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Shooting on Live TV (Next Day Updated)


Same day, same thing, only in Arkansas!!

They promise us it's real:

Reporter, cameraman shot, killed on live TV in Virginia 

I haven't even read the brief breaking piece, but with the recent rash of shootings and the push for ever more tyranny, this event -- real or fiction -- is meant to absolutely horrify and get the people to demand gun seizures and control. It's obvious. 

Of course, ignore all the violence up and down the line with all the CSI and cop shows, etc, the perverted serial-killer heroes and all the "pretend" violence that is staged and scripted for you -- and which so often seems to be the case now when it comes to ma$$ media presentations, rather than the exception. 

If it's real, it's a tragedy, and nothing more than that. I apologize if my skepticism offends.

So what pharmaceuticals was the shooter on?

(After briefly scanning it, the schools in Virginia are on lock-down and remember, Jade Helm officially runs to the 15th of September, and with economic calamity just around the corner, it is in place and will be extended on a permanent basis -- even if not officially acknowledged or reported. Only the blind can not see it at this point. Sorry).

Oh, yeah, ignore all the mass-murdering wars built upon lies and duplicitous double-crosses underpinning the efforts, dutifully regurgitated by propaganda pre$$, too. That was at the bottom of the creation of this blog.

11:15 a.m. update: 

They are in pursuit of the perpetrator on a highway, they know who he is, and will have him shortly. He's a disgruntled employee!

Honestly, the more I read it, the more it reads like a complete fiction and staged script. 

Took your attention away from the stock markets and economy though, didn't it?

Also see: Caught On Tape: Virginia Reporter, Photographer Killed During Live TV Report; "Disgruntled Employee" Gunman Loose

1:25 update:

While checking stocks, Fox reported the gunman has since killed himself, so no answers there. We will be told he was mentally ill, and doggone it, with Obummercare in place we should all head down to the clinic for a psych evaluation so the government can start figuring out who to eliminate. 

In fact, we are already being told that, along with him not being dead!

SEE: Made-For-TV Shooting – News Crew Gunned Down Live On Air 

I'm going to break away from covering this the rest of the day, but will update tomorrow after seeing what people are saying.


I haven't even looked at the blogs, but already this story is falling apart and feeling like completely staged and scripted fiction. It's so out there, it defies logic at this point.

"Man records his slaying of 2 former TV colleagues" by Michael D. Shear, Richard Pérez-Peña, and Alan Blinder New York Times   August 27, 2015

ROANOKE, Va. — He was a fired television reporter with a history of conflicts at work and rage apparently stoked by racial grievances. And when he sought revenge Wednesday, gunning down two former colleagues, he used the tools of social media to ensure his crime was broadcast live, recorded from multiple angles and posted online.

Vester Lee Flanagan II, 41, identified by the authorities as the gunman, waited until Alison Parker and Adam Ward, young journalists at WDBJ in Roanoke, were on air, then killed them while recording on his own video camera. Flanagan shot himself in the head hours later, the authorities said, but as the chase for him was on, he wrote about the shooting on Twitter, uploaded his video to Facebook and sent a manifesto to ABC News that spoke admiringly of mass killers and said that as a black, gay man he had faced discrimination and sexual harassment.


This is ANOTHER FALSE FLAG PHONY if not FICTION! It has all the hallmarks and smell of stench of a script!!

(Turn in to page A8)

The shooting and the horrifying images it produced marked a new chapter in the intersection of video, violence and social media.

I told you.


If the killings shocked the nation, they had particular resonance in this rural area where local reporters are recognized personalities. Parker and Ward were known as hardworking, cheerful people who had grown up here and were romantically involved with other members of their station’s staff....

All reporters will need security teams now, cui bono?

Almost two hours after the shootings, a 23-page missive faxed to ABC news headquarters in New York, apparently from Flanagan, pointed to the June 17 shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, in which a white supremacist is accused of killing nine black people in a Bible study group. ABC reported that a man claiming to be Bryce Williams had contacted the network several times in recent weeks, saying he had a story for them. He never said what it was.

Okay, folks, look at them threading the agenda through and through here.

“Why did I do it?” Flanagan said in the rambling fax message, which The New York Times obtained from a law enforcement official. “I was already on the edge. The church shooting was a tipping point. The victims’ initials are written on the bullets.”

Same operation as 9/11. That's why the BBC reporter called the take-down of WTC7 half-an-hour before it went down.

He echoed the words of accused Charleston gunman Dylann Roof and spoke of a race war. Okay, wait a minute.

As a gay black man, is that helping the cause. Or has all this half-human, half-machine, 

He also said Jehovah had told him to act. 

Oh, NO! 

He was angry about the doors being slammed in his face, because they never seemed to be before! 

And isn't that a.... Jewish thing?

He should have become a Mormon instead.

He spoke admiringly of the Columbine High School killers and the gunman who carried out the Virginia Tech massacre that left 32 people dead. At one point he called his document a “Suicide Note for Friends and Family.”

Yeah, this stinking rank of a complete set-up. Too many of these cookie-cutter operations for far too long to be fooled anymore.

The fax, which also contained accusations that he was repeatedly harassed, bullied and discriminated against for being black and gay, was turned over to law enforcement officials.

Yeah, he really helped the cause here. 

On Twitter, he made similar charges of racism and harassment, adding that he had filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency. A spokeswoman for the agency, Kimberly Smith-Brown, said federal law prohibited her from confirming whether the agency had received a complaint.

“This gentleman was disturbed at the way things had turned out at some point in his life,” Overton said at the news conference. “Things were spiraling out of control.”

Accounts from former colleagues, competitors and court records indicate Flanagan, who had graduated from San Francisco State University and worked in several markets around the South, was a skilled broadcaster, but also volatile, combative, threatening, and prone to seeing himself as persecuted. 

He bought in to all the bullshit, and imagine if he were a woman.

A video compilation of Flanagan’s reporting, of the kind reporters often make to show prospective employers, begins, chillingly, with him holding a gun.

And he wonders why he didn't get the job?

But at WDBJ, he typically did human interest stories: a town with seven churches within a three-block area; firefighters handing out free smoke detectors; Huntfest, an annual hunting-products event at the Roanoke Civic Center; a local man turning 100.

That's why if the press ever approaches me I am going to say "Get that f***ing sh** outta here" and head the other way.

He worked there for less than a year before he was fired in 2013. He later sued the station, claiming discrimination, but the case was dismissed after a judge found the controversy had been settled. Speaking on the air Wednesday, Jeffrey A. Marks, president and general manager of the station, confirmed Flanagan had filed a complaint against the station, but said it was dismissed as baseless.

The station investigated the alleged racist comments, and “none of them could be corroborated by anyone,” he said. “We think they were fabricated.”

Just like this, or if not, like so many other things presented by ma$$ media, be it crisis drills gone live, false flag fictions, or completely staged and scripted events. They have become too numerous to mention. Especially the hate crimes.

“He was sort of looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to,” Marks said. “Eventually, after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. He did not take that well, and we had to call the police to escort him from the building.”


Flanagan seemed to have particular animus toward Parker and Ward.

“Alison made racist comments,” he wrote on Twitter just after the shooting, an apparent reference to Parker. Two minutes later, apparently referring to Ward, he wrote, “Adam went to hr on me after working with me one time!!!”

And that justified their deaths, huh?

Court filings in a civil lawsuit Flanagan brought against the station documented his many confrontations....

After the shootings Wednesday, Flanagan left the scene in a rented car; his own car was parked at the Roanoke airport, said Overton, the sheriff.

Officials said police pursued him going north on Interstate 81, but did not attempt to catch him, knowing that he was armed; it is not clear whether they lost track of him.


Yeah, let him SHOOT the PLACE UP SOME MORE! 


After he turned east on Interstate 66, heading toward Washington, a state trooper spotted the car using a license plate reader, and after being joined by other units, the troopers turned on their lights and tried to pull him over, around 11:30 a.m.

Just SITTING THERE READING LICENSE PLATES, something we were told they do but don't really do. 

Yup, this all justifies police monitoring of travel. And you thought he was just sitting there with a radar gun.

“He refused to stop and sped away,” said Sgt. Rick Garletts of the State Police. A minute or two later, “the vehicle ran off the road and into the median.”

Flanagan was found with a gunshot wound to the head and was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead two hours later.

Of course.

That is where my print ended. Web added much, much more:

In a 2000 lawsuit, Flanagan also claimed to have been subjected to racial slurs at another station where he had worked, WTWC in Tallahassee, Florida, where he was also let go. In a court filing, the station cited among other reasons, “misbehavior with regards to co-workers,” and the case was settled on undisclosed terms.

“He was a good on-air performer, pretty good reporter, and then things started getting a little strange with him,” Don Shafer, who worked with Flanagan at WTWC, said in a broadcast on the station where he now works in San Diego. He said Flanagan’s contract had been terminated, in part, because of bizarre behavior and threats to other employees. 

Was he on any pharmaceuticals?

“He turned around and sued us,” Shafer said. “He wanted to sue us for something else; he ended up suing us for racial discrimination.”

Adam Henning, the news director at WAFF, a television station in Huntsville, Alabama, said Flanagan sought a job there in 2011, but was rejected after Henning contacted a half-dozen references. They told him Flanagan “was exceedingly difficult to work with,” he said, and had once gotten into “a physical altercation” at a company Christmas party.

At the stunned television station co-workers mourned their slain colleagues. Ward was engaged to Melissa Ott, a producer at WDBJ. His Facebook page shows pictures of the two of them on vacation in Las Vegas and, most recently this summer, Atlantic City.

Members of the station staff said Ott was at the station, watching the broadcast when the shooting happened. They said it was to be her last day at the station, before she moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, for another job, and that Ward was looking for work there, too. 

Too much info, too pat. Feels like pure propaganda.

Ward began working for WDBJ as an intern while still in college, and Mike Stevens, a former longtime sports director at the station, called him “the most enthusiastic intern that I ever had in 23 years of mentoring kids in that department.”

Parker, a graduate of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, had been dating Chris Hurst, a WDBJ anchor.

“She was the most radiant woman I ever met,” Hurst wrote on Twitter. “And for some reason she loved me back.”

“She was everything you wanted a reporter to be: tough but fair, with lots of ideas,” said Brad Jenkins, the general manager of The Breeze, the James Madison student newspaper. “We’re stunned.”

Ryan Parkhurst, a faculty member in the university’s School of Media Arts and Design, said he had taught Parker in three classes and mentored her for four years.

“I’m devastated because I remember the amazing person, and that she won’t be going after these stories,” he said.


I haven't watched the video. I don't trust anything cited by propaganda pre$$ anymore, and rely on others to do the analysis.

"Virginia shooter’s actions staged for the widest possible audience" by Ty Burr Globe Staff  August 26, 2015

Did you watch the video? Did you go online to tell people not to watch the video? Did some bleak, rubbernecking corner of your soul wish you could watch the video? Or did you take solace, maybe even pride, in looking away?

Do I care to answer such questions, if I haven't already?

These are the arguments we have with each other, with the world, and with ourselves in our modern marketplace of real-time tragedy.

If it makes you feel a tiny bit better, those responding online to Wednesday’s shootings in Virginia have generally been horrified and respectful, with many urging their fellow Tweeters and Facebook followers not to repost or even play the video taken by the killer. But of course that video is still out there, because you cannot put the genie back in its digital bottle. It’s in our cultural bloodstream now. Can we even talk about it without giving a criminal the fame he wanted?

Here is all that matters: Two people are dead.

Going to fast forward a bit.

What about the MILLIONS DEAD in the MASS-MURDERING WARS based on LIES that was PROMOTED by my PRE$$ anyway? Does that matter? Why is that not on the front page of my War Paper? Do they just not want to look?


Who was the killer? Why did he kill? Does it matter? If you’re of the opinion that even mentioning his name gives him a measure of glory, feel free to stop reading. But it’s worth chewing over the way his actions were staged for the widest possible audience — an audience that only has to glance down at their phones or click a link on a web page to get a front-row seat.

His named was Vester Lee Flanagan II, but he worked as an on-air reporter under the name Bryce Williams. He had been fired from WDBJ7 in 2013, as well as from a previous job, for bizarre behavior. According to reports circulating Wednesday, he had amassed a litany of grievances, real or imagined, against white co-workers who he felt were racist.

You know, like the crap put forward when they are pushing a war (it's a COMPLETE LIE, too, but there it is leading my world section, page A3!). 

No hedging anymore (see the comments?)! AP is crap.

He was angry and unhinged, and no one was giving him attention, so he shot and killed two station employees, posted a cellphone video of his crime on Facebook, and then tweeted a link to the video. By late morning, he had shot himself in the head following a police chase; he died in custody in the afternoon.

I wish no one was giving me attention because the massive amount of hits I wake to makes me plod forward with jaded apathy.

The station’s broadcast footage of the shootings was recirculating on the Web by early morning. It doesn’t show much:

OKAY!! That kind kinda confirm the hoaxiness of this thing to me.

The TV critic turned news analyst then goes on to mention JFK, the Zapruder film, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.


RelatedVirginia gunman used social media to chronicle attack

Of course, the agenda is part of the business (nice photo), as the selling the sob story there just makes it stink all the more!

And look who else wants to grab your gun.

"Such slippage of classified information is ‘‘very common, actually,’’ said Leslie McAdoo, a lawyer who frequently represents government officials and contractors in disputes over security clearances and classified information." 

Yeah, selling state secrets and classified information for contributions the foundation, nothing wrong with that. Never mind the spying programs, hackers, etc, etc.

How odd that the live showing, 'er, shooting was on the same day they sentenced Holmes.

(Btw, I wouldn't count on the pot tax for anything, you guys; ask Rhode Island)


"1 killed, 1 injured in SUV incident at entrance to NSA facility" by Helene Cooper and Scott Shane, NEW YORK TIMES March 30, 2015

WASHINGTON - One man was killed and a second was injured Monday at the National Security Agency in suburban Maryland when their car sped toward an NSA police vehicle and security personnel opened fire.

A law enforcement official said both men were dressed as women, and identified the survivor as Kevin Fleming of nearby Baltimore. They were driving a Ford Escape SUV that had been reported stolen.

The first thing I thought was ISIS women, 'er, men.

"The incident has been contained and is under investigation," said Col. Brian P. Foley, Fort Meade garrison commander. "The residents, service members and civilian employees on the installation are safe. We continue to remain vigilant at all of our access-control points."

An FBI spokeswoman, Amy J. Thoreson, confirmed that "a shooting incident" had taken place at an NSA gate just off Route 295, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

"We do not believe it is related to terrorism," she said.

Initial reports suggested that the men were shot as they tried to crash a secure entrance. But in a statement on Monday afternoon, Jonathan Freed, an NSA spokesman, described a more complicated encounter....


Had to go to Houston to get it?

Shooting at NSA complex leaves motorist dead; Agency says SUV sped towards guards; Vehicle had been stolen from motel" by Peter Hermann and Sari Horwitz, Washington Post  March 31, 2015

Driver Killed as Stolen Car Enters N.S.A. Campus" by SCOTT SHANE, MARCH 30, 2015

Looks like an April Fool's joke to me.

"Driver shot at NSA had troubled life; Transgendered woman was sex worker in Md." by Juliet Linderman and Meredith Somers, Associated Press  April 02, 2015

BALTIMORE — The driver killed in a violent confrontation at a National Security Agency gate was a transgender sex worker in Baltimore, and was remembered Wednesday as a friendly but troubled loner.


Ricky Shawatza Hall, 27, was killed Monday when NSA police opened fire on a stolen car that then crashed into a police vehicle. A passenger and an officer were wounded.

Kayla Brooks, who works at a transgender outreach program in Baltimore, said Hall went by the name Mya, and that she last saw her Sunday. Brooks says Hall ‘‘seemed high and was looking for a date’’ while walking up and down a Baltimore strip known as a hot spot for sex work.

I thought human sex trafficking was frowned upon by government?

Court documents show that in 2013, Hall was charged with assaulting a woman and stealing a bottle of methadone from her pocket. In 2014, Hall was charged with stealing a vest and skirt from a clothing store.

Hall also was charged with assault in February 2014 while at central booking in Baltimore after she grabbed a broom handle from a supply closet and smashed a window with it.

Anthony Guillaume, an attorney who represented Hall on that assault charge, described her as “professional and grateful and always upbeat when I dealt with her. . . . But I could tell she was troubled and had problems in her past life.”

On Monday, police determined that Hall and her passenger were driving the SUV of a 60-year-old Baltimore man, who told investigators he had picked up the two strangers and brought them to a Howard County motel. The man said they checked into a room about 7:30 a.m., and that he used the bathroom an hour later. When he came out, they were gone, along with his car keys.

Hall and her passenger took a highway exit that leads to a restricted area at the NSA entrance at Fort Meade. When a guard told Hall to leave, the SUV sped toward a NSA police car blocking the road, a spokesman said, and officers fired at the vehicle when it didn’t stop.


That nutty cover story the best they could come up with? (Probably true, the only one that is these days).

Never heard or saw another Globe shot of coverage regarding it.

While stuck in the South:

"Chattanooga gunman wrote of suicide and martyrdom" by Jay Reeves New York Times   July 21, 2015

NEW YORK — Long before he killed five servicemen last week in Chattanooga, Tenn., the gunman wrote about suicidal thoughts and “becoming a martyr,” according to a senior US intelligence official.

The writings have provided investigators with their clearest picture yet of the man, Mohammod Abdulazeez — a deeply troubled person who used drugs and faced an imminent appearance in criminal court on a charge of driving while intoxicated.

But he was a radical Islamist, too!

The FBI, leading the investigation into the shooting, has obtained and is poring over the writings, which were first reported by ABC News.

All the more reason to doubt this event.

A family spokesman characterized the writings, which are at least a year old, as a loose assemblage of Abdulazeez’s thoughts, some of which he described as “gibberish” and some clearly reflecting someone who was very depressed.

Are you reading me clearly?!! 

(Sorry for the typos; my fat, pain-filled fingers find the increasingly smaller keyboards a real problem)

As far back as 2013, Abdulazeez wrote about suicide and martyrdom, said the intelligence official, who has been briefed on the writings and spoke on condition of anonymity because of the investigation. “It’s probably the most we have got so far on his state of mind,” the official said. “There are some pretty radicalized thoughts.”

As if anyone in this world would believe what a "US intelligence official" has to say. 

Still, the official said, the writings do not describe planning for any specific attack, leaving the authorities struggling to piece together a motive for Abdulazeez, 24, to mount an assault on two military sites last Thursday.


The authorities say there is a strong likelihood that Abdulazeez received some kind of assistance in planning the attack, perhaps financial aid in obtaining the weapons and ammunition he used, and that is another area being investigated, the intelligence official said. But it remains unclear whether anyone who helped Abdulazeez was aware of what he intended to do, or when. 

Yeah, which FBI instigator and state intelligence agency was helping him out?

“All that is what we’re looking at now,” the official said.

The FBI, working with Jordanian officials, is examining what impact a seven-month trip to that country last year might have had on Abdulazeez, especially given his mental state.

Investigators want to know whom he met there and whether someone he came into contact with might have inspired the attacks or whether daily exposure to news and conversation about the war in neighboring Syria somehow set in motion his deadly planning.

If this issue and our times were not so serious, it would be good reading.

Abdulazeez’s parents are from Jordan, and he is known to have visited relatives there more than once. He was born in Kuwait and had lived in Tennessee most of his life. He was a naturalized citizen.

Until last Thursday’s shooting, the gunman was unknown to antiterrorism agencies, and investigators did not have a head start in determining his motive. As a result, they have had to assemble information on his background, contacts, computer use, and travels from scratch.

Translation: the sloppy cover story wasn't ready yet, be the propaganda presentation was moved to "Go!"

In Chattanooga, he mostly blended into everyday life as a high school wrestler who graduated from college with an engineering degree and regularly attended a local mosque.

And he threw it all away.

But he also had a more turbulent side, including his arrest on a charge of driving under the influence after returning from Jordan. He was set to face a judge later this month.

I'll bet the imam at the mosque frowned on that.

Friends and family saw nothing unusual in Abdulazeez’s behavior in the days and months leading up to the shooting. He told two longtime friends he was excited about his new job at a company that designs and makes wire and cable products. 

It's some front firm for MI-6 in England, but this beggars the question of what mind-control shop got a hold of him. Sorry, but that's the way I see things now.

Abdulazeez died in a shootout with police at a Marine-Navy facility where the servicemen were killed. Authorities said he was driving a rented silver Mustang convertible, wore a vest with extra ammunition, and wielded at least two long guns — either rifles or shotguns — and a handgun.

Yeah, they always die in a shootout. That's why Oswald was yelling that he was not resisting arrest.

On Monday, yellow police tape still blocked access to the military site and law enforcement vehicles were parked nearby with lights flashing.

Still cleaning up.

About 7 miles away, in a small strip shopping center, hundreds of people gathered Monday outside the military recruiting office where the rampage began. Many carried American flags and some held Confederate battle flags.

The windows of the storefront office, several of which were pocked with bullet holes, have since been covered with plywood.

Like that condemned school were the Sandy Hook script was located.


"Tenn. shooter’s relative detained in Jordan, lawyer says; Uncle hosted Abdulazeez for months in 2014" by Karin Laub and Erik Schelzig Associated Press  July 22, 2015

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Computers and cellphones were taken from the maternal uncle in custody’s home, but he has not been charged with anything, attorney Abed al-Kader Ahmad al-Khateeb told the Associated Press.

Khateeb identified his client as Asaad Ibrahim Asaad Haj Ali, a uncle of the Chattanooga attacker, Mohammod Abdulazeez. Abdulazeez spent several months in Jordan last year under a mutual agreement with his parents to help him get away from drugs, alcohol, and a group of friends they considered to be a bad influence, a person close to his family said....

So what, he fell in with an even badder crowd?

Relatives turned to Jordan after their health insurer refused to approve an in-patient treatment program for Abdulazeez’s addictions to drugs and alcohol, the person said.

Where is Obummercare when you really need it?

An FBI spokesman has declined to comment on that information.

What are they hiding?

Jordan is one of the most Westernized countries in the Middle East, with alcohol sold openly. However, the kingdom has also seen the spread of Islamic militant ideas in recent years, especially following the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011.

Abdulazeez stayed with the uncle in Jordan, but only to help him with his small cellphone business, the attorney said. Neither Abdulazeez nor his uncle was religious or belonged to any sort of political organization, Khateeb said.

“The uncle is a regular person, he has a company, he is a businessman, he has no relation with any militant group or organization,” Khateeb said. “He cares about his work and his family, and Mohammod is just his relative, the son of his sister. That’s it.”

Khateeb is a prominent attorney and member of the Freedom Committee of the Muslim Brotherhood, the oldest and largest opposition group in Jordan. The Brotherhood is part of a regional movement of the same name. In Jordan, it has distanced itself from the Islamic State extremist group.

Aaaaaaaah, part of the British-created and sheikdom-backed Brotherhood, which is on the outs all over the place now. 

In the United States, authorities are struggling to understand Abdulazeez’s motive. Investigators have described their search as a domestic terrorism probe.

According to a US official familiar with the probe, investigators have found writings from Abdulazeez that reference Anwar al-Awlaki, a US-born cleric who encouraged and inspired attacks on the homeland and was killed in a US drone strike in September 2011. The official was not authorized to discuss by name an ongoing investigation and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The same one who was working for US intelligence and was Jewish(!!)?

However, investigators have said they have not found evidence that Abdulazeez was specifically directed by someone to carry out the attacks.

The FBI also has found other writings, from late 2013, not long after Abdulazeez was fired from a power plant job because of what a federal official has said was a failed drug test, a person close to the family said, speaking on condition of anonymity to avoid business repercussions.

On a few loose sheets of paper found in the family home, Abdulazeez, clearly depressed, wrote that he was a failure and his life was worthless, the person said.

The person said these writings were described to him by the family, and he hasn’t read them himself. The family was not aware of them before authorities found them, the person added.

This is ABSURD!!!!!

Abdulazeez was first treated by a child psychiatrist for depression when he was 12 or 13 years old.

So he has BEEN ON THE PHARMACEUTICALS for a LONG, LONG TIME -- which, btw, are used as an instrument of mind control!

The family does not know if Abdulazeez ever received a specific mental health diagnosis, the person said. He sometimes went for days without sleep while he was out partying with friends. But that could have been connected to Abdulazeez’s drug abuse, the person said. 

So much for the jihadi angle.

Abdulazeez also was heavily in debt because he could not hold down a job and talked with his family about declaring bankruptcy, the person said.

He had good job and was excited about it!!


Court records point to a volatile family life. His mother filed for divorce in 2009 and accused her husband of sexually assaulting her and abusing their children. She later agreed to reconcile.

That must have pushed this patsy over the edge.


Forget about him. Globe too busy waving bloody shirts and dead bodies in your face.

"Chattanooga survivors remember heroics of service members killed" by the Associated Press   July 25, 2015

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — 24-year-old Mohammod Abdulazeez worked for his uncle’s company, Global Trade Express, while he was in Jordan for several months last year, according to a person close to his family.

Abdulazeez’s family has said he was sent there to get him away from drugs, alcohol, and a group of friends his parents considered a bad influence.

That person spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid business repercussions.

The uncle, Asaad Ibrahim Asaad Haj Ali, was released without charges on Thursday. He had been detained for nearly a week by authorities in Jordan.

Tortured, too, no doubt.

Investigators have said it’s too early to determine whether Abdulazeez was ‘‘radicalized’’ before the attacks. FBI Knoxville Special Agent in Charge Ed Reinhold told reporters earlier this week that Abdulazeez was currently being treated as a ‘‘homegrown violent extremist.’’


The end witness thought it was a drill because it was!


Body of local Marine killed in Tenn. taken to Delaware base
T-shirt raises money for slain Marine’s family
Marines, sailors sought to distract Tenn. shooter
Funeral plans announced for Mass. Marine killed in Tennessee
Marine visits Boston after cycling across US without use of legs
Slain Marine returns to honors, a crowd in Springfield
Springfield remembers Marine slain in Tenn.
Springfield pays homage to a ‘Marine’s Marine’
Foxborough vigil honors victims of Tenn. shooting

Smiling crisis actors around set graves, action!?

And then came the theater shooting, if you didn't get the point.

Also see:

Charleston shooting defendant ordered to provide handwriting samples

Dylann Roof charged with hate crimes

S.C. church shootings suspect wants guilty plea

BU bans chairman of white ‘conservation’ group

But Grundy can spew hate speech, I mean teach.

‘Go Set a Watchman’ crosses 1 million copy mark

Watch this:

"Black devotee of rebel flag dies in car crash" Associated Press  July 21, 2015

JACKSON, Miss. — A black Mississippi man who often dressed in Confederate regalia to support the state flag has died in a one-car accident. 


The Highway Patrol said 49-year-old Anthony Hervey was killed Sunday when the 2005 Ford Explorer he was driving left the roadway and overturned on Mississippi Highway 6 in Lafayette County.

A passenger in Hervey’s car, Arlene Barnum, said that Hervey swerved and crashed after another vehicle carrying four or five young black men pulled up alongside them, yelling and looking angry. Barnum said Hervey yelled something back at the other vehicle before losing control and crashing.

‘‘It spun like crazy and we flipped, flipped, flipped. It was awful,’’ she said.

She said she gave that account to a Mississippi state trooper when she was taken to a hospital after the accident.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has not said whether officials are investigating Barnum’s account.

Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesman Johnny Poulos said Monday in a written statement that no other details of the accident will be available until accident reconstruction experts have had a chance to take a look at the evidence.

Barnum said they were in her SUV, which was not displaying any Confederate flags or stickers.


Mississippi's Uncle Tom, right?

Also seeSuspect arrested after loud noises heard at Mississippi military base

I guess no one cares about Mr. Hervey. 

NAACP investigating death of lawyer

Or him.

What they jwho care about: 

"Ga. lynching recalled 100 years later"  Associated Press   August 09, 2015

MARIETTA, Ga. — As transportation crews prepare to build on the site where Marietta citizens lynched a Jewish factory superintendent a century ago, Rabbi Steven Lebow talks of what’s worth preserving.

Might as well run up the Israeli flag after yanking down the Confederates.

Leo Frank’s conviction rested on the testimony of a custodian, Jim Conley, a rare case of a black man’s word used against a white defendant.

And the implication is it should not have been.

Frank’s lawyers appealed to the US Supreme Court, arguing that a climate of anti-Semitism had resulted in an unfair trial. The court upheld the verdict, 7 to 2. In 1915, Governor John Slaton commuted Frank’s sentence to life.

Months later, a group of Marietta men took Frank from prison. On Aug. 17, they hanged him outside town. Nobody was ever charged.

The Anti-Defamation League is marking the anniversary with a push for Georgia to pass a hate-crime law....

Had I never heard of the name Leo Frank I would never have known that the ADL is a supremacist hate group masquerading as a defender of tolerance.


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They were Jews murdered by the Nazis, I kid you not.

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I'm sure there is a lesson there somewhere.

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I suppose race relations can't get any Lower:

"Three managers at a Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Virginia are ‘‘no longer with the company’’ for their involvement in fulfilling a customer’s request that no black drivers deliver to her home, a company spokesman said Tuesday."

I was wrong. 

Back where we started, aren't we?

Time to leave Virginia:

"A US judge ruled that Virginia can ban the Confederate flag from specialty license plates the state issues in the future, but no decision has been announced yet on whether existing plates can be revoked."


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Very Serious Problems with the WDBJ Shooting Story (great investigation)

The opinions range from fakes, to false flags, to fuzzy contradictions, and none of it is good for officialdom.