Saturday, July 30, 2016

Last Call

It's late and my heart is breaking so let's get off and running:

Upon the flip I find the Globe already playing the woman card, telling me that the alternative media reporting is true. There was a Trump bounce after both conventions, and media is simply laying the groundwork for an election whereby Hillary will squeak by in the electoral map somehow with some well-placed fraud here and there. That's not to say I'm for Trump, either. I'm a completely nonpartisan observer looking for fairness and integrity in the election process based on decades of past history.

Underneath that is the scandal at Suffolk with "a letter obtained by the Globe on Friday saying the president was terminated for “cause,” but in the end it turned out to be the "meeting with the Boston Globe’s editorial board that was apparently a no-no." The Regan P.R. guy behind it all has receded.

Beside that is the Conigliaro conspiracy regarding the meningitis murders, and at least they got their money.

The rest is a test of principal and I'm up against the odds. There is always hope and heroes to come to the rescue. It was “like a death camp there,” but at least the children were saved and all that talk of suicide....I've no longer the energy so I am going to overlook it.

I think I'll give a gentle snub to the first item of Jewish war propaganda. The Russians are handling it much better than I would have, and have you seen Russia lately?

I know that work will set me free. That was a value I was raised with. Hard work, you work hard!

The side strip includes a swath of land in Japan, the dropping of Turkish lawsuits, and Brazil moving forward with the Olympics despite all the problems down there.

What is noteworthy, or should be, is the U.S. being told to leave Japan; the loss of Turkey through Obama administration policy, something that has consequences far into the future with the potential removal of all U.S. troops to be replaced by Russians. Word on the internet is the Russian intelligence tipped Erdogan off regarding the coup, and ruling class folk don't forget such things.

Then it is on to the Nation. Avoid Florida at all costs. Screw the tourism industry and Disney. With all the shootings down there anyway.... you should vaca in North Carolina. That's what I'd vote for. No need to hack a thing. Telling you straight out, and if you can't choke it down, well.... back to business.

Schilling may be outspoken, but that is no crime -- yet.

I'm tired of wading through the same old bull$h** (never you mind those declining tax collections).

I mean, this is the guy who said  “the story for the Massachusetts economy, if you ignore high levels of unemployment and inequality, is the economy has been performing very well,” so why should we put any stock in what he's spewing?

The fact is, this state is starting to look wor$e than Brazil despite all the flowery rhetoric of the convention.

Looks like the Irish got the right idea: ‘‘Saving the bank isn’t everything,’’ although for some that's all there is, the stock prices are Seres business, and you may have a heart attack when Facing up to tho$e facts.

Did you just hear a scream or is it only me turning in?

Awwwwww, Cluckit, here's one for the road:

"Bar owner who admitted taking incentives won’t face penalty" by Dan Adams Globe Staff  July 29, 2016

Massachusetts alcohol regulators on Friday declined to punish a bar whose owner admitted taking $20,000 in payments from a beer distributor, dealing a setback to state investigators who had vowed to crack down on so-called “pay-to-play” in the state’s beer industry.

Investigators at the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission had cited a now-closed South End restaurant, Estelle’s, after its owner, the Wilcox Group, admitted that it took $20,000 from the Craft Brewers Guild to reserve 20 tap lines at its bars for the distributor’s beers.

The Wilcox Group owns a number of popular Boston-area bars, including The Lower Depths, Bukowski Tavern, and the Rattlesnake Bar & Grille. Estelle’s was the only Wilcox establishment cited by investigators.

But in their ruling Friday, two ABCC commissioners said there was not enough evidence proving the payments were specifically for tap lines at Estelle’s.

“Obviously, [they]’re pleased with the decision.”

Inducements like those paid to Wilcox, while common and legal in grocery stores and other industries, are generally prohibited under the unique regulations governing the alcohol business.

The ABCC investigation began in late 2014 after Dann Paquette, cofounder of the Pretty Things brewery, posted on Twitter about the prevalence of pay-to-play, and singled out bars owned by the Wilcox Group as the recipients of such payments. The company’s owner, Gordon Wilcox, fired back, accusing Paquette of making middling, overpriced beer.

Estelle’s closed over a year ago. It was briefly rebranded as Cluckit, a chicken restaurant, but Wilcox closed that venture last October.

Officials said they would now move ahead with approving a transfer of the Cluckit liquor license to Douglass Williams, an up-and-coming chef and restaurateur who plans to open an Italian-influenced restaurant dubbed MIDA in the space later this year....


As I hit the road for a long make-or-break trip, I toast to you the Good Life and hope I have left a decent legacy.