Monday, August 24, 2015

Change of Underwear

Needed to do it. Between the stock market roller coaster, the migrant crisis, shootings all over the place, and the ramping up of the wars, I've soiled myself:

"Despite Deflategate, Under Armour doubles down on Tom Brady" by Sydney Ember New York Times  August 24, 2015

NEW YORK — Under Armour has not given up on Tom Brady.

Even as Brady, the New England Patriots’ quarterback, fights a suspension, the sportswear company is planning to feature him in a new commercial that highlights his training regimen.


The 30-second ad, which is set to run during the early part of the National Football League season, is part of a broader campaign that seeks to capture the outsize success those who endorse Under Armour have enjoyed this year, Brady’s so-called Deflategate challenges notwithstanding.

Since the beginning of the year, those on Under Armour’s roster have racked up victories and accolades, bolstering the company’s profile and validating the chances it took on young stars. In addition to the more established Brady, who led the Patriots to a fourth Super Bowl championship in February, the campaign stars the golfer Jordan Spieth, who won the Masters in April and the US Open in June; Stephen Curry, who was named the National Basketball Association’s most valuable player this year and then led the Golden State Warriors to the league title; and Misty Copeland, who in June became the first African-American woman to be named a principal dancer in the 75-year history of the American Ballet Theater.

Under Armour promoted its athletes’ accomplishments on social media. But until now, it had held off on starting the kind of big ad campaign that often follows such success.

The new Under Armour campaign, under the tagline “Rule Yourself,” will be introduced on Wednesday and focuses on the behind-the-scenes training that goes into world-class performances....


Worship the man (what, is he also being held in Colorado?), and worship football:

"Governor Charlie Baker turned chicken legs on a smoker grill at the back of the field and posed for photos with the players, children ages 6 to 14. “I’m happy to be here [for the annual Mayor’s Cup Pop Warner Football Jamboree],” Baker said. “It’s a great day in a great community.”

No worry about the collision impacts on young minds and the concussions (or worse) that can result (or the greenhouse gases coming off the barbecue).

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So that's what that paper smell is. $tink.

UPDATE: Woman’s obituary shows support for Brady