Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday Globe Special: Front Page Lynch Mob

Globe hung 'em high....

"Making it big, the Pam family way" by Astead W. Herndon and Patricia Wen Globe Staff  June 12, 2016

Part 1 of a two-part series.

Rolando Pam is an imposing figure in his dark trench coat and smartly shaped fedora, unabashed as he describes himself and his 11 children as “success stories” in a part of town, Roxbury, where black families too often fail.

He presents himself as a patriarch of a striving, self-made real estate enterprise, and has some material proof to back up the claims of success — luxury cars, a business portfolio that has included houses and apartment buildings, and the friendship of many wealthy and powerful people looking to tap into the escalating Roxbury market.

Yet in his neighborhood and in court, many see Pam and his family business in a very different light — as hypocritical operators who speak forcefully about black pride, then wrest black-owned properties away from their owners and peddle them to well-to-do investors. To do this, Pam once resorted to one of the oldest swindles in the books: forging a seller’s signature and filing the fake document with a government office. Critics also say Pam, 56, has groomed two of his grown sons in his style of acquiring properties, using charisma and charm to take advantage of the financially vulnerable.

The Globe found the Pams’ actions are so widely known that they’ve been given their own nickname: “The Pam Family Scam.”

Apparently they illegally obtained properties through deception and fake documents, and my first thought was that is something that is okay when it comes to a war pre$$ spreading lies for mass-murdering war-criminal leaders who are then given hero status in the pre$$. There isn't much of a squabble in my jew$paper when Israel does such things.

Then I began to wonder why the Globe has it in for this guy. It's not a defense of him or his family or anything they have done. It's simply a question regarding choice of feature and focus.


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