Friday, August 21, 2015

Naging Terror Threat

"Competency evaluation ordered for N.Y. terror suspect" Associated Press  August 18, 2015

BUFFALO — The lawyer representing a New York man accused of making plans to join the Islamic State in Syria said Monday he is concerned about the man’s mental competency and received a federal judge’s permission for an evaluation.

Attorney Jeremy Schwartz made the request as Arafat Nagi, 44, pleaded not guilty to a two-count indictment charging him with attempting to provide material support, resources, and personnel — himself — to a terrorist organization.

The United States-born Nagi was planning his third trip to Turkey, with plans to continue to Syria to join the fighters, at the time of his arrest last month, federal prosecutors said. Investigators learned of Nagi’s activities after being tipped off by residents alarmed by his jihadi beliefs, which he espoused in person and on social media, according to a criminal complaint.

Schwartz, asked after the hearing about his request for a competency hearing, said: ‘‘There are certain communications that I have had that gave me those concerns, but I can’t specifically talk about the details.’’

The government did not oppose the request.

Between 2012 and the time of his arrest, Nagi, a divorced father of two, bought combat gear, including a machete, night goggles, and body armor, and pledged allegiance online to the Islamic State, prosecutors said.

So who was the FBI shepard, 'er, case officer in charge of the instigator, I mean, informant?


I don't mean to nag, but I'm sick of these phony, government-sponsored terror plots by pathetic idiot or deranged patsies.