Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pakistan Picks Up the Pace

They were warned.

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"5 suspected bombers arrested in Pakistan" by Associated Press | December 7, 2009

PESHAWAR, Pakistan - Police commandos acting on a tip killed one militant and arrested five others yesterday in a raid against a bombing cell accused in recent attacks around the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar, authorities said.

Elsewhere in the volatile region, a remote-controlled roadside bomb killed two anti-Taliban tribal elders - underscoring the difficulty Pakistan faces in cracking down on the loose and flexible network of militants threatening its stability.

Police said the commandos encountered fierce resistance when they stormed the compound in the village of Kaka Khel near Peshawar, the largest city in the area and the main gateway to the Afghan border region.... Three suicide jackets as well as a number of bombs, grenades, rocket-propelled grenades, and other weapons were seized from the compound, regional Police Chief Liaquat Ali Khan said.

He said one suspect was killed and five others arrested after a gun battle that lasted more than two hours. A search operation for more militants continued in the area, some 30 miles east of Peshawar. The detained are suspected of involvement in recent bombings and other attacks not only in Peshawar but in Islamabad and its sister city of Rawalpindi, Khan said, declining to be more specific.


"Deadly blast hits near Pakistan's ISI

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A blast hit near a building housing Pakistan's intelligence service, ISI, in the eastern city of Multan on Tuesday, killing at least 12 people and wounding 20 others, police said.,The explosion took place at a security checkpoint, said Jamshed Akram of the city police. Four soldiers and four children were among the dead, said Dr. Kaleem Ullah of Multan's emergency services....


LAHORE, Pakistan - Bombings in two cities killed 58 people yesterday as militants struck back following an army offensive against a Taliban stronghold in the northwest near the Afghan border.

Two synchronized bombs ripped through a market popular with women in the eastern Pakistan city of Lahore about 9 p.m., igniting a massive fire that killed 36 people and wounded 100, authorities said. Local media reported today that 12 of the wounded had died at hospitals.

I'm sorry, but....

"Now stop and think here for a moment. All revolutions depend on public support. Revolutionaries try to first win the people before they take on the government. So, no revolutionary goes out and murders civilians in cold blood. Did Washington and his men just mow down a marketplace of their fellow colonials for the heck of it? No, they did not. Washington and the Founding Fathers knew that their revolution to build a new country needed the support of those who would live in that country. This is true for every revolution in history. Therefore, these acts of terror being blamed on the insurgency must all be fakes, committed by intelligence agencies working for the governments to be blamed on the insurgents in order to destroy public support for the revolution." -- Wake the Flock Up

Hours earlier, a suicide bomber killed 10 people outside a courthouse in the northwestern city of Peshawar. The attacks in Lahore were timed about 30 seconds apart when the Moon Market was at its busiest. Authorities initially said both bombs were believed to be remote-controlled, but they later said a suicide bomber was suspected to have carried out at least one of them.


The blasts left dozens of cars and shops ablaze late into the night. Many victims were women and children, including a dead 2-year-old, a police officer said. Moon Market sells women’s clothing, shoes, and cosmetics.

I'm sorry, but EVEN the MOST PIOUS Muslim "Al-CIA-Duh" would NEVER DO THIS!!!! This is a HALLMARK of INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES!!!

Most of the militant attacks in recent weeks have been directed at security forces. Several have targeted crowded public spaces like markets, apparently to create public anger and increase pressure on the government to call a halt to the offensive.


"Pakistani officials have blamed such attacks on the Taliban, but the group has reportedly denied being behind at least some of the blasts, making it more difficult for the government to convert public anger into greater support for the war."

CUI BONO, readers? WHO is behind the attacks on civilians?

The Taliban generally claim responsibility for those attacks killing security officers, but they do not acknowledge carrying out the attacks targeting civilians. Government officials and security analysts say there is little doubt the militants are behind all the attacks.


Lahore’s top government official, Khusro Pervaiz, said there were 36 dead and about 100 wounded. Early today, a US missile strike killed at least three people in a troubled northwestern tribal region near the Afghan border, according to Pakistani intelligence officials.

Well, Obama said he was escalating the missile massacres!

The two officials said the two missiles destroyed a car carrying three people in a village near Mir Ali, which is a main town in North Waziristan....

Oh, took out a car, huh? I notice the term "militants" wasn't applied!