Tuesday, August 25, 2015

HUD Helping to Create Homeless

They claim it is to kick out those undeserving, and that may well be true; however, HUD has been filled with corruption and disappeared funds for as long as I can remember. 

Some say it is nothing more than a $lu$h fund for intelligence and military circles, but we all know that could't be true even if the staff and directors are feeding at the trough.

"After criticism, HUD seeks review of eviction policies; Will target tenants with high incomes" by Lisa Rein Washington Post   August 20, 2015

WASHINGTON — The Department of Housing and Urban Development said Tuesday that in response to an unsparing audit by its watchdog, it is urging public housing authorities across the country to kick out tenants who make too much money to qualify for government subsidies.


One good thing, I gue$$: that means ALL THE TAX LOOT going to WELL-CONNECTED CORPORATIONS and AGENDA-PUSHING INTERESTS will end, too!! 


‘‘It may be legally acceptable, but it is morally unacceptable for people who could pay market-rate rents to be in public housing,’’ a senior HUD official said of the disclosure that more than 25,000 tenants earn more than the maximum income allowed to qualify for public housing — almost half of them making $10,000 to $70,000 more.

Look at this immoral, criminal government lecturing you about morality!!! 

Yeah, go after the CHUMP CHANGE of average citizens while all the bankers and banks behind the mortgage securities fraud pay kickbacks, 'er, fines.

‘‘We agree there has to be some change,’’ said the official, who requested anonymity because the agency is still in discussions about how to address the issue.

The crackdown represents an about-face from the agency’s initial response to the audit by Inspector General David Montoya’s office, which found a family of four in New York City taking home a $497,911 salary but paying just $1,574 in rent for a three-bedroom apartment in public housing. The review described this family and other tenants who cross HUD’s low-income threshold but get to stay in cheap apartments as ‘‘egregious’’ abuses of the system that are squeezing out truly needy families.

Don't you know by now that this government doesn't give a f*** about you?

HUD’s deputy assistant secretary for public housing and voucher programs had denounced the report before its release in late July as contradicting HUD policy, which allows ‘‘overincome’’ families to stay because evicting them could destabilize their progress toward self-sufficiency.

But in recent weeks, the agency’s policy has apparently evolved.

Right up your anal canal.

‘‘You’ve really got to look at, what is the intent of public housing?’’ the senior official said. ‘‘It’s to serve people with limited options.’’

Yup, those are the breaks!!


City Council presses to boost raises
Pay raise debate demeans City Council
Bill Linehan is priceless

What a $cum (and racist at bottom, too)!

But housing advocates are furious with the inspector general’s review, and Tuesday they took their private criticism public.

‘‘It’s the Trump syndrome,’’ said Saul Ramirez, chief executive officer of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, referring to presidential candidate Donald Trump. ‘‘It’s, let’s go bang on people who can’t defend themselves and take an issue in the wrong direction.’’


What a non-sequiter! This government (and Democrats) are supposed to be standing against him! Right? 


Ramirez, a former HUD deputy secretary, said the inspector general’s conclusions are being unjustly manipulated by conservatives. On Tuesday, Representative David Jolly, a Florida Republican, called for a congressional investigation.

It's the AGENCY that did the ABOUT FACE!!

Public housing authorities have to balance opposing goals.

Time to knock them off it and tell them to go the f*** away!!!!!!!!!! 

They want economic diversity in old, often-crumbling projects.

At least the ELITE SECTIONS of Bo$ton and other cities are red hot with construction!!

And they want to make room for millions of poor people who linger on long waiting lists. Most people in public housing have an average annual income of just over $13,000.

Can you say COLOSSAL FAILURE and SCANDAL here in AmeriKa!?

HUD’s leverage to force housing authorities to evict higher-earning tenants is limited by current law: Families can stay as long as they want, no matter how much money they make, as long as they are good tenants. Complicating what HUD can do are structural realities. While the federal government pays the subsidies, states and local governments run the housing authorities. 

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Have mercy, and get out of that apartment!

So the agency is issuing guidance to more than 3,000 housing authorities that ‘‘encourages [them] to establish policies to reduce the number of overincome tenants in public housing,’’ the official said.


So how do you love your government-subsidized slum?