Saturday, April 11, 2015

Time For Me To Fly

Already smells like another psyop, and I'll leave it at that.

"Suspect in New Orleans airport attack dies of wounds" Associated Press  March 22, 2015

KENNER, La. — The machete-wielding man who was shot at the New Orleans international airport after trying to attack passengers and security agents died of his wounds Saturday, authorities said.

They usually do.

Sheriff Newell Normand said suspect Richard White, 63, died at the hospital where he was taken after the Friday shooting. Normand said White had refused unspecified medical treatments because he was a Jehovah’s Witness.

What did they do, slam the door in his face?

Normand also said Saturday that White, who was shot three times by a security agent after spraying insecticide and brandishing a machete near a security checkpoint, was also carrying a bag loaded with six firebombs — Mason jars with cloth wicks soaked in gasoline.

There was also a barbecue lighter and a letter opener in the bag, Normand said.

The airport concourse that was the scene of chaos reopened Saturday morning, and a spokeswoman said airport operations were normal.

I'm sensing drill if not outright hoax.

Investigators are still trying to determine a reason for the attack. The sheriff said White had a history of mental problems.

Well, he was a JW.

White approached the security checkpoint at the airport’s busy Concourse B shortly before 8 p.m., spraying agents and travelers with wasp killer before drawing a machete from his waistband and chasing a security agent.

At one point, a male TSA agent blocked the machete with a piece of luggage as White ran through a metal detector.

White chased TSA agent Carroll Richel while swinging the machete. They were heading toward Lieutenant Heather Slyve of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, who drew her weapon and fired three times as White quickly gained ground on Richel, Normand said.

Does that strain believability or what?

One bullet is believed to have gone through Richel’s right upper arm and hit White. Richel credited Slyve with saving her life.

“Officer Slyve is my hero,” Richel said.

Her wound was not life-threatening.

A crisis wound?

A sheriff’s news release said White had “a few minor arrests.” Investigators were continuing to check into his employment and criminal history, said Colonel John Fortunato of the Jefferson Parish sheriff’s office.

This should be good, seeing what else they come up with.

Concourse B serves Southwest Airlines. Flights were diverted to another concourse Friday night. Airport spokeswoman Michelle Wilcut said in an e-mail that Concourse B reopened normally Saturday morning for its first departing flight.

Brett Leonard, whose flight from San Francisco landed in New Orleans shortly before the attack, said passengers in the baggage claim area had no indication of what happened until they walked outside.

Leonard said he was put into a cab with strangers as police tried to evacuate the area.

“It was just very confusing — we didn’t know what was going on. No alarm, no announcement, just word of mouth,” he said.


Normand said investigators were trying to determine what White was doing at the airport.

White’s car was found outside the terminal and searched. Authorities said they found smoke bombs, and tanks of acetelyne, refrigerant, and oxygen in the trunk.

Yeah, they always find stuff these nutgalls left behind, 'eh?

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said a review of security procedures will follow, adding that such is standard after any emergency.

Uh-huh. More money to follow, too.

Logan Tucker, 26, of Meridian, Miss., and Phillip Green, 33, of Houston said they were near where the attack and shooting unfolded.

“I heard the gunshots,” Tucker said.

“It was pandemonium after that,” Green said. “I took cover. I didn’t want to become part of the story.”

At yet here she is!


Turns out this is more common than you would think(?):

"Despite upgrades, airports still prone to breaches; Security has been thwarted 268 times since 2004" by Martha Mendoza and Justin Pritchard. Associated Press  April 10, 2015

Several hundred times over the last decade, intruders have hopped fences, slipped past guardhouses, crashed their cars through gates, or otherwise breached perimeter security at the nation’s busiest airports — sometimes even managing to climb aboard jets — and that is an undercount, because two airports among the 31 that were surveyed didn’t have data for all years. Boston’s Logan International Airport and the New York City area’s three main airports, meanwhile, refused to release any information, citing security concerns.


While acknowledging it did have records, the Massachusetts Port Authority, which oversees Logan, said disclosing any information would ‘‘jeopardize the safety of the public.’’ In a search of news stories and other sources, no reports of perimeter security breaches at Logan were found.

9/11 will forever be a blotch on that place unless the official cock-and-bull story is jettisoned and the truth allowed to take flight.

Until now, few of the incidents have been publicly reported. Most involved intruders who wanted to take a shortcut, were lost, disoriented, drunk, or mentally unstable but seemingly harmless. A few had knives, and another was caught with a loaded handgun.

None of the incidents involved a terrorist plot, according to airport officials.

All this time and the "terrorists" never, not once?  

And of course they can't now; otherwise, all this will have failed and will have to be $crapped. All the spying, all the security. Doesn't work.

The lapses nevertheless highlight gaps in airport security in a post-9/11 world where passengers inside terminals face rigorous screening and even unsuccessful plots — such as the would-be shoe bomber — have prompted new procedures.


‘‘This might be the next vulnerable area for terrorists as it becomes harder to get the bomb on the plane through the checkpoint,’’ said airport security expert Jeff Price.

Gee, that actor, I mean guy in New Orleans helped alert us all just in the nick of time. 

Thank God I have such a good government and propaganda pre$$ looking out for my booking!

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to upgrade perimeter fencing, cameras, and detection technology. Many airports have dozens of miles of fencing, but not all of that is frequently patrolled or always in view of security cameras.

Well, do the rest -- and strange how that won't keep out immigrants.

Airport officials insist that perimeters are secure, and that an intruder being caught is proof their systems work. They declined to outline specific measures, other than to say they have layers that include fences, cameras, and patrols. Employees are required to ask for proof of security clearance if a badge is not obvious.

Authorities said it is neither financially nor physically feasible to keep all intruders out. 

So when is the next false flag hijacking and big bang, and where?

‘‘There is nothing that can’t be penetrated,’’ said LAX Police Chief Patrick Gannon, noting that even the White House has struggled with fence jumpers.

The AP analysis was prompted by a breach last spring in which Yahya Abdi, 15, climbed a fence at Mineta San Jose International Airport, hoisted himself into a jet’s wheel well and survived an almost six-hour flight to Hawaii. He had wanted to go to Africa to see his mother. 

I'm sorry, but that is a tale I do not believe.

Afterward, an airport spokeswoman said breaches are more common than people realize....

So all the money, all the surveillance, all the harassment and humiliation at the hands of the TSA, means nothing?


I suppose the best thing to do is stay away from AmeriKan airports and airplanes.

And if lucky enough to make it on the plane and into your seat:

"When a Plane Seat Next to a Woman Is Against Orthodox Faith" by Michael Paulson, New York Times  |   April 9, 2015

NEW YORK -- A growing number of airline passengers, particularly on trips between the United States and Israel, are now sharing stories of conflicts between ultra-Orthodox Jewish men trying to follow their faith and women just hoping to sit down.


Several flights from New York to Israel over the last year have been delayed or disrupted over the issue, and with social media spreading outrage and debate, the disputes have spawned a protest initiative, an online petition and a spoof safety video from a Jewish magazine suggesting a full-body safety vest (“Yes, it’s kosher!”) to protect ultra-Orthodox men from women seated next to them on airplanes.


Representatives of the ultra-Orthodox insist that the behavior is anomalous and rare. “I think that the phenomenon is nowhere near as prevalent as some media reports have made it seem,” said Rabbi Avi Shafran, director of public affairs at Agudath Israel of America, which represents ultra-Orthodox Jews.

What media? This is the first I've seen of it!

Rabbi Shafran noted that despite religious laws that prohibit physical contact between Jewish men and women who are not their wives, many ultra-Orthodox men follow the guidance of an eminent Orthodox scholar, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, who counseled that it was acceptable for a Jewish man to sit next to a woman on a subway or bus so long as there was no intention to seek sexual pleasure from any incidental contact.

Perverts always got sex on the brain, huh?

But multiple travelers, scholars and the airlines themselves say the phenomenon is real. Rabbi Ysoscher Katz, a Modern Orthodox Talmud scholar who grew up in the ultra-Orthodox Satmar sect, said, “When I was still part of that community, and on the more conservative side, I would make every effort I could not to sit next to a woman on the plane, because of a fear that you might touch a woman by accident.”

That is where the print article ended, thankfully. 

It is not an entirely new issue; some ultra-Orthodox travelers have tried to avoid mixed-sex seating for years. But now the ultra-Orthodox Jewish population is growing rapidly because of high birthrates. Ultra-Orthodox men and their families now make up a larger share of airline travelers to Israel and other locations, giving them more economic clout with airlines, and they are making their views more widely known in response to what they see as the sexualization of society.

Somehow my corporately-liberal, full of diversity paper is failing me, and Jews are far from being under threat like Nuttyyahoo claims as I begin to see certain qualities regarding suppression of feelings that may be unhealthy.

Samuel Heilman, a professor of sociology at Queens College, said, “There is an ongoing culture war between these people and the rest of the modern world, and because the modern world has increasingly sought to become gender neutral, that has added to the desire to say, ‘We’re not like that.’”

Not only are they making the fanatical Jewish fundamentalists look like members of ISIS, but it is the secular Zionists pushing all the perversion and transgender crap.

Some passengers are sympathetic because it seemed like the considerate thing to do....

They are bending over backwards for asshole Jews because they are “anxious about offending anyone for religious reasons” -- unless they are Islamic!


Now you know what is caused the delay.

We'll, I'm tired of holding on to a feeling I know is gone, I do believe.... I've had enough of the falseness of a worn out relation.... it's time for me to fly!

NDU: For ART’s Diane Paulus, a time to fly