Thursday, October 8, 2015

Next Day Update Updates

Rather than patch them in behind the posts below I thought I would try to stay current this way today:

One if by Land....

"19 people have died. Along the coast, residents prepared for a second round of flooding as rivers swollen from days of devastating rains make their way toward the Atlantic, and the threat of more flooding still hadn’t lifted. Senator Lindsey Graham warned the disaster could ‘‘break the bank’’ of federal emergency funds, possibly topping more than $1 billion."

They can't even find a $tinky billion for you!

Coast Guard ends search for crew from missing ship


Tonight's Starting Line-Up

I was going to post these next links in full; however, I'm going to let you pick your own team.

DraftKings CEO defends ethics, balks at regulation

Bit of a smarmy look, i$n't it?

The inevitability of fantasy sports

And the state treasury will al$o get its cut. Everybody's happy and it is much ado about nothing (if only I could pick the football games as good; I'd be rich!).


Nigerian Rap

Female suicide bombers kill 18 in Nigeria

Ever notice that after a while it all sounds the same?


ISIS™ in Mississippi

They have moved onto Kentucky now.

"Eastern Kentucky University cancels classes after threats" Associated Press  October 08, 2015

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Eastern Kentucky University has canceled classes for the rest of the week because of an escalating threat after the discovery of graffiti that threatened to ‘‘kill all’’ this week, campus officials said Wednesday.

The school’s public safety office said there was no evidence of imminent danger, but it reported ‘‘an escalation in the threat, originating from social media.’’ Police presence around the campus in Richmond, Ky., has increased.

School officials did not immediately identify the nature of the social media threat. University spokeswoman Kristi Middleton declined to comment, citing the ongoing police investigation.

The campus threats surfaced in recent days. On Monday, campus police issued a public safety alert after menacing graffiti was found in a student center bathroom on campus. The graffiti said: ‘‘Kill All By 10/8/15.’’

University president Michael Benson said Wednesday the goal was to limit safety risks while assessing the threats.

Classes also were canceled on the university’s satellite campuses in the region. The school has about 16,900 students.

The action comes just days after shootings at an Oregon community college, where nine people and the assailant were killed.


Yeah, about that last bit:

"Parallels drawn between Oregon, Conn. slayings; Mothers of both suspects owned many firearms" by Gosia Wozniacka and Brian Melley Associated Press  October 08, 2015

PORTLAND, Ore. — The deadly shooting last week at an Oregon community college has an eerie parallel with the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Yeah, they are both staged and scripted fictions.

Like Adam Lanza, the gunman in the Connecticut massacre, Christopher Harper-Mercer was living a mostly solitary life with a mother who shared his fascination with firearms.

Both stories illustrate the struggles parents face caring for a deeply troubled child, struggles that can inadvertently lead to a volatile outcome made easier by ready access to weaponry.

‘‘When you begin to bring guns into the home environment where you have that dangerous cocktail of behavior, that’s pretty unbelievable,’’ said Mary Ellen O’Toole, a former FBI profiler who directs George Mason University’s forensic science program.

Yup, SURE IS! 

So what pharmaceuticals was this kid taking (or not), this military man, this psyop specialist, as for the limited hangout narrative that will compel government-mandated mental examinations for everyone?

Harper-Mercer bears similarities to other school shooters.

Well, it's the same script and we now know that the Holmes, Loughner, and Rodger, who left behind a note that complained about not having a girlfriend, are all now called into question as to whether they actually happened, or happened as we are being told. What type of mind control manipulation are they doing to kids these days?

School board settles over principal hypnotizing students


The school board is trying to cover up an obvious mind-control program that is going on inside the schools!!! 

The depths of horror once the curtain is drawn back, the genie let loose from the lantern, the emperor and his messenger with no clothes, the coded newspeak of the elite pre$$, when you combine all the cliches one can reach no other conclusion about what is going on under shallow and superficial (and likely one-day coverage) is horrifying these days. It's techniques developed over decades with technology now serving as a support pillar.

If nothing else, it casts doubt on the cause regarding these poor troubled kids that are part of the script (if you want to believe in such things; I once did, thought the events themselves happened even if everything around it was bull. Not anymore). 

But the comparison to Lanza extends to the relationships both shooters had with their mothers and guns.

So look out for Mama's boys or kids with snowplow parents, right?

Both women were longtime gun enthusiasts, not uncommon in many parts of America where gun ownership is prevalent and encouraged. The two mothers amassed weapons and took their sons to shooting ranges, according to the investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting and the Daily Breeze newspaper in Torrance, Calif., the town where Harper lived for years with her son.

It’s easy to judge them in hindsight, but deeply strained and complicated relationships often lead to bad or desperate parental decisions with tragic consequences, said psychologist Peter Langman, author of two books on school shooters.

‘‘In some cases, [parents] don’t recognize there’s a problem,’’ Langman said. ‘‘In other cases, they’re aware of their child’s mental health issues, but they don’t see any evidence of violence, so they don’t see any reason not to take their kid target shooting.’’

Parents may also use guns to bond with a mentally troubled, isolated child who is obsessed with weapons and violence, he said.

Laurel Harper’s online postings don’t indicate she knew her son had violent tendencies, but it is clear she relished her weapons....


She wrote enthusiastically about assault rifles and pistols and derided gun control efforts in "lame states" on Yahoo! Answers using an account that is linked to an email address associated with her.

Harper could not be located for comment and has not returned messages left by The Associated Press at her home.

What is with the censorship and rewrites?

The nurse, who moved to rural Oregon with her son from the Los Angeles area two years ago, speaks frankly in the postings about her son’s Asperger’s syndrome, a mild form of autism. Experts say that people diagnosed with Asperger’s are not more prone to violence than anyone else.

Investigators said she told them he had mental health issues

I called it.

Social profiles linked to her son suggested he tracked other mass shootings and was fascinated by the Irish Republican Army. Neighbors in the Los Angeles-area suburb of Torrance, where the mother and son lived before moving to Oregon, recalled him as uncommunicative, having child-like tantrums and loud fights with his mother, who was overprotective of him.

Even a family argument is cause for concern now. Good thing those never happen in AmeriKa.


Also seeHeroic Vet in Ore. Shooting Leaves Hospital

Oh, no, the allotted time is up for this post!

Until further notice, all school shootings will be seen as staged and scripted crisis drills and utter fictions until proven otherwise. Sorry.

Related: Jerusalem Mayor: Carry Guns at All Times

That's quite a contrast from the foreign power that is training U.S. police and whose Amerikan agents wish to disarm the people.


1 Dead, 3 Hurt in Arizona School Shooting

That is what I log into this morning, while also noting the Globe carrying another tragic tale regarding fraudulent heroes who are taking to the bottle out of guilt (or because they have wads of dough?).

"Rampage killings grab attention, but gun violence more ingrained; Criminals turn to black market for weapons" by Erik Eckholm New York Times   October 09, 2015

NEW YORK — Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and now, a community college in Roseburg, Ore. One after another, mass shootings have horrified the nation, stoking debate about the availability of legal guns and anguish over the inability of society to keep weapons out of the hands of seething killers.

I've been calling for the end of weapons to Israel for a long time.

But such rampage killings are not the typical face of gun violence in America. Each day, some 30 people are victims of gun homicides, slain by rival gang members or drug dealers, trigger-happy robbers, drunken men after bar fights, frenzied family members, or abusive partners. An additional 60 people a day kill themselves with guns.

And just over two by the cops.

In Chicago alone in September — the city’s deadliest month in recent years — there were 57 homicides, most by gunfire, and 351 were shot and wounded. In total, counting suicides, 33,636 people in the United States were killed by firearms in 2013, according to the latest federal data. 

And Chicago has the toughest gun laws on the books. 


"Barbara Byrd-Bennett, who ran the Chicago Public Schools until she stepped down this past spring amid allegations of corruption, will plead guilty to federal charges that she gave a no-bid $20.5 million contract to a former employer in exchange for future employment and a $250,000 kickback for two relatives. Byrd-Bennett, 66, was charged Thursday with 15 counts of mail fraud and five counts of wire fraud. Also facing federal charges are Gary Solomon, 47, and Thomas Vranas, 34, co-owners of SUPES Academy, a company that trains principals. According to the indictment, Byrd-Bennett steered a $20.5 million contract to SUPES, where she once worked as a consultant."

Will be saying bye-bye soon, and it's just another Chicago $cam.

“Mass shootings focus the public’s attention,” said Garen J. Wintemute, director of the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California Davis School of Medicine. “But we lose on the order of 90 people a day to firearms. We need to keep our eyes focused on the larger picture.”

The war at home, huh?

Yet there is bitter disagreement over how to respond in this gun-saturated country and, especially in the current political campaign. 

Probably because we have built an empire around just that.


Complicating any solutions is a stark reality about the origins of many of the guns used in crimes. Most of the up to 300 million guns in the United States, now kept by at least a third of US households, were bought legally, but few criminals obtained their firearms that way, turning instead to an underground market.

As if reality had anything to do with what I'm reading in my paper.

In the largest federal survey of prison inmates on the subject, done in 2004, only about 10 percent of convicts who had carried guns said they bought them from licensed dealers. Most said they bought them from, or traded with, relatives, friends, or street acquaintances such as fences, drug dealers, and gang members.

Gun theft is a major source of such weapons. Evidence suggests at least 250,000 guns are stolen in home and store burglaries each year. Some criminologists say the number may be significantly higher.

Once weapons start circulating in this underworld, they tend to change hands frequently, said Philip J. Cook, a professor of public policy at Duke University.

Government needs another Fast and Furious sting like with the Mexican drug gangs so they can track those weapons (if they aren't behind the black market themselves).


Controls on gun sales may do little, by themselves, to block a determined mass killer.

In the shooting last week in Oregon, in which Christopher Harper-Mercer killed nine people, all 14 of the guns available to him — either used in the attack or left at home — were bought legally by him or by a relative from a licensed dealer.

“This is the sort of killing you’re least likely to prevent with gun control laws, partly because the killers are so motivated,” said Gary Kleck, a criminologist at Florida State University.


What they want are background checks on everything because it is a worrisome loophole.

It's gun control agenda back again, and there was a day long ago when I would have been for it. That was before my eyes were opened regarding the crisis drills and false flags. 

As of now, I'm starting to become suspicious of either side and am wondering if it's all part of the skillful manipulation of public opinion by society's managers.

Man accused of hoarding weapons held
Man gets a year in prison in UConn hoax calls


"A regulatory framework ought to be developed. The fantasy sports industry needs to be treated like other forms of gambling in which there are clear rules, and the state gets a cut."

Game over!


"S.C. capital faces new water woe: Leak imperils drinking source" by Adam Beam and Susanne M. Schafer Associated Press  October 09, 2015

There are rumors of an imminent water shortage as a mass of water rumbling toward the ocean floods some places for up to two more weeks and people have a false sense of security over the second round of flooding after surviving hurricanes. 

And just two days ago the Globe was telling me the worst was over. I wonder when the word "normal" will start to appear.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — In Columbia, city officials urged residents to conserve water. And when they do use it, they have to boil it at least one minute. Restaurants are offering bottled water and serving meals on paper plates to avoid washing dishes. And many people are making daily trips to their local grocery stores to stock up on water.

The city is like hundreds of others along the East Coast and in the Midwest that have been told to fix their aging infrastructure.

It is under orders from the US Environmental Protection Agency to fix its sewage treatment plant and sewer pipes to reduce overflows that can contaminate waterways....

Yeah, it's never the fault of the federal government.

Related: More Animas Toward EPA

That was all cleaned up after one hearing.

Last month, the state Supreme Court revived a lawsuit challenging how the city has paid for maintenance to its water and sewer systems, saying ‘‘simply put, the statutes do not allow these revenues to be treated as a slush fund.’’

Columbia separates its property tax collections, which are imposed only on city residents, from its water fees, which are paid by its customers who live throughout the region.

In 1993, the city passed a resolution allowing it to pull money from the water fund to help balance the city’s budget. According to the lawsuit, in the past three years, $12 million was transferred from utility customers to pay for nonutility projects.

So who stole all the money in South Carolina? 

And Lindsey wants $1 billion?


At least the water is still better than Flint's.

Also see: 

S.C. farmers face millions in losses after heavy rains

More rain is on the way and so is the rise in the price of food.

Campus shootings in Arizona, Texas leave 2 dead, 4 injured

Fire drills all over the place, huh?


"A monthlong police investigation has concluded that a gay man who reported being the victim of a hate crime at a University of North Dakota fraternity invented the story and actually instigated the fight."

That is nothing new here in AmeriKa.

"Well... it looks like that Oregon shooting is a big put up job like all the others. If a picture says a thousand words then this one is War and Peace, or something by Minchner and of course there are any number of videos. Some go after this one specific event and aren't very well done and some go after the collective of false flags and are better done. Some bring up very interesting details and illustrate people like that Oregon sheriff. Here is someone that provides hope that not all of us are cowardly followers of impossible scripts." -- source

MORE THAN A COINCIDENCE? Author of Gun Bill ‘Related’ to Victim in Umpqua College Shooting