Thursday, October 15, 2015

Praying in the Church of England

God help you all:

"Former Anglican bishop sentenced for sex assaults on teens" AP  October 08, 2015

LONDON — A former Anglican bishop was jailed Wednesday for sexually assaulting teenagers and young men, two decades after he was first accused. At the time, powerful figures in Britain supported the bishop, Peter Ball, and he was not charged.

The former bishop of Lewes, Ball pleaded guilty last month to misconduct in a public office and indecent assault. Prosecutors say he abused 18 victims between the 1970s and the 1990s, all religious young men or aspiring priests.

The first victim came forward in 1992, but Ball, now 83, denied the allegation. Prosecutors say lawmakers, a lord, and an unidentified member of the royal family phoned police or wrote letters of support.

Ball was given a police caution — an official warning — and resigned his post, but was later allowed to resume clerical duties.

The Church of England apologized, saying ‘‘there are no excuses whatsoever for what took place.’’

Lawyer Richard Scorer, who represents several of Ball’s victims, said his jailing was ‘‘little comfort’’ to those he abused. ‘‘The way in which senior clergy and establishment figures . . . closed ranks around him has only compounded his victims’ anguish,’’ Scorer said....


What has become clear is that Britain is riddled with elite pedophila, stretching from the royal family and MPs to Saville and the BBC down to the diddlers in the churches and who knows where else -- and it was and is all being covered up by a compliant corporate pre$$ that the sickos happen to control.

At least it's easier to get a divorce a landmark decision that may reopen other settlements.


"Cameron pledges he’ll get tough in EU talks" Associated Press  October 08, 2015

LONDON — Prime Minister David Cameron, in a speech to the governing Conservative Party’s annual conference, vowed Wednesday to get tough in European Union negotiations, crack down on extremism, make Britain a more equal country — and then resign.

Why not just go now?

The road may not be entirely smooth. Cameron leads a party that’s euphoric after an unexpected election victory but bitterly divided over whether Britain’s future lies inside or out of the European Union.

Many in his party are skeptical of the benefits of membership, and the migrant crisis has boosted the exit side of the debate....


Time to consign this post to history.