Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: Saluting the Royals

I've got one for them:

"Home movie shows queen giving Nazi salute" Associated Press  July 18, 2015

LONDON — Buckingham Palace expressed its disappointment Saturday with a tabloid newspaper for publishing images of a young Queen Elizabeth II performing a Nazi salute with her family in 1933, when Adolf Hitler came to power.

The palace took the unusual step of commenting on the report in The Sun newspaper, which shows the queen — then about 7 years old — at the family home in Balmoral, with her uncle Edward, mother, and sister. The grainy footage also shows Elizabeth’s mother making the salute as the family laughs.

Isn't that Murdoch's paper?


“Murdoch said he didn't see what the Palestinians' problem was and James said it was that they were kicked out of their f---ing homes and had nowhere to f---ing live,” the account in The Guardian said. Murdoch chided his son for using foul language in the prime minister’s home."

I would like to think the article appeared for certain reasons, God bless 'em.

‘‘It is disappointing that film, shot eight decades ago and apparently from Her Majesty’s personal family archive, has been obtained and exploited in this manner,’’ the palace said.

The images, posted on the newspaper’s website under the headline ‘‘Their Royal Heilnesses,’’ shows the young girls prancing on the grass. A dog runs underfoot. The girls jump up and down.

Military historian James Holland told The Sun that the royals were joking.



Yes, history is crazy, with everyone switching sides all the time, fun and games. 

Turns out Hitler wasn't even the racist he is made out to be by the Zionist gatekeepers of history; however, in an attempt to defuse the whole situation I will simply ask you one question:

What If Everything You Were Ever Taught Was A Lie?

Unfortunately, that's the truth. 

And as you British suffer under austerity:

"Buckingham Palace needs repairs; queen may have to leave" AP  June 25, 2015

LONDON — Queen Elizabeth II may have to move out of Buckingham Palace during much-needed renovations to the residence, which has not been substantially redecorated since she took the throne in 1952, royal officials said Wednesday. 

Oh, the queen may be inconvenienced!

Officials say the palace needs an estimated $237 million in renovation and upgrades, including replacing old plumbing and wiring and removing asbestos. Having her move out during the work is one option being considered.

Why was it neglected all this time, and why is this vampiric band of incest creations even an institution in the 21st century? I know they are all trying to reinstitute the feudal system on a global scale.

The queen has other residences but spends a third of her time in the London palace, which was first used by her ancestor Queen Victoria. It is the site of summer garden parties and scores of ceremonial events each year.

Oh, yeah? How many other residences to throw parties at while the world suffers?

Keeper of the Privy Purse Alan Reid said maintenance on aging royal buildings, ‘‘and in particular Buckingham Palace, will present a significant financial challenge’’ in the next few years. 

I say let it rot or demolish it.

The queen, who turned 89 in April, has cut back on her public duties but still undertook 196 public engagements during the year. She was in Berlin on Wednesday, along with Prince Philip, for a three-day state visit to Germany.

I wonder where they went. 

Seems a good time to remind everyone that Philip hopes he reincarnates as a virus so he can help with the alleged overpopulation problem.  Looks like the genocide is in the genes.


"Tweets cause stir over Queen Elizabeth’s health" Associated Press  June 04, 2015

LONDON — Buckingham Palace took the unusual step Wednesday of confirming that Queen Elizabeth II went to a hospital for her annual medical checkup after social media comments touched off speculation on her health.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want her dying. Then the funeral will be all over the jew$paper.

The rare statement on a private matter for the queen came after a tweet by a BBC journalist said the 89-year-old monarch was being treated in the hospital and that more details would follow. The tweet, which used a ‘‘breaking news’’ tag, was sent during a BBC rehearsal for the monarch’s obituary, suggesting that the sender mistook the exercise for the real thing.

That is such a subtle in your face regarding all the staged and scripted frauds we have been seeing.

Screen grabs from social media suggest that a second tweet reported that the monarch had died.

‘‘I can confirm that the queen this morning attended her annual medical check-up at the King Edward VII’s Hospital in London,’’ said a palace representative, who spoke on customary condition of anonymity. ‘‘This was a routine, pre-scheduled appointment.’’

The commotion served merely to underscore the esteem in which the country holds the queen, who was crowned 62 years ago.

‘‘During a technical rehearsal for an obituary, tweets were mistakenly sent from the account of a BBC journalist saying that a member of the royal family had been taken ill,’’ the BBC said in a statement. ‘‘The tweets were swiftly deleted and we apologize for any offense.’’


They look like an incestuous band that fronts for Rothschilds.

You can read through their letters if you want.

Working our way down now:

"Michelle Obama pitches education initiative in London" by Gregory Katz Associated Press  June 17, 2015

LONDON — Michelle Obama’s visit to a girls’ school in a diverse east London neighborhood turned into a love fest Tuesday when she was greeted with singing, poetry and interpretative dance on her mission to promote education for girls.

The new Queen of London (and her entourage)!

In return, the US first lady spoke from the heart about the role education played in her remarkable rise from a tough working-class environment, and the need for girl students to fight discrimination and cut their own proud swath in the world.

‘‘The world needs more girls like you growing up to lead our parliaments and our board rooms and our courtrooms and our universities,’’ Obama said, visibly moved. ‘‘We need you.’’ 

Yeah, I'm told there would be no wars if women were in charge. Maybe you need another Iron Lady.

She came to London to promote her ‘‘Let Girls Learn’’ initiative, which now has the backing of the British government. The two nations on Tuesday announced plans to support girls’ education in countries affected by crisis such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What was the carbon footprint on that?

About $200 million will be devoted to the efforts, which also include supporting teacher training, girls’ leadership camps and other community based programs.

Obama said there are more than 62 million girls with no chance to go to school — a basic right she said should be extended to every girl on the planet. She cited unaffordable school fees, early and forced marriages and pregnancies, and also societal beliefs that girls are simply less worthy as some of the factors holding girls back from reaching their potential.

I'm tired of having women and girls waved at me when her husband's administration has murdered so many.

Girls in their maroon school uniforms waved American flags and screamed with excitement as Obama arrived at the Mulberry School for Girls in the Tower Hamlets neighborhood.

It's okay to wave that flag of fa$ci$m.

She told the student audience, which included many Muslims, that they might hear people make stereotyped comments about their religion but that they cannot afford to be discouraged.

‘‘You might wonder if people will ever look beyond your headscarf to see who you really are,’’ she said. ‘‘But with your education from this amazing school you have everything you need to rise above it.’’

Obama was joined by Justine Greening, Britain’s International Development Secretary, and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. They argued that countries that educate girls on an equal basis with boys reap many benefits.

‘‘It has a direct impact on national economies. It’s hard to argue with the facts,’’ Obama said.

Yup, especially steel-framed buildings turning to dust in free fall speed. Jet fuel wouldn't do that.

The first lady brought her teenage daughters Malia and Sasha and her mother Marian Robinson on the trip and they all had tea with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace before the school visit.

Isn't that special!?

They also planned to have tea with Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha at 10 Downing Street.

Everything in order.

Michelle Obama received an enthusiastic welcome Tuesday.
Michelle Obama received an enthusiastic welcome Tuesday (Matt Dunham/Associated Press).

Would the pre$$ ever tell us anything else? The world hates us. 


What pageantry, huh?

"Cameron sets course for Britain amid pageantry of queen’s speech; Prime minister starts term with slim majority" by Stephen Castle New York Times  May 28, 2015

LONDON — After winning an unexpected parliamentary majority earlier this month, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain on Wednesday began work on delivering election promises that few, including Cameron, expected to be implemented in full.

More like a loss for the "left."

Although the text outlining the government’s legislative goals was read by Queen Elizabeth II at the State Opening of Parliament, in keeping with tradition, the program belonged to Cameron: A bill for a referendum on membership in the European Union, along with measures calling for expanding home ownership, curbing immigration, increasing the powers of Scotland’s Parliament, and giving the security services greater authority to monitor and tackle potential terrorists.

During her long reign, the queen has delivered more than 60 such speeches, accompanied by much pomp and ceremony. On Wednesday, she traveled to Parliament in a horse-drawn carriage, her arrival preceded, as custom dictates, with a search by lantern light of the cellars of Parliament to prevent a repeat of a failed plot to blow it up in 1605.

I remember....

The address, known as the Queen’s Speech, did reflect the different set of political obstacles that Cameron will face in his second term. Plans for a British bill of rights that would limit the reach of European human rights laws were mentioned in terms that suggest they are likely to be delayed. And there were no details about how he would implement one of his central pledges: a reduction of around 12 billion pounds, or about $18.5 billion, in welfare spending.

But they will find $237 million to renovate the palace!

Also see: 

"U.K. Parliament needs $11b fix-up.... The seat of British democracy is creaky, crumbling, and at risk of falling apart. That’s the judgment of a report published Thursday that says the 19th-century Houses of Parliament complex beside the River Thames — one of Britain’s most famous buildings — needs repairs that could take three decades and cost up to $11 billion. The report, commissioned by parliamentary officials and conducted by consultants led by Deloitte Real Estate, said the building has not undergone major restoration since 1950. ‘‘If it doesn’t happen, we can’t guarantee that this building will be here for future generations,’’ Richard Ware, Parliament’s director of restoration and renewal, told Sky News. A parliamentary committee will examine the report."

I say demolish it and send them all home.

Before the election, Cameron also promised not to increase income tax, VAT — the main sales tax — and social security payments known as national insurance, although that still gives him some leeway to raise other taxes.

Now you know what for.

Now that he is able to govern without the support of other parties, Cameron is in a position he almost certainly never expected, and his election promises were made under the assumption he would have to bargain and compromise as part of a coalition government.

During his first term in power, Cameron had to negotiate with his junior coalition partner, the Liberal Democrats, about which measures would be put into law. Although that constrained his freedom, it also provided him with an excuse to soft-pedal issues that were either a lower priority or more politically complex.

The Liberal Democrats are now dead

Looking back now, it was political suicide to align with conservatives.

Now, Cameron will be unable to point to outside pressures when he is reluctant to back measures championed by the right wing of his Conservative Party.

Yet his parliamentary majority is slim, with just 12 votes, which carries other risks. As a young political adviser, Cameron worked for the government of the last Conservative prime minister, John Major, who was elected in 1992 with a majority of 21. That quickly melted away, leaving the prime minister with steadily dwindling authority until he was ejected from power in 1997.

With a smaller majority than the one held by Major, Cameron knows he faces the prospect of defeat on any measure that might provoke his Conservative lawmakers to rebel. He will also have to contend with the House of Lords, the second, unelected chamber of Parliament, where his party does not have a clear majority and which can amend and delay legislation. By tradition, the House of Lords does not block measures that were in the manifesto of a party that wins an election, but it can cause a lot of trouble.

Those new constraints explain why he is likely to consult with the opposition on revising the framework of human rights law, rather than quickly forcing changes.

As for the referendum on the European Union, Cameron has promised to renegotiate Britain’s terms of membership before holding the vote in 2016 or 2017. Surveys suggest Britons would vote to stay, although public opinion on the issue remains fickle.

Cameron’s leadership will be complicated by the presence of a vocal group of 56 lawmakers from the Scottish National Party, which wants independence for Scotland, focusing attention on the challenge the government faces in trying to keep the United Kingdom together.

Yeah, strange how they voted down secession but then sent nationalists to Parliament.

In comments released before the speech, Cameron said it would provide “a clear vision for what our country can be. A country of security and opportunity for everyone, at every stage of life.”

The acting leader of the opposition Labor Party, Harriet Harman, said that she feared that “the reality of this queen’s speech will be very different from the rhetoric.”

And we have all grown so tired of it.


The first place Cameron looks to for support is....

"Chancellor Angela Merkel sounded a conciliatory note Friday on Britain’s efforts to renegotiate its relationship with the European Union, as Prime Minister David Cameron wrapped up a two-day, four-country trip to press his case for concessions. Merkel, who is certain to play a central role in the negotiations, described her talks with Cameron as ‘‘constructive and friendly,’’ and said they had begun talking about specifics and what could be done to accommodate Britain’s wishes.

But not Greece's. 

At least the banks are back open (even if the pharmacies are closed).

Some EU leaders have acknowledged they share some of Cameron’s concerns, but have insisted that allowing people to travel and work freely across the EU’s 28 nations remains a cornerstone of their policies."

And the plan advanced.

"UK marks 800 years of Magna Carta.... British Prime Minister David Cameron and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch joined the queen and other royals for a ceremony at Runnymede, a riverside meadow west of London where, on June 15, 1215, despotic King John met disgruntled barons and agreed to a list of basic rights. Cameron said it was modern Britons’ duty to safeguard the charter’s ‘‘momentous achievement.’’ But.... Cameron said the Magna Carta had inspired everyone from women’s suffrage campaigners to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, who cited it at his trial in 1964. But he added that ‘‘ironically . . . the good name of ‘human rights’ has sometimes become distorted and devalued,’’ in an apparent reference to present-day political debates. "

Then it's time for tea for the torturers and war criminals of empire.

Remember the last leader from Labor?

"Tony Blair, who was prime minister at the time of the attacks, warned that the threat to Britain and other Western countries from Islamist terrorism had increased, as the Islamic State had established itself “on the edges of Europe.”

What attacks were those, Bliar

The subway terrorists still have England split on the fight against extremism.

At least Bliar's replacement is known for her work on terrorism and security studies.

She's a real gem, unlike certain fellows:

"Nobel laureate stirs storm with comments on ‘girls’ in labs" Associated Press  June 11, 2015

LONDON — A Nobel Prize-winning British scientist apologized Wednesday for saying the ‘‘trouble with girls’’ working in laboratories is that it leads to romantic entanglements and harms science.

They don't have to apologize for the climate gate lies/leaks, but this politically-incorrect thing.... over the coals with you.

But Tim Hunt, 72, stood by his assertion that mixed-gender labs are ‘‘disruptive.’’ He made the comments at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea, according to audience members.

He won't for long.

Connie St Louis of London’s City University tweeted Hunt said that when women work alongside men in labs, ‘‘you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them, they cry.’’ 

He must have been creepy to work with.

Hunt, a biochemist and joint recipient of the 2001 Nobel for physiology or medicine, said he was just trying to be humorous. He told BBC on Wednesday that he was ‘‘really sorry I caused any offense.’’

Then he added: ‘‘I did mean the part about having trouble with girls. . . . I have fallen in love with people in the lab and people in the lab have fallen in love with me and it’s very disruptive to the science.’’

Looks like his problem, doesn't it?

Jennifer Rohn, a cell biologist at University College London, said the comments may have been meant as a joke ‘‘but that’s no excuse.’’

She said such comments ‘‘are going to be taken to heart by some young female scientists. And I think that is a real shame, because we still have a very long way to go to get equality in the sciences.’’


Next thing you know he will be saying they should stay in the kitchen.

"Nobel laureate resigns post after comments on women; Created fury by calling females distracting, fragile" by Dan Bilefsky New York Times   June 12, 2015

LONDON — A Nobel laureate has resigned as honorary professor at University College London after saying that female scientists should be segregated from male colleagues because women cry when criticized and are a romantic distraction in the lab.

He's now segregated from his profession.

The comments by Tim Hunt, 72, a biochemist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2001 for groundbreaking work on cell division, unleashed a torrent of fury and added fuel to a global cultural debate about gender bias against women in science.

Science won't discriminate. 

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls,” Hunt told an audience at the World Conference of Science Journalists in South Korea on Monday. “Three things happen when they are in the lab: You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry.”

I don't wanna know, man.

Within minutes, the comments, which were greeted by a mix of stony silence, bemusement, and no little anger at the conference, spurred a global backlash. The remarks gained wide attention after they were first noted on Twitter by Connie St. Louis, the director of the science journalism program at City University London.

She wrote: “Really, does this Nobel laureate think we are still in Victorian times?”

Actually, they are trying to push society back into the 14th century. Lords and serfs.

Women and men from science and from other fields were quick to join her in denouncing Hunt.

Professor Sophie Scott of University College London, who researches the neuroscience of voices, speech, and laughter, wrote on Twitter: “I am in the office, but I can’t do my science work as I saw a photograph of Tim Hunt and now I’m in love, dammit.”

Kate Devlin, a lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, added in a Twitter post of her own, “Dear department: please note I will be unable to chair the 10am meeting this morning because I am too busy swooning and crying.”

Robert McNees, a theoretical physicist in Chicago, was more blunt in his Twitter post: “The 2015 Nobel Prize in being a clueless, sexist jerk goes to Tim Hunt. Probably not his last.”

Following the backlash, Hunt, who acknowledged a reputation as a chauvinist at the conference, issued what some on social media called a “nonapology apology.” He told BBC Radio that he was “really, really sorry” for causing any offense, even as he said he stood by some of what he had said.

He's worked in government, hasn't he?

He said the comments were meant to be ironic and lighthearted but had been “interpreted deadly seriously by my audience.”

“I did mean the part about having trouble with girls,” he told the BBC. “I have fallen in love with people in the lab and people in the lab have fallen in love with me, and it’s very disruptive to the science because it’s terribly important that in a lab people are on a level playing field.”

The endorphins and hormones cloud your mind, huh?

He elaborated on his comments that women are prone to crying when confronted with criticism.

“It’s terribly important that you can criticize people’s ideas without criticizing them, and if they burst into tears, it means that you tend to hold back from getting at the absolute truth,” he said. “Science is about nothing but getting at the truth, and anything that gets in the way of that diminishes, in my experience, the science.”

Unless they $old their $oul for government dole!

University College London said in a statement that Hunt, who was knighted in 2006, had resigned his post in the faculty of life sciences. “U.C.L. was the first university in England to admit women students on equal terms to men, and the university believes that this outcome is compatible with our commitment to gender equality,” it said.

The Royal Society, where Hunt is a fellow, also sought to distance itself from the comments as some critics called for him to be removed from its rolls. Others commended Hunt for his honesty, however badly received, and suggested that perhaps his sense of humor had gone awry.

Hunt’s comments reflected the larger debate about the challenges facing women in science, with research suggesting they are forced to grapple with widespread sexism and gender bias. 

The science says what it says, right? Who could argue?

A Yale study published in 2012 showed that science professors at US universities widely regarded female undergraduates as less competent than male students with the same skills and accomplishments.

The result, the report found, was that professors were less prone to mentor female students or to offer them a job. Presented with two imaginary applicants with identical accomplishments and qualifications, they were more likely to choose the man, and if the woman was chosen, she was offered a salary that, on average, was $4,000 lower than her male counterpart.


Happy with the divorce?

Speaking of royals and sex:

UK police investigate over 1,400 suspects for past sex abuse

Those investigations are always left vague and widely uncovered.

"Britain widens child sex abuse inquiry" Associated Press  June 25, 2015

LONDON — British crime experts say some 300 suspects have been identified in a wide-ranging inquiry into child sex abuse in the northern city of Rotherham.

The National Crime Agency said Wednesday that earlier reports saying roughly 1,400 children had been abused in the city between the years of 1997 and 2013 appear to be accurate. The magnitude of the abuse shocked Britain when it was first reported in August.

Municipal authorities in the city of 250,000 are accused of turning a blind eye to the reports of young girls who said they had been abused at the hands of largely Pakistani gangs.

This is off the trail of the royal pedophile rings.

Officials say the girls, many of them living in government-paid care homes, were not believed or taken seriously when they complained about being raped and trafficked. Some were seen as troublemakers for reporting sex abuse.

Steve Baldwin, the crime agency’s senior investigating officer, said the police inquiry supports earlier allegations about the number of children who were targeted. The crime agency also confirmed that two of the suspects have served on the City Council.

‘‘The abuse that has taken place in Rotherham is horrific,’’ he said. ‘‘We have gathered a huge amount of information, which details some very disturbing events.’’

Something smells rotten regarding the defiling of the coverage.

He said investigators will make a high priority of building cases against ‘‘suspects who may continue to pose any risk of harm today and those who have caused most harm in the past.’’

Baldwin said investigators are now trying to win the community’s trust so more victims will come forward. He said it is likely that investigators will eventually document thousands of offenses in the inquiry.

Once you've lost that....


When it comes to royal perversions, there is no better source....

And finally, we get down to the PEOPLE of Britain, and what they wanted:

"Cameron pushes for Britain to attack Islamic State in Syria; Will lay out five-year plan to confront militants."


"British personnel had been involved in bombing missions over Syria for some time, “making the current debate over whether Britain should carry out such strikes somewhat obsolete.”

Screw what the people think!! 

They said NO to such a thing, and yet the British government went ahead anyway! 

Seems criminal to me.


"Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain on Monday called the battle with Islamist extremism “the struggle of our generation.”

Speaking in Birmingham, Britain’s second-largest city, which has a substantial Muslim minority, Cameron called on his country’s Muslims to work with the government to “condemn conspiracy theories,” reject violence, and speak more forcefully to halt the extremist misinterpretation of Islam, which he called “a religion of peace.”

Cameron is lobbying Parliament to expand the strikes to Syrian territory held by the Islamic State, but a vote is not expected until September." 

The vote means nothing, I condemn him, and these guys have lost the propaganda war.

Time to smartly salute and move on.

UPDATE: UK ex-premier Heath named in sex abuse allegations

Forget the elite-serving pre$$; go to the authority on such perversions.

"Royal officials Friday urged media organizations not to publish unauthorized images of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, arguing that paparazzi are using increasingly dangerous tactics to get the valuable images. The palace says the increasing incursions present a risk “in a heightened security environment” and says a line has been crossed."