-dominated globe. 

Now they are turning it into a gender thing!

‘‘While others have been utterly gob-smacked by the rise of a character like Trump, his success is no secret to those of us who track energy signatures for a living,’’ she wrote on her blog in a March item titled ‘‘Why Donald Trump is the best thing to ever happen to the USA.’’

In an interview, she called this era one of a ‘‘huge spiritual shift. It’s exciting but it feels weird and scary. We are shaking off the limited consciousness of the 20th and 19th centuries. Everyone in the world is experiencing this shift to the feminine — look at the outbreak of ISIL, and the oppression to the feminine. You’re seeing this unbelievable burst, this effort to try and control it. It’s almost like you’re trying to sweep out this old consciousness that can’t sustain itself and it’s dragging by its fingernails.’’ 

She sounds like Les Visible, God bless him!!

The thing is, even if you’re open to end times thinking, there are many views.

‘‘I don’t think God has anything to do with this,’’ said the Rev. Amy Butler of the historic Riverside Church in Manhattan.... 

Nor do I.



"During Mitt Romney’s annual summit in Utah, Romney, in an interview with CNN, warned of Trump’s “trickle-down racism and trickle-down bigotry and trickle-down misogyny.’’ Hewlett-Packard chief executive Meg Whitman reportedly compared Trump to Adolf Hitler."

Of course, trickle-down economics is good!

Gee, he sure is making the rounds these days even if Trump is not Hitler -- although Trump has suggested the bankers take less money regarding interest payments on U.S. debt and is promoting a nationalist foreign policy, much to the consternation of the New World Order pre$$. 

(As a side point I will mention that Trump has not, as of yet, tortured or murdered anyone as commander-in-chief -- unlike past presidents, the current occupant, and the future wanna-be Clinton. That last sentence should not be taken as an endorsement or support for Trump, nor as a pledged vote; it is just a simple statement of fact at this current moment in time, June 14, 2016)

If nothing else, the hysterical way in which that man's name is being thrown around to tar Trump is distasteful. It's debased the debate, and in politics, there’s an unwritten rule that whoever first evokes Hitler should lose the argument.

So what's next, the Globe saying extraterrestrials are real and they believe in alien abductions?

How sadIt WAS a bad idea to get and read a Globe today.

I've gone from the X-File days of belief to a belief in long ago ancients to now a total skeptic thanks to the ungodly proliferation of the topic in the ma$$ media. I'm even doubting the moon landing these days. It is to the point where all received history is to be questioned.

How long until the Globe will be says Roswell really happened, Libertarians are a credible alternative (talk about blatant nudity), and wrestling is real?

No wonder I've lost my appetite for the Globe.

Speaking of such.... time for dinner.

SEE: 2016 is the Year Americans Stopped Trusting the Establishment, Especially the Media

They are at their lowest point ever.

Maybe that is why I'm no longer reading it.