Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Two Days Ahead of a Week Behind

Something like the day after tomorrow, I guess

I'm putting up what I think are important items amidst the swill and no one cares. Care more about the Bruins and the IRS.

Therefore I will forget trying match print and web briefs.

Winchester High principal denies he resigned

It's mentioned briefly the next day, then:

Winchester High students want embattled principal retained

Kerry’s aid sought in Dominican Republic citizenship crisis

UN must step up, apologize, and help drive cholera from Haiti

I have not asked about cholera in Haiti in a while.

Dominican Festival curtailed after City Hall Plaza brawl

Yeah, drunken riots are no fun, and I wonder who won the election.

TelexFree fraud victims receive first checks for losses

That would get you back to Brazil, where:

Antigovernment protests sweep Brazil

A sputtering economy, spiraling currency, and rising inflation, huh?


I take it all back. Hits have zoomed! 

I can't make reason or rhyme of you readers.


Winchester parents eye recall of school board members

Winchester parents launch recall of School Committee

Also seeTelexFree principal criticizes Galvin settlement in alleged $1b fraud