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Saturday's Shootout

SeeSame Drill Different Day

It seems that all I'm ever covering these days is the next scripted and staged active shooter crisis drills.

New Details on San Bernardino Shooting »
What was instantly notable to me was the Globe offering only a photo in what (given the owner$hip and agenda of the propaganda pre$$) is likely another Lavon Affair false flag. What you do get in that world section is a bunch of Jewi$h War Media nonsense, full of it in fact.

Anyway, on to my front page and I'll keep firing (I wonder how many balls of fire Obummer has rained down on other people with his drone missile.... never mind. I don't have the time right now):

"FBI investigating Calif. attack as ‘act of terrorism’" by Amanda Lee Myers and Tami Abdollah Associated Press  December 04, 2015

Which is just great because my print copy gave me NYT rigmarole (now rewritten).

Calif. attack now being investigated as terrorism

by Michael S. Schmidt and Richard Pérez-Peña An FBI official said at a news conference that ‘‘there’s a number of pieces of evidence that has pushed us off the cliff.’’  

I'm about to go over one myself given all this shell game sleight of hand

So what gives (click down once), Globe?

I guess "what began as a local police response to gunfire in San Bernardino turned into the deadliest assault in the United States since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and led a worldwide investigation by the FBI, stretching from California to Saudi Arabia to Pakistan," and that Comey said "a number of things in this case don't make sense" had to be removed and such, huh? Especially after we have been told for three weeks since Paris that there were no credible imminent threats and this happens right under their noses. That doesn't make sense.

Also removed was the reference to the first front page editorial since 1920 (along with Planned Parenthood reference, but that was covered in another front page piece that mentions a certain CIA asset), and now you know the agenda is being pushed at full bore over this crock of crap. 

San Bernardino Shooting – When Propaganda Becomes a Media Three Ring Circus Freak Show - by Scott Creighton “A number of things in this case don’t make sense,” Mr. Comey said. New York Times Well, he got that much right. So now the story is, wh...

I'm looking forward to reading that when I am done here. 

Speaking of things not making sense:

"Media broadcasts live from inside San Bernardino attackers’ home" by Sarah Larimer Washington Post  December 05, 2015

WASHINGTON — Reporters on Friday were allowed inside the rental home of the couple identified as the shooters in this week’s deadly attack in San Bernardino, Calif., a decision that resulted in the live broadcast of photographs and other personal items on cable news. 

OMG, they just destroyed a crime scene!

While inside the Redlands, Calif., property, MSNBC showed reporter Kerry Sanders combing through pictures, including at least one of a child.

‘‘Let’s make sure we don’t see the children,’’ said Andrea Mitchell, as the photograph was shown. ‘‘Let’s not show the child, Kerry. Let’s cut away from that.’’

Yes, let's not humanize the terrorists or cause any questions to be raised in the minds of the public, like how a pregnant mother could do such a thing (as Sen. Feinstein noted).

During the broadcast, MSNBC also displayed a driver’s license, a crib, and shredded paper inside a waste bin.

‘‘MSNBC and other news organizations were invited into the home by the landlord after law enforcement officials had finished examining the site and returned control to the landlord,’’ MSNBC said in a statement.

That fast, huh?

“We regret that we briefly showed images of photographs and identification cards that should not have been aired without review,’’ the statement said.

CNN was also at the house.

Doyle Miller, the landlord, told the Post that after the FBI had ‘‘released the property’’ to him, he had decided to allow one media organization — which he did not specify — to tour the site. Others then ‘‘stormed in,’’ he said, speaking outside the low-slung two-story property.

Miller said he was allowing others, including the Post, access to the home ‘‘for now.’’

Department of Justice officials said the crime scene was no longer sealed off and the landlord was free to do anything with the home.


The decision to broadcast live from the home — and, in particular, MSNBC’s broadcast of personal, identifiable items found inside — shocked many viewers, including some journalists, who found the spectacle of reporters and photographers looking through photo albums and identifying documents deeply jarring.

I'm glad I no longer watch the staged and scripted productions of ma$$ media.

Kelly McBride, a media ethicist and vice president at Poynter, a journalism institute, told the Post that the live broadcasts like Friday’s amounted to ‘‘an act of voyeurism instead of journalism.’’

For propaganda purposes!

Assuming they had legal permission to be there, it was ‘‘perfectly reasonable’’ for reporters to go in the home and gather information, McBride said. But part of their ethical obligation to the public includes providing context for that information.

‘‘Broadcasting live precludes that,’’ she added....


Related: San Bernardino: This Would Never Happen at a Real Terrorist Shooting Crime Scene - Just in case you weren't absolutely sure, the dog is absolutely being wagged in San Bernardino. 

Yes, the whole thing is unravelling in a hurry.

If only the authorities had been able to pinpoint the shooting:

"Rowley company’s tech could save lives in mass shootings; Gunshot detection technology gains attention after shooting incidents" by Hiawatha Bray, Globe Staff

Mass shooting incidents like the one that left 14 dead in San Bernardino, Calif., Wednesday usually last for five minutes or less — typically not enough time for police to respond.

But new technology from several US companies, including one in Rowley, may help authorities quickly identify and isolate shooters inside buildings, potentially limiting the loss of life.

At least someone will be benefiting from the myths, hoaxes, and lies.

The systems home in on the sound of gunshots and send warning messages to occupants over the cellular phone network. The same data are instantly transmitted to local police, so they can respond much faster and head directly to a shooter’s location.

I don't see how they can get a better start when they are already conducting active shooter drills nearby nearly every time. Ready to roll and all that.

“It reduces the time to engage the active shooter,” said Joseph Solomon, police chief of Methuen, where a gunshot detection system has been installed in a local school. “That’s where you save lives.”

Therefore, who can argue with such a thing.

The systems can provide detailed maps or floor plans of a building that can help police navigate the shooting scene. Some versions can be integrated with a building’s video surveillance system to provide visual tracking of the shooter.

Then we can be fed endless drills dressed up as mass shootings.

Some can even remotely control electronic door locks in high-security facilities, trapping a shooter and limiting the shooter’s ability to target occupants.

Will that make you feel safe?

Indoor gunfire detection systems have only been available for a few years and are installed in just a handful of places, mainly schools, government agencies, and commercial buildings. But recent mass shooting incidents have generated a big increase in inquiries about the systems, which cost tens of thousands of dollars per building.

“It continues to build every time there’s an incident like San Bernardino,” said Jim Risser, a scientist at Battelle of Ohio, which produces the SiteGuard Active Shooter Response system.

SST Inc. of Newark, Calif., makes ShotSpotter, a system used in Boston and many other cities to detect gunshots on city streets. The company also offers an indoor version and a hybrid system for indoor and outdoor protection. For instance, the ShotSpotter system at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Ga., protects the interiors of college buildings but can also pinpoint gunshots outside within a two-mile radius of the campus.

I'm sure I could have found some links in the past regarding ShotSpotter, but I think the point ha$ been made.

The Guardian system from Rowley-based Shooter Detection Systems LLC is based on the Boomerang outdoor antisniper system developed by Waltham’s Raytheon Co. It uses wall-mounted sensors that include a microphone for detecting the noise of a shot and an infrared detector to spot the muzzle flash. Guardian uses both types of data to locate shooters.

Which means it will be picking up all the other chatter nearby, kids.

Chief executive Chris Connors, a former Raytheon executive, said he came up with the idea when his children told him their school was holding drills to teach them how to deal with an armed attacker.

This is so in your face. The lying, agenda-pu$hing pre$$ and media would tell us if they were drills!

“I asked them who initiates that,” Connors said. “How do you know there’s a shooting?”

He learned there was no system to provide instant warnings to teachers and administrators. “Why don’t we have something that actually starts that process,” he wondered, “so you have a better chance to survive?”

Connors said the Guardian system is now installed in about 50 locations, such as factories, office buildings, transportation terminals, and schools, including one in Methuen.

“In a matter of one second, they have notice that something has happened, so they can barricade or get away,” said Solomon, the Methuen police chief.

Solomon wouldn’t say which Methuen school has the system. But his force tested it by firing fragmentation rounds into special traps that capture the projectiles.

“I don’t know too many departments that would fire live rounds inside a school,” Solomon said, “but we’ve done that on multiple occasions.” And in every test, Solomon said, Guardian recognized the gunshot and pinpointed the location.


Look where they want to put one:

"BPD chief says backlash against Muslims won’t be tolerated" by Lisa Wangsness Globe Staff  December 04, 2015

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans asked hundreds of worshipers at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center to alert police if they have information on potential crime. “We’re all in this together,” he said. “If you see something, you gotta say something.”

And become an unknowing-unwilling?

The congregation responded with applause.

It bothers me that Muslims have sold into the false narrative.

Yusufi Vali, executive director of the cultural center, said the Muslim community “has been feeling a lot of pressure” amid heated political rhetoric and reports of rising anti-Muslim sentiment.

But he said Boston Muslims have not faced hostility akin to what has confronted Muslims elsewhere in the nation.

“Boston is different,” Vali said. “It is a place where people do come together. That division, that rhetoric exists out there, but that’s not what Boston is about.”


Still, some Muslims expressed frustration that their community is seen as uniquely violent, even though mass shootings have become an almost daily phenomenon in the United States, with most carried out by non-Muslims.

And they said they are disgusted by what they regard as the stoking of anti-Muslim sentiment by politicians, particularly GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has said he would consider closing mosques and requiring Muslims to register in a national database.

Related: “We have a president over there worried about climate change instead of nuclear weapons coming into our cities."

Has Trump -- as a member of the elite-- been tipped off about what is coming?

“It inflames fear and turns neighbors against one another,” said Raiyan Syed, a media strategist from West Roxbury.

Still, Leanne Scorzoni, a convert who lives in Roxbury, said she feels a searing mixture of anger and despair when Muslim extremists are the perpetrators of violence.

“It’s a huge feeling of helplessness,” she said.

And despite the relative calm in Boston, some worry about tensions boiling over.

On Friday, an Iowa man was sentenced to home confinement and probation for posting online threats against the Boston cultural center in October 2014. “We will destroy you here and in your (expletive) countrys,” he wrote.

A trio of 13-year-old girls who attend Malik Academy, the elementary school at the cultural center, said they have not been allowed to play outside during recess lately because of safety concerns....


Meanwhile, "spurred into action by the Paris attacks, the interior ministers of the European Union moved Friday to grant law enforcement agencies access to information gathered by airlines — data like passengers’ names, travel dates, itinerary, credit cards, and contact details. The sharing of such data is meant to allow better scrutiny of known or suspected extremists. Under the passenger data deal, details would be collected from European carrier flights entering or leaving the EU, as well as from flights between member countries. Charter flights will be included, and all the information will be kept on file for six months. Luxembourg Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider, who chaired the meeting in Brussels, expressed his ‘‘pride that after so many years of negotiations, we have now been able to conclude an agreement.’’ The passenger record agreement proposal was first made in 2007, but it languished in the European Parliament for years as EU lawmakers struggled to strike the right balance between security concerns and privacy rights. The assembly must still endorse the deal but that is likely to happen within the next month. At least 5,000 Europeans are believed to have trained or fought in Syria and Iraq but authorities are struggling to track their movements and prove their activities. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve described the new system as ‘‘indispensable in the fight against terrorism.’’ The EU already has such passenger data deals with the United States, Canada, and Australia. In Paris, patrons began returning as La Bonne Biere, a corner cafe in the trendy central district targeted by the gunmen, reopened Friday. Since the attacks, the shuttered cafe has been piled high with flowers. Paule Zlotnik, a neighboring shopkeeper, praised the decision to reopen. ‘‘It’s time they open and that we continue life as it was before,’’ he said."

(Blog editor just shakes head)

Just don't leave a suitcase lying around, 'eh?

"Lawrence man charged after suitcase incident" by Milton J. Valencia Globe Staff  December 04, 2015

A Lawrence man was charged with planting a hoax device Friday, after he allegedly left a suitcase outside the US Coast Guard office in Boston, prompting a public safety scare.

What absolute mind f***s we are being subjected to these days.

Authorities detonated the floral-print suitcase as a precaution, but determined it did not contain explosives.

Boston Police Commissioner William F. Evans said that suspicions were heightened after surveillance video showed a man — later identified as James Derepentigny, 50, — deliberately placing the suitcase near the Coast Guard office building on Atlantic Avenue in Boston and then “scurrying” away. A scan of the suitcase also showed that it contained some type of wire and battery. The suitcase was moved by a robot and detonated shortly before noon.

So what government agency or contractor does he work for?

The incident prompted a major police response and caused traffic problems in the area. 

That's the price of total surveillance tyranny built on endless fear, sorry.

Evans said police took a “better safe than sorry” approach to the incident.

Authorities did not say whether Derepentigny, who was arrested Friday evening, had a motive. But one law enforcement official with knowledge of the case said that Derepentigny may be suffering from mental health problems and added that he has a lengthy criminal history.

Meaning he was the perfect dupe patsy for such a thing.

The suitcase was abandoned near the left rear wheel of a Homeland Security Department Federal Protective Service SUV. The agency patrols federal buildings.


Do you know what has been silenced by shooting in San Bernardino?

Jury in Freddie Gray case hears officer’s account

Must be because it has everything to do with authority and nothing to do with race.

"A bill being introduced this week by Democratic lawmakers would collect data on public trust in law enforcement, allowing federal officials to suggest policy changes in places where trust is lowa data-collection effort requested by President Obama’s policing task force earlier this year. The legislation, titled the Tracking Reputations Upgrades Societal Trust act, would add new questions specifically focused on trust in law enforcement to be asked during the annual National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the Justice Department." 

Like anyone trusts him or them. They are worse than the locals!

I didn't want to do anymore prying so I think I'll finish with this:

"The chicken bone in America’s throat

John Kaminski
December 5, 2015

Foreign invasions, domestic attacks directly related to unsolved 9/11 crime


The terrifying memory of 9/11 sits like a chicken bone in the throats of confused Americans. It is an untreated injury whose growing infection is rapidly proving fatal to the self-determination of our deteriorating species and the decaying condition of our dying planet.

We are strangling on the lies our leaders have forced us to believe. You can’t expect to solve anything or detox any public lie as long as the 9/11 mystery remains unsolved. The question of questions that remains is why do all these public shootings, from San Bernardino to Boston, seem to happen simultaneously with scheduled anti-terror drills? There were at least seven drills going on the morning of 9/11.

Believing Muslims who couldn’t fly small planes flew big planes into buildings justifies invading Islamic countries that had nothing to do with this colossal crime, at least in the minds of a mostly oblivious American public.

Just like the corrupt cops who turned their heads the other way, we pretend the greatest crime in American history never happened, yet still naively expect our nation to function in a healthy and honest manner. But just that opposite is true: it’s sick, dishonest and deadly to all living things.

Failure to publicly disprove the lie of 9/11 has metastasized into a continuing series of vicious wars on other countries that have been based on lies. Afghanistan was invaded to protect the heroin trade, which is run by the CIA. Iraq was invaded to steal its oil. Our mainstream media conceal these facts.

In both cases, the government said it was chasing terrorists. In reality, it was after poppies and oil, and acting as a ruthless guard dog against Israel’s enemies, as it is today in Syria and throughout the Middle East.

But more recently the false legacy of 9/11 has morphed into another perpetual terror series, this one of domestic atrocities in the form of shooting episodes, some of which have actually been real. But others have been proven false, yet are described by the government as authentic before subsequent investigations prove they could not possibly have been what the government said they were.

Call it the 9/11 principle — the tragedy, alleged or otherwise, is simply not what the government said it was. Once the government figured out it could get away with something as audacious as 9/11, it figured it could get away with anything. And it has, mostly.

The real trouble is that the gullible public believes the first sensational story, and tends to disbelieve subsequent accounts that prove the government has lied.

Today, “false flag” and “crisis actors” have become code phrases that trademark the crimes of the New World Order.

The belief that was implanted into the minds of the world that Islamic terrorists destroyed the two tallest buildings in New York City, thereby justifying wars against Muslim nations, still dominates America’s schoolbooks and media mouthpieces and politicians the world over.

It has resulted in the needless deaths of millions of people and significant destruction in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen and Syria. And now, in a second wave of socially significant trends, it has resulted in puzzling domestic massacres such as Sandy Hook, Boston, Aurora and now San Bernardino, in which the cops prosecute those who disagree with their disingenuous reports, and the fiendish trappings of a police state lurch into the lives of innocent people who only want to know the truth, but instead are often killed by marauding, misguided cops (trained in Israel, I might add).

Though the wars have been authentically devastating, the domestic assaults have been less real, as significant alternative explanations have been put forth after serious analyses of government accounts of these shocking criminal phenomena, particularly involving the alleged crimes in Sandy Hook and in Boston.

Despite all the questions and skepticism about these government accounts, a majority of Americans continues to believe the government versions of these events, particularly 9/11. So this incredulity, fueled by the faithful backing of public media that continues to verify these phony government accounts, enables the government to continue its aggression against the world and its staging of public shooting events that try in vain to whip up public sentiment against the ownership of guns.

Fortunately, the American public seems totally disinclined to give up its guns, despite all these questionable passion plays the government and media produce on an almost weekly basis.

The latest government lies that have received the backing of big media involve the situation in Syria, in which the U.S. government actually funds the very terrorists it claims to be fighting. Of course, most Americans don’t know this, because their public media supports the lies told by Turkey and never hears about the truth told by the Russians.

This same deception of America funding the enemy it pretends has been going on with Al-Qaeda for the better part of two decades, yet a majority of Americans still don’t know it’s happening.

Few Americans got to hear the real story of the American co-optation of Ukraine, either, but instead got a steady diet of government lies from the Jewish papers in New York that claimed Russia was responsible for an invasion that cost many lives, when in reality those lives were taken by American and Israeli proxies in a celebrated $5 billion invasion by the West.

Failure to produce the whole truth by America’s prostituted media is rapidly leading to a situation where the only outcome will definitely be World War 3, which is what the psychos who created this whole process actually want to happen.

It’s because of that chicken bone that has been stuck in our throats ever since 9/11. The compound lies it has produced will be the end of us, as we strangle on the fatal falsehoods of cynical Jewish propaganda.

Take another look at the curious fact of how the FBI could pinpoint the names of all 19 “hijackers” mere hours after the traumatic event of Sept. 11, 2001, yet never uncover the organization that pulled off this complex operation in the 15 years since. This evidence of fakery manifests itself today in astounding facts like the phony blood spilled at the Boston Marathon bombing, how parents were not allowed to see their supposedly dead children at Sandy Hook, and most recently, how the alleged culprits in San Bernardino were discovered face down yet shot from the front, probably killed by local police before any of the terror events ever happened.

Why did so many residents of Sandy Hook get free houses and many millions of dollars?

Multiply these anomalies by hundreds among these public massacres that have all been aimed at one thing — giving up our guns — and you have a whiff of the same suspicious skepticism that arose in the minds of many after the 9/11 tragedy, the notion that our government is not telling us the truth, and hasn’t been after all the immoral wars and false flag atrocities it has perpetrated against innocent people ever since.

This is the chicken bone in America’s throat that is strangling the life out of the freedom we have known, and getting rid of it wholly depends upon arriving at the truth of what actually happened on 9/11/2001.

Some say that truth revealed will destroy America. That might be a healthy thing.

Perhaps the most depressing aspect of this malignant condition in America today is that not a single one of the disturbing narcissists running for president today will admit to the truth of this statement, as they are all locked into the artificial reality that produces the phony wars and false flag shootings that dominate our news today.

Not a good forecast for America’s future.

And even populist favorite Donald Trump, who looks to be our next president, is fond of talking about the Muslims who were cheering on the western shore of the Hudson River right after the Twin Towers came down, conveniently forgetting that the thugs doing the happy dancing that fateful day were not Muslims, but Israelis.


My clip is now empty. 

Have a Good weekend, readers.


"Bail set at $50,000 in Atlantic Avenue bomb hoax" by Astead W. Herndon Globe Staff  December 07, 2015

A Lawrence man said he thought he was “helping Homeland Security” when he placed a suspicious suitcase near US Coast Guard offices in Boston, a Suffolk County prosecutor said Monday in Boston Municipal Court. Instead, the alleged actions of James Derepentigny, 50, ignited one of several recent terrorism scares in Massachusetts....


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