Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday Globe Just Sits There

I've dutifully made the notes, but it has sat on the table for the last hour and the more time that goes by..... the less likely I am to read any of it. On a long weekend of all things.

The most important story in the world this day, according to my reading of the fold, is obvious and it also leads my second section. I don't want to argue about that long ago event; what I did notice is the 21st-century version was briefly referred to on page A2 before it was wiped clean (and now they are claiming it was U.S.- and allied-created, funded, and directed ISIS™). All after Israel said it is going to build a $5 billion island so that supplies can come in to Gaza. Those "terrorists" sure have a lousy sense of timing. Good thing Hezbollah and Russia are helping out.

Back above the fold, what the doctors were thinking doesn't surprise me because they have been warned what happens if government smells that stuff.

The only below the fold item is Clinton and her e-mails. (Bill pops up on page A11 after getting an update on where is the investigation, and who knows what to think of Trump).

I'm skipping the immigrant story, sorry, and it looks like Bangladesh is another looks like another swift kick in the.... well, you know. Maybe there is some truth to be found in the Globe somewhere.

Then it is back to the EU and Europe on page A3 before going down under for the "vote" in Australia before returning for the fireworks (didn't know they would be in Iraq). I'm just a working person with no class so I'm just going to leave things as they are.

By the time I get to page A4 it's over. I no longer want to prosecute this post.

In days gone by I would have had a cow at seeing such token gesture, but now I just clam up.

I'll make the rest brief. It's none of my business anyway. It's literally garbage, and wildlife takes care of the compost for me (just threw out a couple uneaten dogs). You can leave a voice mail if you want; I don't like talking on the phone in the car. I'd rather listen to the radio.

Globe will tell you everything you need to know about Syria and Bahrain. It's silly for me to continue, and I know you will think I'm crazy (some conspiracy theorists who write for the paper are not because they have the proper connections) but I knew what was at the bottom of the agenda-pushing article when I saw them waving the children at us. Even when it is supposed to be in your interests, it isn't, but who could be against saving lives? Certainly not a war pre$$.

So when do the Olympics start?