Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hingham House Party

"10 arrested for underage drinking at Hingham house party" by Felicia Gans Globe Correspondent  July 06, 2015

Ten partygoers were arrested at a Hingham home Friday night after police arrived to investigate a neighbor’s noise complaint and found a teen hosting a gathering with underage drinkers.

Hingham police were called at 10:48 p.m. to 197 Hersey St., where the 19-year-old resident was throwing a party for 40 to 50 people while her parents were away in Maine, said Hingham police Sergeant Steven Dearth.

That never ends good. Known a few that turned out disastrous.

An officer who arrived at the house heard loud music coming from inside and saw beer cans on the lawn and in cars parked in the driveway.

He entered through an unlocked side entrance, Dearth said.

Inside the house, the officer saw “numerous people that appeared to be under 21,” taking shots of alcohol and playing beer pong on the back porch, Dearth said.

Almost everyone had a beer or plastic cup in hand, he said. Two females were “severely intoxicated” and one of the male attendees opened a beer as he acknowledged the officer.

Most of the partygoers ran when the officer entered the house, but several were told to sit down, Dearth said. The officer gathered 10 underage people, finding several of them hidden in bathrooms, closets, bedrooms, and a crawl space. One of the severely intoxicated females was taken to South Shore Hospital, then brought to the police department.

Of the six men and four women who were arrested, five were 19 years old and five were 20. The 10 are college friends from Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, and New Jersey, Dearth said....