Friday, August 28, 2015

Name-Droppings: Called on the Carpet

Oscars viewership down 16 percent, says Nielsen

I didn't watch, and cared even less.

‘Secret’ shines light on charges of pedophilia in Hollywood

Been a problem out there for a long, long time, but....

Another Weinstein project for Diane Paulus?
Harvey Weinstein accused of groping
Harvey Weinstein won't be charged in alleged groping incident

See where the power lies?

"Filmmaker Roman Polanski appeared in a court in Poland on Wednesday for a hearing concerning a US request for his extradition concerning charges of sex with a minor, a case that has trailed him since 1977. Judge Dariusz Mazur took almost nine hours questioning Polanski, 81, and his Polish lawyers. He was not expected to make a ruling; the next hearing could be in April or sooner, according to court spokeswoman Grazyna Rokita. The Oscar-winning director is in Poland preparing to make a movie. An Interpol warrant for Polanski’s arrest is in effect in 188 countries....

He drugged a 13-year-old girl so he could have sex with her.

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And they are protecting him. 

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Getting a lot more attention than Polanski and others. Must be because he's black.

A police investigation of veteran pop star Cliff Richard, 74, relating to claims of sexual assault has ‘‘increased significantly in size,’’ a British lawmaker said Wednesday. Police said in August that they questioned Richard and searched a house belonging to him after receiving what they called ‘‘an allegation of a sexual nature.’’ A fixture on the British pop scene since the late 1950s, Richard has not been arrested or charged; he is among several high-profile figures in Britain’s entertainment industry to be embroiled in allegations about past sex abuse."

The BBC and entire royal and political cla$$ are all a bunch of perverts over there.

"Savile’s fame enabled abuse, report says" Associated Press  February 27, 2015

LONDON — Two new reports into widespread sex abuse by the late BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile have found that victims’ complaints about his activities were ignored.

The reports released Thursday showed an extensive pattern of abuse by Savile at numerous National Health Service hospitals, where the celebrity broadcaster was given wide access to patients, even though he was known by staff to be a sexual predator.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told Parliament that Savile’s celebrity status allowed him to get away with hideous sex crimes. ‘‘The power of celebrity or money must never again blind people to repeated clear signals that extremely vulnerable people are being abused,’’ he said.

The Internet has seen to that, and the genie will never be put back into the lantern of ma$$ media propaganda. The upper-crust elite, political cla$$, and ancillary celebrities, are a sick lot.

The reports detailed numerous cases of abuse of patients. One report concluded he had abused roughly 60 patients at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where he was an active fund-raiser. The report suggests that his crimes were known to hospital staff as early as 1973 but that no action was taken, allowing his attacks to continue for 20 years.

Kate Lampard, author of one of the reports, said British hospitals may still be vulnerable to similar attacks from predators like Savile.


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That was after the plane ride.

"A group of American Indian actors walked off the set of an Adam Sandler movie over complaints about stereotypes and offensive names. Actor Loren Anthony told the Associated Press Thursday that he and eight others quit the production of the satirical western ‘‘The Ridiculous Six’’ after producers ignored their concerns about its portrayal of Apache culture. He said the script included offensive names." 

Racial insult in all the supremacist Jew slop trolled out by Hollywood? Please, say it isn't so!!! They are such good people!

"Comedians Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin left Massachusetts years ago, but it’s still a big part of who they are. “Both of us think Boston was a really funny place to grow up,” Denbo says on the phone from Los Angeles. (Denbo is from Swampscott, Chaffin from Newton.) “People in Boston have a certain way of doing things and it’s endlessly entertaining to us. We always kind of laugh about the fact that we live on the other side of the country and we’re still making fun of the people who made us laugh when we were kids.” Denbo and Chaffin, who appeared in director Paul Feig’s “The Heat” and in his latest “Spy” (in theaters Friday), have developed a following for their particular brand of Boston humor. On their podcast, “Ronna & Beverly,” they play two upper-class Jewish matriarchs, and their memorable turn in “The Heat” as Melissa McCarthy’s South Boston sisters, Gina and Beth, has earned them a potential spinoff. “We either go high or low,” says Chaffin. “Anything from the upper-crusty kind of ladies Ronna and Beverly (Alas, the show wasn’t picked up),” adds Denbo, “all the way down to scumbags from Southie.” In Feig’s latest, which stars McCarthy, Rose Byrne, and Jude Law, the two play paper-pusher CIA agents. “The best thing about playing Gina and Beth, Boston-speaking, is that we can be as ballsy as we want,” Denbo said. “I know so many women from Boston who think they are the [expletive] in their minds.” Denbo and Chaffin flaunt their local flavor because, ironically, it seems to have universal appeal. And they want to stay true to their roots. “If you just did a general East Coast sendup, you would lose so much of that nuance and so much of that character,” Chaffin says. “When you get specific, people feel like they’re learning something about that world.” The two first worked together as part of the Upright Citizens Brigade improv group in New York. Their connection is evident. They interrupt each other with humor and slip into character without warning. When they start talking about Boston, their accents are pronounced — and sometimes profane. Gina and Beth aren’t just characters for the two, they’re alter egos. “I can get a lot more done in a Boston character than I can in my own skin,” Chaffin says. “I would live as Gina every day of my life.”

Looks like a couple of witches to me, and only Jewish people are allowed to make fun others I guess!

"Pulitzer-winning writer Stacy Schiff’s new book, “The Witches,” doesn’t come out until October, but her publisher, Little, Brown, is already celebrating her fresh take on the Salem witch trials. Schiff, meanwhile, is celebrating the end of her research. She hopes her book will do more for the subject than some of television’s takes on Salem’s history. “American Horror Story” went for a witch trial narrative for its third season, “AHS: Coven.” “Orange Is the New Black” showrunner Jenji Kohan filmed a pilot inspired by the witch trials, “The Devil You Know,” on the North Shore earlier this year. “I agree, pop culture is all over Salem,” Schiff said, “but what I’m trying to do with this book is break down the myths surrounding this time period. We don’t really know the Salem witch trials. Most of it is speculation.” Schiff’s “Cleopatra,” by the way, is still set to become a film, she says. Rights to the book were picked up by producer Scott Rudin, and the project was set to star Angelina Jolie, but the movie became a subject of controversy during the Sony e-mail hack last year when Rudin’s critical e-mails about Jolie became public. Schiff said that as far as she knows, the movie is still in development."

Who cares?

‘‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’’ cast member Kim Richards pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor charges filed after authorities say she was kicked out of a posh restaurant for being drunk. An attorney entered the plea on Richards’s behalf during a hearing in Los Angeles on Thursday. Richards was charged in May with resisting arrest, battery on a peace officer, and public intoxication after she was removed from The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel the previous month. The 50-year-old reality star is accused of kicking an officer while at a police station. (AP)"

Then she went for a swim in her pool:

"Coroner’s officials say a 21-year-old man accidentally drowned in the backyard pool of a Los Angeles home owned by actress Demi Moore. Police Lieutenant Fred Corral said the man was found dead at 5:30 a.m. Sunday. Police responded to Moore’s home after a 911 call. Police say Moore was not there at the time, and the man is not a family member. He was associated with someone with access to the pool. The drowning victim’s identity has not been released. Authorities say Moore’s children have been having pool parties at the home, but it’s unclear if a party was going on when the drowning occurred."


Maybe it was ‘Hannibal Lecter’ that killed him. I'd banks on it!

Betsy Palmer, 88; played killer cook in ‘Friday the 13th’
Tanith Lee, 67; novelist wrote fantasy and horror stories

Yvonne Craig, at 78; gained fame as TV’s Batgirl in the ‘60s

Another memorable television role, from an episode of the original ‘‘Star Trek,’’ was as the green Orion Slave Girl who wanted to kill Captain Kirk, but she was best known as Batgirl (and her alter ego, librarian Barbara Gordon, Commissioner James Gordon’s daughter) in the 1967-68 season of ABC’s ‘‘Batman.’’

Anne Meara, comedian and actress, dies at 85
Bud Yorkin, 89; produced ‘All in the Family,’ other TV hits

Virgil Runnels, 69; professional wrestling’s Dusty Rhodes

Christopher Lee, 93; British actor

Vincent T. Bugliosi, 80; Charles Manson prosecutor, author

Even though he said Bush should be charged with war crimes, he buys into the Oswald did it fraud.

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Lohan cases closed

So is this post.