Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Shooting Things Up

Haven't taken a look and I'm not part of the divisive debates regarding race and gender.

"Mass., N.H. troopers charged in beating video case" by Travis Andersen Globe Staff  July 19, 2016

Two state troopers from Massachusetts and New Hampshire were arrested Tuesday after being seen on TV news video allegedly beating a suspect who had surrendered following a high-speed chase in Nashua in May, amid heightened scrutiny nationwide of the use of force by law enforcement.

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph A. Foster’s office said Massachusetts Trooper Joseph Flynn, 32, and Andrew Monaco, 31, his counterpart from the Granite State, were booked on assault charges stemming from the violent capture of Richard Simone Jr., 50.

Simone, of Worcester, had been wanted on assault and larceny charges when he led authorities on a chase that began in Central Massachusetts and ended in Nashua. Troopers struck him repeatedly after he exited his vehicle and knelt on the ground, in an incident that was captured on camera by news helicopters and watched by viewers across the nation.

New England's Rodney King?

Their arrests come after recent fatal shootings by police under questionable circumstances in Louisiana and Minnesota and killings of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Those cases followed the controversial killing of African-American men by police in recent years in Missouri, South Carolina, and elsewhere.

The wave of slayings has prompted demonstrations across the country in solidarity with both the Black Lives Matter movement and law enforcement groups.

While racial tensions have underscored several of the cases, Simone is not a person of color.

He is NOT a person of color

Makes him sound like he is not a person, maybe less worthy of rights.

I wish my divisive, agenda-pushing, war-promoting newspaper would stop pushing the identity politics.

Howard Friedman, a prominent civil rights attorney in Boston who represents plaintiffs in lawsuits alleging police brutality, said prosecutors were compelled to bring criminal charges in Simone’s case because of the video footage.

“They don’t bring criminal charges often in situations like this, but you looked at the video and there was no question that they were beating someone after [he] had given up,” Friedman said, adding that incidents of excessive force after pursuits are “sadly common.”

“If a regular civilian was on videotape beating someone up, criminal charges would be brought,” he said. “And I think now prosecutors feel they have to do the same, even if it’s a police officer.”


Doesn't mean they will get a conviction, and that guy should consider himself lucky he only got a beating.

"A police officer shot and killed a man who was being chased in Peterborough, N.H., Tuesday morning, officials said. The New Hampshire attorney general’s office, State Police, and Peterborough police are investigating the shooting, according to a statement from Attorney General Joseph Foster’s office. The officer was a local police officer, according to New Hampshire State Police spokesman Michael Todd. The man was being chased by police, and ended up being shot during a “confrontation with police,” on Route 136 at around 10:20 a.m., Foster’s office said. He has not been identified."

No word on the race of either?


"The New Hampshire attorney general is launching an investigation after video surfaced Wednesday of police in Nashua punching a suspect who had dropped to his knees and surrendered following a high-speed chase that began in Central Massachusetts."

Also see:

Mass. state trooper suspended while N.H. arrest is investigated
Mass., N.H. troopers relieved of duty after chase, beating video
A plus and a minus for Mass. State Police

They didn't beat a woman.

N.H. man arrested for allegedly shooting two police officers
Officer shot in Manchester, N.H., released from Boston hospital
N.H. man who allegedly shot officers has mental illness, family says

Better get back to Massachusetts:

A police officer worked at the scene of one of Friday’s shootings.
A police officer worked at the scene of one of Friday’s shootings (Jim Cole/Associated Press).

I'm feeling safer already.

"The accountability office would be a “first step” toward restoring confidence in the police department, which has been criticized for taking too long to investigate allegations of misconduct against officers. A Globe review of complaints filed against Boston police found that internal affairs investigations can sometimes drag on for years."

And I've been told by the Globe that Boston has been the model for the whole country. They don't blow away as many citizens as other places.

How a routine traffic stop in Auburn turned deadly
Court to review handling of cases involving Jorge Zambrano
The sacrifice of Officer Tarentino
The most dangerous moment for police
Thousands expected to attend slain officer’s wake, funeral

“We’re seeing once again a tragic situation and people start talking about greater judicial accountability,” said Berkshire District Attorney David F. Capeless, president of the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association. “This reminds us why we have mandatory sentencing.”

Family didn’t realize that man slain near their home was a relative
Auburn shooting suspect called daughter to apologize
Video captures off-duty officer, pedestrian in scuffle
Officer in scuffle faced prior allegations of excessive force
Thousands mourn slain Auburn officer at wake
Twin of man accused of murdering police officer condemns his actions
Slain Auburn officer honored, remembered by thousands
Two men charged with 2004 Boston murder
Lawrence police officer charged with trying to extort drug dealer
Why criticizing bad behavior by police doesn’t mean you’re anti-cop
Accused killer showed pattern of hostility
Review says courts handled Zambrano cases properly
Trooper wounded by barricaded fugitive Jorge Zambrano knew capture would be difficult

Time to move along:

Video shows fatal clash between man with knife, Everett officer

Not even safe to get a haircut in the city these days.

Taunton police chief, 3 officers face civil rights lawsuit
Boston officer to plead guilty to charge tied to shoplifting ring

His family is so proud!

Off-duty Chelsea police officer killed in motorcycle crash, officials say

To what gang does he belong

"Fourteen people from the Boston area were arrested in Walpole Sunday for allegedly being part of a group that recklessly rides off-road dirt bikes through the streets of Boston and Walpole, police said. The mass arrest took place on Renmar Avenue in Walpole, a dead-end street where the suspects practice, Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael said. “This wide sweeping investigation was in direct response to numerous complaints from the communities we serve,” Boston Police Commissioner Williams Evans said in a statement."

Boston's top cop runs a marathon and then delivers a meal

Whatta hero!

"A 14-year-old boy was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after a shooting that injured a 23-year-old woman. The boy was arraigned in the Dorchester session of the Suffolk County Juvenile Court. Judge Peter Coyne set bail at $15,000 cash but ordered the boy held without bail pending a hearing to determine whether he had violated his probation in an unrelated case. The judge slated the next hearing in the case for July 25. The boy was arrested after he allegedly opened fire on Norfolk Street in Mattapan around dinner time Monday, Boston police said."

Good thing he was disarmed with no further damage.

"Officers have fired on armed suspects who they later learned were carrying an imitation gun. “We just don’t believe there’s a legitimate reason to manufacture them in a way that makes them look so real.” Many manufacturers of imitation weapons are based abroad. One of the largest in the United States, Daisy Outdoor Products, didn’t respond to a request for comment. One of the largest US distributors, Jag Precision, also didn’t return a message. Manufacturers often include disclaimers warning against misuse or any unauthorized alterations."

SeeBrookline police find man with air rifle near school

ALL began in Cleveland.

The loophole in the Mass. assault weapons ban

I'm tired of having kids at me, while those victims of the war machine are hidden unless the pre$$ is pushing an ulterior agenda.

"A 16-year-old youth has been arrested on a charge of murder in the slaying of a 29-year old man near his home in Fall River Monday night, authorities said. Joel Lopez will be arraigned on Wednesday in Fall River District Court in the slaying of Jerrod Cohen. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon on Harrison Street in Fall River. Police responded to Plain Street at about 9:27 p.m. Monday to investigate reports of shots fired and found the victim lying in the first-floor landing of the apartment complex where he lived, Bristol District Attorney Thomas M. Quinn III’s office said in a statement. Cohen was rushed to Rhode Island Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, officials said."

That's another thing I would like to unequivocally state: Jewish lives also matter. Even war criminal repugnant like Netanyahu. I don't want him killed; I simply want him to be removed to somewhere were he can't hurt anyone. Prison? Okay. South Pole? Sure. Can set up separate quarters for the Bush and Obama administrations while at it, and let Europe set up some housing as well if they wish. 

Death and questions after man is tased by Fall River police

Good thing tasers keep shootings down (except in Texas):

"A Texas sheriff’s office said Monday that its officers had been called out multiple times in the past to the home of a mother who killed her two daughters, before she was fatally shot by police. Caitilin Espinosa, a spokeswoman for the Fort Bend County sheriff’s office, said Monday that the calls were for several different reasons. Espinosa earlier told People magazine the calls involved a ‘‘mental crisis’’ that Christy Sheats was undergoing. A Facebook profile consistent with Sheats’ biographical details included a progun post, alongside posts about how much she loved members of her family."

And the train keeps chugging along:

"Baton Rouge grapples with two weeks of violence" by Cain Burdeau Associated Press  July 20, 2016

BATON ROUGE, La. —Thousands of people turned out at several locations around Baton Rouge for protests in the aftermath of Alton Sterling’s July 5 death. The 37-year-old Sterling, the black man shot by white police officers two weeks ago, was killed as two white officers pinned him to the pavement outside a convenience store where he sold CDs.

The killing was captured on cellphone video and widely circulated online. The footage drew attention to strained race relations and longstanding inequities in a city with a 55 percent black population that is informally segregated. The Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation. 

It's like that a lot in AmeriKa, even in Bo$ton, but at least there are no Confederate flags still flying around.

The weekend after Sterling’s death, police in riot gear arrested nearly 200 protesters. The clashes grew increasingly intense after a deadly police shooting in Minnesota and the killing of five officers in Dallas.

I burned those down yesterday.

Civil rights groups and activists sued Baton Rouge law enforcement agencies over their treatment of protesters. The police chief defended the response, saying authorities discovered a plot against law enforcement that weekend.

They thrust enough of them on us I suppose.

Tensions continued to simmer, but the protests largely dissipated as Sterling’s family laid him to rest Friday at a memorial service that drew thousands.


I hate to say this now, but don't protest. The anti-occupy, pro-war, pro-illegals, pro-gay, pro- global warming, plow color-coded CIA coup paper is covering protests. All you need to know.

Just as the city appeared to take a breath, the next blow hit Sunday, when a masked former Marine ambushed law enforcement along a busy highway, killing three officers and wounding three more before he was shot and killed.

Take more than a few!

Police said they don’t know whether Gavin Long’s attack came in response to Sterling’s death, but Louisiana State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson said it’s clear officers were ‘‘intentionally targeted and assassinated’’ by the 29-year-old black gunman.

Yeah, thanks for helping the cause(????).

Sterling’s family decried the officers’ deaths. Even Louisiana State University’s football coach, Les Miles, weighed in, saying in a statement that his heart ‘‘hurts for Baton Rouge and what’s happened in our community.’’

Broken like mine?

Cleve Dunn Jr., a local businessman and leader in the black community who has been involved in the protests, denounced the bloodshed.

‘‘If your heart cries out for Alton Sterling and his family, your heart should cry out for the officers,’’ he said. ‘‘And if your heart cries out for only side, then you need to check yourself, and you need to look in the mirror because you’re part of the problem.’’

Gandhi said that in the movie, and he was right. Tell it to the families.

But while Sterling’s death had started discussions about how to improve relations between minority communities and law enforcement, Dunn said the shooting deaths of the officers damaged those efforts.

And who benefits from that?

The protests have temporarily ceased, but Dunn expects them to resume after the funerals for the slain officers.

A white woman, Deirdre Breaux, was hopeful, saying she was encouraged by the tone and actions of local, city, state, and federal officials.

‘‘I see them lining up. They want to see progress, change,’’ Breaux said. ‘‘What we don’t need are outsiders bringing their propaganda and upsetting what we’re trying to heal.’’

Yup, and it starts now.



Louisiana set to expand hate-crimes laws to include police

They are calling it BLUE LIVES MATTER and there are more than you think

Timing of Baton Rouge shooting strange if real then, isn't it? 

I'm going on the premise, with no investigation btw, that all is real in my Globe.

"In Georgia on Sunday, a sheriff’s deputy may lose his left eye after he was shot in the face during a traffic stop south of Atlanta, authorities said."

Police shot homeowner after responding to wrong location, authorities say

At least Georgia is not Ohio or Chicopee.

Memphis officer struck, killed after 3 shot in Memphis

Citizens made the arrest.

Jury selected in theater shooting civil trial
APNewsBreak: Victims: James Holmes secrecy violates rights

Good thing he is locked up good and tight.

Colorado theater not to blame for shooting, jury says

False flag called off or fake to begin with?

Train hits van in Colorado killing 5, including 3 children

That leads me to California:

Mass release of California prisoners didn’t cause rise in crime, two studies find
States move toward treating 17-year-old offenders as juveniles, not adults
Murder Rates Jump in Many Major U.S. Cities, New Data Shows

It was only three, but a recent trove of federal data offered some good news on the group’s life expectancy." 

I've lost my COMPAS and don't know where to go next.

"Navajo Nation reeling after 11-year-old girl’s kidnapping and murder" by Yanan Wang Washington Post  May 06, 2016

At a candlelight vigil on Tuesday, community members mourned a gentle child who played xylophone in the school band, KRQE reported. While she was quiet in public, Ashlynne loved joking around with her younger brother and playing games with her cousins, her aunt told the TV station.

Tom Begaye Jr.’s alleged crime has shaken the tribal community, as it grapples not only with the death of an innocent, but also the possibility that it was carried out by one of their own.

The 11-year-old’s death has raised questions among tribe members about whether the police response to her disappearance was adequate....

It took time to put on the body armor.


Native Americans have been treated worse than blacks in some ways.

Hawaii could be first to put gun owners in federal database

I'm sure WRH is loving that.

Prosecutor clears 2 St. Louis officers in fatal shooting

Where all this began, right?