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School Fire Drills: Oregon Shooting an Obvious Psyop

First thought was is there an active shooter drill paralleling this report?

"Gunman kills nine at Oregon college" by Jeff Barnard and Gosia Wozniacka Associated Press  October 01, 2015

My printed piece was from the Washington Post, and that article has been rewritten. 

This scripted and staged event cover-up has already begun and I haven't even gotten started. I'm already soured with skepticism regarding the validity of any of this:

ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) — Armed with multiple guns, a 26-year-old man walked into a morning writing class at the community college in this rural Oregon town and opened fire, hitting some students with multiple gunshots. A witness said a teacher was struck in the head.

A rural community college became the site of America’s latest mass shooting on Thursday as a lone gunman burst into classrooms during the school day and mowed down terrified students before being shot dead in a firefight with police, authorities said.

I've seen this script before. WTF?!!!!??

At least nine people were killed by the gunman and seven others were wounded. One witness said the attacker demanded to know students’ religion before shooting them on Thursday, the fourth day of class at Umpqua Community College.

Officials said nine people were killed, plus the gunman, and seven injured during the traumatic events at Umpqua Community College, about three hours south of Portland.

Students in a classroom next door heard several shots, one right after the next, and their teacher told them to leave. Student Hannah Miles said: ‘‘We began to run. A lot of my classmates were going every which way. We started to run to center of campus. And I turned around, and I saw students pouring out of the building.’’

A U.S. law enforcement official identified the gunman as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer of Winchester, Ore. He was described wearing a dark shirt and jeans who spewed bullets from what appeared to be three pistols and possibly a semiautomatic rifle. 

The worst mass shooting in recent Oregon history was raising questions about security at the Umpqua Community College.

Those will be answered here and here if you flashback to them.

Students told of hiding between desks and huddling in darkness as the shooter methodically sought out his victims. Some military-veteran students guarded the doors, which did not lock, in case the shooter tried to enter.

‘‘I suspect this is going to start a discussion across the country about how community colleges prepare themselves for events like this,’’ said the college’s former president, Joe Olson.

The agenda pushing right up front.

The killer was identified as Chris Harper Mercer, according to a government official who was not authorized to speak publicly and provided the name on condition of anonymity. The gunman died following a shootout with police.

Police were not saying whether they knew of any motive.

It's already known; blogs discovered it.

As authorities frantically tried to secure the campus and sort out what happened, they initially provided conflicting accounts of casualties. Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said at an afternoon news conference that 10 people had been killed and seven injured, with the gunman killed in an exchange of fire with police. Hanlin said authorities would not identify the victims for at least a day, possibly two.

Then the piece veered off into a link to the WaPo.

The shooting on the campus in this former timber town 180 miles south of Portland shattered the first week of classes at the community college with about 3,000 students.

With each paragraph the hallmarks of a staged and scripted false flag increase.

Mercer lived in a nearby apartment complex, which was cordoned off with yellow tape Thursday night.

Thursday’s rampage was the latest in a series of mass shootings that have produced national revulsion, even as they have left Republicans and Democrats divided over whether such violence should lead to stricter gun laws. The campus shootings came three months after nine people were gunned down at a historic African American church in Charleston, S.C.

Another false flag hoax.

A neighbor, Bronte Harte, told The Associated Press that Mercer ‘‘seemed really unfriendly’’ and would ‘‘sit by himself in the dark in the balcony with this little light.’’


School shootings have figured prominently in this series of tragedies, including the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado, the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings and the deaths of 20 children in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

I will tell you something right now: when the agenda-pushing propaganda pre$$ reports the mind-manipulating mental narratives you can be assured they are false flag set-ups or outright frauds.

Harte said a woman she believed to be Mercer’s mother also lived upstairs and was ‘‘crying her eyes out’’ Thursday.

Because she is a crisis actor or because the kid was a vulnerable patsy subject to suggestion by nefarious instigators, I mean, informants? And remember, if they don't create the guy they are out a job and in jail!

From Washington, a visibly frustrated President Obama offered prayers for the victims and their families and quickly pivoted to repeat his call for stricter gun-safety laws, something he has done throughout his presidency to no avail.

Currently the world's greatest active mass murderer. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.

In the Los Angeles-area suburb of Torrance where Mercer lived for a short time several years ago, neighbors recalled him as uncommunicative.

“Each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough,” he said. “It’s not enough. It does not capture the heartache and grief and anger that we should feel. It does nothing to prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in America.”

I've had and have plenty of that for the last nine years and currently, war criminal scum.

Ian Mercer, Chris Harper Mercer’s father, spoke to KABC-TV and several other media outlets gathered outside his house in Tarzana, California, late Thursday night.

=I'm smelling staged and scripted crisis actor.

He said it’s been a ‘‘devastating day’’ for him and his family and he has been talking to police and the FBI about the shooting.

All day Thursday, local and federal law enforcement officials swarmed Umpqua’s small campus, a modest collection of about a dozen buildings largely unprotected by gates or walls.

Step-sister Carmen Nesnick told KCBS-TV the shooting didn’t make sense.

They never do, and that is your first clue.

‘‘All he ever did was put everyone before himself, he wanted everyone to be happy,’’ she said.

That's not the portrait that was painted above!

The county sheriff said at a news conference he was not going to say the shooter’s name because that’s what he would have wanted.

We already know; feds let it slip.

‘‘I will not name the shooter. I will not give him the credit he probably sought prior to this horrific and cowardly act,’’ said a visibly angry John Hanlin.

Roseburg is in Douglas County, a politically conservative region west of the Cascade Range where people like to hunt and fish and pursue other outdoor activities.

Now the shooting does make sense. Gives us those guns! Only authority can be armed, hail victory!

But it’s no stranger to school gun violence. A freshman at the local high school shot and wounded a fellow student in 2006.

Is there some sort of mind-control and conditioning complex nearby we don't know about?

On Thursday, anguished parents and other relatives rushed to surviving students.

Jessica Chandler was desperately seeking information about her 18-year-old daughter, Rebecka Carnes.

‘‘I don’t know where she is. I don’t know if she’s wounded,’’ Chandler said.

Carnes’ best friend told Chandler that her daughter had been flown by helicopter to a hospital.

Students described utter fear and panic on hearing the shots.

Sarah Cobb, 17, was in a next-door classroom. She heard a shot. A teacher said they needed to get out, and the class ran out the door as she heard two more shots.

‘‘I was freaking out. I didn’t know what to think, what to do,’’ she said. 

I'm with that regarding anything and everything I read in my prison, 'er, prism of a pre$$.

Before the Roseburg shooting, a posting on the message-board site 4chan included a photo of a crudely drawn frog used regularly in Internet memes with a gun and warned other users not to go to school Thursday in the Northwest.

Here we go! Script being unfurled!

The messages that followed spoke of mass shootings, with some egging on and even offering tips to the original poster. It was unclear if the messages were tied to the shooting because of the largely anonymous nature of the site. 

So what government employed or contracted spook set all that up?

You can see the stealing away of anonymity and privacy of this pos psyop. Agenda-pushing all the time!

Hanlin said authorities were still informing relatives of the dead.

‘‘It’s been a terrible day,’’ a grim-faced Hanlin said. ‘‘Certainly this is a huge shock to our community.’’

The sheriff has been vocal in opposing state and federal gun-control legislation. 

He will be changing that tune. 

In 2013, Hanlin sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden after the shooting at a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school, declaring that he and his deputies would refuse to enforce new gun-control restrictions ‘‘offending the constitutional rights of my citizens.’’

That is why his town was picked and set-up with this obvious piece of fiction.

Hundreds went to a candlelight vigil with many raising candles as the hymn ‘‘Amazing Grace’’ was played.

Sam Sherman, a former student, said the school helped broaden his opportunities.

‘‘That’s all I could think about today. There’s 10, 9 kids who won’t get those doors opened,’’ he said.

I left the door open far too long on that. 


What the rewritten WaPO article added:

He appeared to single out Christian students for killing.

The scraps of information about Mercer uncovered so far did not fit together easily and much remained unconfirmed, including reports that he had forecast some act of violence in Oregon in a dark corner of the Internet known as 4chan, a report being investigated by federal authorities, according to the New York Times.  


But a murky portrait was emerging of a quiet and withdrawn young man who struggled to connect with other people, instead seeking attention online, and who harbored anger against organized religion.

This such a horse shit script it isn't even funny anymore. 

When the agenda-pushing propaganda pre$$ uses it the word murky that is what they a signaling: a swirling steamer of a stink plate.

On group that tracks gun violence, the Mass Shooting Tracker, said it was the 294th death or injury from a shooting involving four or more people in the United States this year — a rate of more than one victim a day.

Cops double 'em up every night, and one is a whitey (according to a WaPo investigation)!

Investigators also fanned out across two states where Mercer lived, questioning family members and former neighbors, sifting through social media postings and obscure Internet forums in search of some clues about what happened, and why.

It's all been written and scripted; just a matter of timed release now.

Public records showed no previous brushes with law enforcement by Mercer. Social media accounts attributed to him, including a MySpace page and an online dating profile, offer hints of his interests — the Irish Republican Army, punk rock music, an antipathy toward religion — but little real insight.

Then it was terrorism, and I wonder what connections he had.

According to reports, authorities are investigating a conversation on the messageboard 4chan posted Wednesday evening. The site is notorious for staging online hoaxes, in addition to cat memes, hackings and Internet attacks. But the conversation, if authentic, appears to show a gunman’s plans for a shooting.

Meaning it's a government-run set-up shop.

Mercer grew up in California, where he attended the Switzer Learning Center for students with disabilities. Rick Rada, a former classmate, recalled Mercer as quiet, cheerful and non-violent.

“To me Chris was just an ordinary guy, really. He was one of the silent types like me,” Rada told The Washington Post. “… But we got along with our teachers. He opened up with the teachers, talked to them, had fun.”

So what pharmaceuticals, if any, was he on?

Now for the true investigation:

"Another Mass Shooting Just in Time to Flip the Script

(Truthstream Media)

The truth is, we don’t even need to hear the gory details.

We don’t need to know the shooter’s name, his background, what psychotropic meds he was on. We don’t need to know the victim’s names and hear their harrowing tales recanted dramatically over and over on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC.

We don’t have to wonder why the shooter is dead now. We know dead men tell no tales.

If you are wasting your time looking that close at what the right hand was doing, you already missed the sleight of hand magic trick in the left.

All that matters is that stories about Putin calling the U.S.’s bluff in Syria and airstriking of the very ISIS terrorists that the CIA trained, armed, and funded have been knocked off of the mainstream U.S. media’s front page news in lieu of yet another curiously timed mass shooting.

Do people not see that this happens all the time in this country? You really would think people would catch on by now.

Instead, like scared squirrels hopping from one false flag or psyop to the next, the reality of what’s happening in Syria and how it effects the global chessboard will be drowned out of America’s mass consciousness by a new terror much closer to home… just as it always does.

Before this, it was the stock market dropping to historic lows on August 24th. Not even 48 hours later, we were told a reporter and her cameraman were shot dead on live TV.

Before that, the House quietly passed the trade promotion authority for the TPP, which would’ve otherwise upset any American paying attention if they weren’t so busy being distracted by all the details of the highly suspicious Charleston shooting that took place the night before.

And before that? Take your pick.

Obama amnesty announcement? Myron May directed energy weapon FSU library shooting.

Red line in Syria backfiring? Aaron Alexis ELF weapon Navy Yard shooting.

Embarrassing government shutdown? Mariam Carey hearing voices White House gate psyop.

A violent jihadist reportedly thwarted in an attack against the Capitol building just as Republicans are holding out on a DHS funding bill.

ISIS just so happens to hack CENTCOM on the same day Obama announces new cyber security legislation.

This list could literally go on and on.

But I’m sure it’s all a coincidence, right?


It’s Wag the Dog, as programmed, top story, ta-da, like clockwork.

Sure, we all know this new shooting will secondarily be used as fodder for more religious and/or race tensions, and always, always for more gun control.

Meanwhile, Putin is telling people exactly what’s going on with the U.S.’s hired ISIS guns over in Syria:

You know what? I’ll even take it a step further…

I wouldn’t be surprised if, as this situation with Putin and Russian airstrikes continues in Syria, suddenly Hurricane Joaquin becomes the next Sandy. If they feel the need to take it there, they will. Anything to keep Putin and Russia’s airstrikes in Syria against the ISIS terrorists that the U.S. government obviously armed, trained, and funded off the front page news…

And that’s the truth.


Later found out the police aren’t allowing the remaining students to leave in their own vehicles, and are searching their belongings before having them bused out of the campus, and that they also confiscated the cellphones of the kids.

"The Oregon Shooting at Umpqua College. Here are some immediate red flag questions

Chris Mercer, 26 has been identified as the shooter at the Oregon Umpqua Community College

I have some questions about this already.  

I don't think the media will lead with the fact the Oregon shooter was a "Black Lives Matter" supporter.  He was out to kill whites and Christians.  It does not fit their profiling they want, unlike how they unearthed a picture of the church shooter with a confederate flag a couple of months ago.  
“The shooter was lining people up and asking if they were Christian,” she wrote. “If they said yes, then they were shot in the head. If they said no, or didn’t answer, they were shot in the legs.
 He wrote about killing people at a school/college on a forum the night before.   It is completely disgusting how he was urged to do killings by others on the forum.  

Now the red flags and the questions I would like everyone to think about is the following from this article from the New York Post about the shooting.
Sometime later, students’ cell phones were confiscated and they were escorted out of their buildings with their hands up as authorities patted them down and lined them up to be evacuated on buses, according to NRToday.
Now read this from the USA article about the shooting.

Hanlin, the Douglas County sheriff overseeing the investigation, has been vocal in opposing state and federal gun-control legislation.
Hanlin registered his opposition this year as state lawmakers considered requiring background checks on private, person-to-person gun sales.
Hanlin told a legislative committee in March that a background-check mandate wouldn't prevent criminals from getting firearms.
He said the state should combat gun violence by cracking down on convicted criminals found with guns, and by addressing people with unmanaged mental health issues.
Hanlin also sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden in 2013, after the shooting at a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school. Hanlin said he and his deputies would refuse to enforce new gun-control restrictions "offending the constitutional rights of my citizens."

First, WHY did they confiscate all the phones from the students that were in the college during the shooting?  I have never heard of phones being confiscated except when there are pictures and videos that authorities do not want made public.

Second,  It happened in the county where the sheriff there stands by the people's constitutional rights to bear arms and refused to enforce any gun control by the federal government.  Is that just a major coincidence?

I just think those two facts are very odd.  Of course this is going to be something that is jumped on by Obama, for gun control.  He has already made a speech about it.  But I seriously doubt he brought up the Black Lives Matter connection.  Of course if it had been someone who had been pictured with a confederate flag at one time, he would bring that up.

Information is still coming in about the shooting, but those are two things that really stood out to me after reading just those two articles too about it.  I wanted to bring those two oddities to people's attention.

I want to send my thoughts and condolences to all those who have been impacted and have lost their lives from this horrible and senseless tragedy.  No one should take another person's life.  I feel for the families involved.

I am not down playing what happened, I am simply asking questions about what I read and the things that don't make sense or is strange about it.


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Chris Harper Mercer’s Politics: What You Need to Know

Staged Oregon shooting to debut new crisis actors

"The Umpqua Bullshit Distraction

Posted on October 2, 2015 

by willyloman

It’s a cookie-cutter formula these days, isn’t it?

Somewhere far off in a state with very lax gun control laws, a guy with no motive and just enough of an internet footprint to serve the narrative suddenly “goes off” with tactical gear carrying multiple guns in some community building somewhere near the woods.

Don’t forget the religious persecution. Gotta have some of that.



He’s shot “by law enforcement” and never gets a day in court.

They “discover” his manifesto somewhere.

Enter the new “hero” story to put a human touch on the whole thing.

Parades of pictures of young white people running around all terrified.

And now, the moneyshot:

President Obama scolds us for not allowing him to pass a national mental hygiene law like his friend Billionaire Bloomberg wants so badly. Weep weep weep. “When will we ever learn and just get rid of that damn 2nd amendment thing already?” I mean, heck, if President Peace Prize says we should… why make ObamaGod weep!?!?
“Barack Obama has clasped grieving parents close. His voice has broken as he’s read aloud the names of murdered kids. He’s wept in the White House briefing room. He’s raged at the gun lobby and failed to force Congress to pass new firearms control laws. And he’s delivered wake up call after wake up call to the nation, beseeching action.” CNN
Yes, President Strike a Pose, the whole thing is a formula now, isn’t it? You never get what you want despite the seemingly unbelievable rise in mass shooting events that have taken place since you and yours started pushing for the end of the second amendment.

Why won’t the people of America learn.

Why won’t we just get the message? It’s the same message we always send others across the globe.
“Meanwhile, a joint statement by the United States, France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Britain expressed concern over Russia’s military actions, saying they will “only fuel more extremism and radicalization.” Fox News
If you don’t give us what we want, more innocent people will die. It’s pretty simple. It’s straight forward. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it.

Well, at least they didn’t make the shooter a Russian.

Meanwhile… no one is talking about our CIA terrorists in Syria being attacked by the big bad Russians anymore.


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Meanwhile, what happened in Virginia has been dispatched down the memory hole. 

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  • I told you they would be going on all year.

    So where will today's staged and scripted shooting take place?

    At least they caught the guy:

    "Fugitive accused of kidnapping arrested after 24 years" Associated Press  September 29, 2015

    PORTLAND, Ore. — A man accused of kidnapping and torturing two women in suburban Portland is back in jail after being on the run for nearly 25 years.

    Paul Erven Jackson, 45, was arrested Monday by Mexican immigration authorities at a hotel in downtown Guadalajara, Deputy US Marshal Eric Wahlstrom said. He was flown to the United States and booked into a Los Angeles jail.

    Jackson was most recently featured on CNN’s John Walsh’s ‘‘The Hunt’’ and was profiled several times on ‘‘America’s Most Wanted.’’

    A tipster who watched ‘‘The Hunt’’ told authorities to look in Guadalajara and provided a possible name. Investigators used the information to find out where he was working.

    ‘‘We always follow up with everything we get, and this one turned out to be it,’’ Wahlstrom said.

    Jackson appears to have been living in Mexico for several years under the name Paul Bennett Hamilton, Wahlstrom said. Jackson denied his identity when contacted by Mexican authorities on his way to work in what Wahlstrom described as a job in the electronics field. The details of Jackson’s life in Mexico are unclear.

    ‘‘Who’s been helping him — that’s the next phase of this,’’ Wahlstrom said. ‘‘Usually on these fugitive cases we start taking a hard look at who did what as far as assistance. How was he surviving?’’

    Police said Jackson and his older brother, Vance Roberts, kidnapped prostitutes and drove them to Roberts’s home west of Portland. The brothers were arrested in 1990 but vanished early the following year after their mother bailed them out of jail.

    Roberts surrendered in September 2006 and was convicted the following year. He is serving a 108-year prison sentence.


    Time for some brunch.


    "Oregon Shooting: 13 Troubling Signs Of Potentially Yet Another False Flag
    false flag shooting

    By Bernie Suarez
    October 2, 2015

    When you practice something all the time you eventually get very good at it. The one thing many awakened and vigilant Americans have become good at over the past few years is sniffing out government false flags because they have so much practice at it. You may find that the events surrounding the recent Umpqua Community College shooting in southern Oregon may ring a few familiar false flag bells after you consider what the mainstream media is saying about the shooting. It is at least extremely reasonable to suspect that this is yet another gun control shooting false flag event since it has many of the characteristics of it.

    Sounds crazy? Yes, it always does. False flags are supposed to divide people in addition to tricking them. But as I’ve said repeatedly in the past, when considering a suspected false flag event you have to start somewhere. Look for the beneficiaries of course and look for common patterns. I think many of us know the patterns by now and what to look for when suspecting a false flag shooting.

    The college where the latest shooting took place is located six miles north of Roseburg, Oregon and was a very small town where you would expect everyone to be known to most people yet early on it appears this is not the case. Thirteen so far unknown people are said to be murdered and another 20 wounded.

    So, should we believe that the Oregon shooting is legitimate with no government involvement? I would like to think so, but as always many things surrounding this latest shooting force us to consider if we’re dealing with yet another gun grab shooting designed to push anti-gun legislation. With the new world order’s Agenda 2030 pushed last week with help from the Pope, we know that Obama now has gun control as one of the remaining major items on the top of his list before he leaves office in 2016. The administration desperately needs this gun-control agenda to be pushed through and we’ve seen a laundry list of proven false flag shootings over the past several years.

    Are you someone who wants to believe this is not so? Then deal with these 13 points which at the very least bring into question this latest shooting.

    1 – Grandiose mainstream media headline demanding your attention to this story.

    Without the same grandiose mainstream media headline, I myself would not have noticed this story online. Here we go again? This is now the latest 24/7 story that the mainstream media seems to want and need you to be fascinated by. This alone is a huge tell-tale sign no one should overlook.

    2 – Immediate call for gun control in the story sub-headlines.

    This latest Oregon school shooting comes with no holds barred. Even in the very headline there was a quick post announcing the need for gun control. Whenever you have gun control pushed on you before you can understand what just happened, that should be a red flag.

    3 – Obama himself immediately calls for gun control seizing the moment Sandy Hook style.

    Obama even admits his desperate gun control agenda is political
    “This is something we should politicize,” he said, calling on Americans of all political stripes to hold their elected leaders accountable for acting on the issue.
    It goes without saying that whenever Obama jumps into a topic you should run the other way and fast. Very few actions tell me this shooting has an agenda behind it more than seeing Obama immediately calling for gun control on cue. I’m thinking, doesn’t Obama have presidential work to do? Why is he so involved in specific stories that perfectly fit the new world order agenda? Are we to ignore this or consider this timing coincidental?

    4 – Shooter is dead as usual.

    We all know the script by now and once again and as usual the shooter does not live to tell the tale or defend his intent. That’s because dead men tell no tales. Consequently, the story as usual is left to the story tellers. And with the usual dead shooter there is much less need to worry about any account conflicts or future revelations of government involvement. Some things for everyone to consider are the following – Did the shooter try to lower his gun? What circumstances led to police actually killing the shooter? Are police reports available for us to see? Don’t police disable people any more?? Isn’t there policy for this? Did police follow correct procedure?

    5 – Shooter identity completely unknown but repeated mention of “4 guns” very known.

    How often does a shooting take place and no one knows who the shooter is (as of the time of this article)? Students didn’t recognize their own classmate? Or did the shooter decide to shoot a bunch of strangers in a school that he’s never attended? How is it that no one knows the shooter? This certainly was not the case in the Virginia Tech shooting of 2007 or Columbine shooting where everyone seem to know or recognize the shooter. Consider this carefully.

    6 – “Conflicting reports” in the number of dead people. Identity entirely unknown as well.

    Who are these dead people? What are their names? And why is there confusion as to how many people are dead at a small school. Is the body count that high? That difficult? You decide what this might mean given the context of all the facts coming out. It would certainly not be the first time we’ve heard conflicting stories and body counts.

    7 – Oregon is recent state of political interest to Neocon former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

    It’s not a far stretch to imagine that a good town for a false flag shooting would be one where trusted criminals have influence or are in power. Is it just me or has anyone else been wondering what the heck in former Mayor Bloomberg was doing in Oregon? Is it a coincidence that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been dumping a lot of money into pushing legislation in Oregon? In the past, others within alternative media have called for watchful eyes in Oregon given this connection. No big deal? You decide.

    8 – Social media controversy already brewing.

    Recall after the Sandy Hook shooting false flag we saw criminal Lt Paul Vance come on TV and call social media exposure of the Sandy Hook shooting “disinformation” and a “crime” to be “prosecuted.” Similarly, again we are seeing an early immediate attack and discrediting of social media in an attempt to control the information. Perhaps they are doing this knowing that soon more information will come out. Everyone should consider that this social media stunt may be purposely bogus to discredit social media. I suspect this may be what is happening. This is just another attempt by the controllers to condition people into thinking that the only reliable news comes from mainstream media sources.

    9 – Initial images and videos show no ambulances, no blood or dead bodies.

    If anyone has these images please provide them so we can see them but as of the time of this article this evidence was not available.

    This reminds us of almost every shooting false flag where the mainstream media hides the images of the crime scene. Where are the images of the police yellow tape? The blood on the floor? The bodies? The ambulances and emergency vehicles?? By hiding all of these images all of the story and images is left to your imagination and this allows for maximum control of the information.

    10 – Shooting has a divisive religious twist to it – opens door for blaming Islam, others later on.

    Without any further explanation we’re told that the shooter demanded that his victims state what their religion was before shooting them. No one seems to offer what the intent of this was or what does this mean. Is this an attempt to leave the door open for a possible blaming of ISIS or some other extremist related patsy? Consider that the shooter up to now (the time of this article) can be anyone. Conveniently the controllers have held back the identity of the shooter.

    11 – No clear cut witnesses actually saw the shooting.

    Yes, believe it or not. After reading the story it appears there are only 3 witnesses accounted for. The closest thing to an eyewitness is Kortney Moore:
    Kortney Moore, 18, told the local News Review newspaper that she was in her writing class in Snyder Hall when a gunshot came through the window and struck her teacher in the head.
    The remaining 2 supposed witnesses only HEARD the gunfire according to reports.
    Student Cassandra Welding told CNN that she heard 35 to 40 shots. 
    Student Brandy Winter, in a posting on Facebook, said she was in a classroom in Snyder Hall, next door to the room where the shooting began and ran, along with her classmates, when they heard the gunfire.
    Winter also says that “from talking with a student in the classroom where it happen, almost every person in the room was shot by a man with four guns,” admitting she herself did not witness the shooting.

    Anyone who knows about guns might find this statement a bit peculiar since you can only shoot someone with a gun one bullet at a time. You cannot fire 4 guns at once. Also, studies show that when someone is shot with a gun most of the time they will actually survive the shooting since the bullet must penetrate vital organs. Also people who are severely shot won’t die right away giving them time to potentially tackle the shooter. So it’s not easy to actually shoot and kill a room full of people with 4 guns. Also surely after the first few rounds everyone afraid for their lives would have run full speed out of the room.

    So where are the people who actually saw the shooting with their own eyes? And, again, why did no one tackle the shooter as he switched guns given that most likely he could get off no more than 10 rounds at a time? I’m sure we’ll hear from the wounded victims much later on like the interview we saw with Greta Van Susteren and the Virginia Shooting survivor crisis actor.

    12 – All students quickly treated as strip-searched suspects instead of victims.

    Did the police not want the students to get a good view of the evidence and scene as they passed by? Was this part of the drill to condition students to give up their 4th amendment rights Boston bombing style under shooting conditions? And why were students joking?? Were these students not just exposed to a shocking bloody gruesome scene? I find this a little odd.
    “They walked us straight through the crime scene with our hands up,” 18-year-old freshman Andi Dinnetz said. “It was more tense outside. In the classroom, everyone was trying to make jokes and keep it from being as serious as it was.” 
    13 – Social media manifesto-like messages once again posted to further substantiate shooter intent.

    Mainstream media is posting a chain of messages posted by an anonymous character on the night before:
    Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest.
    Once again, a would-be shooter in America whose shooting would quickly serve the gun control agenda just so happens to pre-post threats announcing or hinting at what he is going to do. This is another trademark of false flag shootings.


    I want to believe this latest shooting is not a false flag. I have no other information except what mainstream media wants us to know. I (we) have an obligation to receive the information in the right context. And what context is that? That the globalists are desperate and they are running out of time to get more gun legislation in. The context that a month ago they suffered a horrific failure in Virginia when overwhelming evidence clearly shows the shooting was a false flag. Following this, the Virginia TV Reporter shooting disappeared completely from mainstream media news, and it disappeared for a reason. Surprisingly and ironically there was no mention of the late August Virginia TV Reporter shooting in this recent story which, by the way, mentions several of the other shootings from the past. Given that it only happened a month ago isn’t this a little odd?

    Also consider this story in the context of the embarrassment that the U.S. is suffering with respect to ISIS being called out and bombed in Syria. The U.S. and the new world order is in the midst of a tumultuous period. They need a victory soon and just as everyone is looking at the ISIS/Syrian crisis failure here comes a new shooting to get your attention away from Syria.

    Is this latest shooting a perfectly coincidental event for the globalisst or just another false flag shooting? You consider the evidence for yourself and decide. I’m sure new evidence will emerge. Whether that evidence debunks my suspicions or confirms it will remain to be seen.


    I keep thinking GLADIO, readers.

    UPDATE: Students return to Ore. college where 9 were killed in massacre