Tuesday, July 12, 2016

White Lives Do Matter!

"In officer-involved shootings in these 10 cities, officers were more likely to fire without having first been attacked when the suspects were white. Black and white civilians involved in police shootings were equally likely to have been carrying a weapon. Both of these results undercut the idea that the police wield lethal force with racial bias. Fryer found that blacks were either less likely to be shot or there was no difference between blacks and whites."

That's the point I have been making as I have been skipping around the last few days

What you need to do is get some perspective. Realize that the divisive race, gender, sexual preference, age, and any other wedge that can be used to divide is being used to divert your attention from cla$$ corruption and criminality. That is the function of the ma$$ media, pre$$ included, while at the same time advancing whatever agenda is at the bottom of their selective focus.

"Study shows racial bias in police use of force, but not in shootings" by Quoctrung Bui New York Times   July 11, 2016

NEW YORK — A new study confirms that when it comes to the most lethal form of force — police shootings — [it] finds no racial bias. 

I know I should be jumping for joy, and would have been about 8-9 years ago. 

“It is the most surprising result of my career,” said Roland G. Fryer Jr., author of the study and professor of economics at Harvard. The study examined 1,000-plus shootings in 10 major police departments, in Texas, Florida, and California.

To some maybe.

Blacks are more likely to be touched, handcuffed, pushed to the ground, or pepper-sprayed by a police officer, even after accounting for how, where, and when they encounter the police, the researchers found.

But the result on lethal force contradicts the image of police shootings many Americans hold in the aftermath of the killings (some captured on video) of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.; Laquan McDonald in Chicago; Tamir Rice in Cleveland; Walter Scott in South Carolina; Samuel DuBose in Cincinnati; Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La.; and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

(Blog editor sits here speechless. That simple phrase express so succinctly why I'm really disinterested in what drivel comes in the form of a Globe these days. It's all imagery and illusion with the corporate media filter meant to protect the powerful. It's not just the police shootings; it's the wars, the environment, the economy, and basically any other topic you might mention. At best, their reporting is now a distortion of what happened)

The study did not say whether the most egregious examples — the kind of killings at the heart of the nation’s debate on police shootings — are free of racial bias. Instead, it examined a much larger pool of shootings, including nonfatal ones.

Official statistics on police shootings are poor. James Comey, the FBI director, has called the lack of data “embarrassing and ridiculous.” Even when data exist, the conditions under which officers decide to fire their weapons are deeply nuanced and complex.


Why wouldn't they have good statistics? 

What are we paying them for then? What do they do over there at the FBI -- other than insert instigators, I mean informants, to frame pathetic patsies in foolish plots or assisting in some scripted and staged psyops crisis drill? 

Files a mess as well as the crime lab, huh?

Fryer, the youngest African-American to receive tenure at Harvard and the first one to receive a John Bates Clark medal, a prize given to the most promising American economist under 40, said his anger after the deaths of Brown and Freddie Gray drove him to study the police issue. “You know, protesting is not my thing,” he said. “But data is my thing. So I decided that I was going to collect a bunch of data and try to understand what really is going on when it comes to racial differences in police use of force.”

Nor is it it mine anymore (more on protests below), and the anger here is gone. I'm now in a state of saddened resignation, some might even say I'm jaded.

Fryer and student researchers spent 3,000 hours assembling data from police reports in Houston; Austin, Texas; Dallas; Los Angeles; Orlando and Jacksonville in Florida; and four other counties in Florida.

They examined 1,332 shootings from 2000 to 2015, systematically coding police narratives to answer questions such as: How old was the suspect? How many police officers were at the scene? Were they mostly white? Was the officer at the scene for a robbery, violent activity, traffic stop, or something else?

One goal was to figure out whether police were quicker to fire at black suspects. In officer-involved shootings in these 10 cities, officers were more likely to fire without having first been attacked when the suspects were white. Black and white civilians involved in police shootings were equally likely to have been carrying a weapon. Both of these results undercut the idea that the police wield lethal force with racial bias.

But this line of analysis included only encounters in which a shooting took place. A more fundamental question still remained: In the tense moments when a shooting may occur, are police more likely to fire if the suspect is black?

I knew there would be a but....

This estimate was not precise, and firmer conclusions would require more data.

Some things do and some things don't.

But in a variety of models that control for different factors and use different definitions of tense situations, Fryer found that blacks were either less likely to be shot or there was no difference between blacks and whites....

Yeah, they are all precious and unique individual souls, every single one of them.


Meanwhile, "in other developments Monday involving police-related violence nationwide: Criticism mounted over how Baton Rouge, La., police dealt with throngs of protesters during the weekend. Protests have been growing around the country as people express outrage over the recent deaths of two black men at the hands of police in Louisiana and in Minnesota. In Baltimore, a judge dropped an assault charge against a city police officer charged in the death of a black man injured in a police transport van."

Yes, the throngs of protesters getting covered by the agenda-pushing pre$$. There seem to be two types of protest when it comes to my pre$$ and its coverage. If you are of an agenda-advancing group for illegal immigrants, gays, global warming, and whatever color the CIA has come up with for their latest crop attempt, you get generally positive coverage and approval in the report. When its antiwar or Occupy the coverage is insulting condescending -- if it is covered at all. It's corporate liberalism at its finest!

And now that we have reached Ground Nero....

"Touting himself as a ‘‘law and order candidate,’’ Republican Donald Trump addressed the killing of five police officers in Dallas during a protest against a pair of recent police shootings of black men. ‘‘America’s police and law enforcement personnel are what separates civilization from total chaos— and the destruction of our country as we know it,’’ he said. ‘‘It is time for the hostility against our police, and against all members of law enforcement, to end.’’

I hate to admit, but he is kind of right. Hostility towards police is what those who want to destroy the country are breeding. Then it's martial law and all that stuff.

But he also made reference to the two black men killed in recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, saying they make clear that work ‘‘must be done to ensure every American feels that their safety is protected.’’

That is also true. No way he can deliver on it no matter how much of a micromanager one is.

In his speech, Trump also addressed...."

That will be a whole different discussion for another time, and an utter failure of the current administration. No way around it after eight years -- and now the wars he promised to end are ramping up even more. 

Speaking of the odious one:

"One of the United States’ great virtues, Obama said, is its openness to protest and efforts to speak truth to power.

That's a non sequitur. Power already knows the truth. 

While that process is often messy, he warned that harsh language would drive people on opposing sides to their corners, hardening positions and stalling a difficult but necessary debate over racial bias in the criminal justice system.

Okay.  That does exist, but it is more cla$$ than anything else because there are plenty of poor white in prison.

As for the harsh language, that's nearly dissipated from this blog. I go back 7-8 years and see what colorful metaphors I was screeching and I laugh now. I can't even remember the last time I let a diatribe go. Heck, I don't even know the last time I swore although I'm sure I mistakenly wrote a shit (ooooh!) once or twice in the past two months.

Obama said the Black Lives Matter movement had grown out of a tradition that dated to the abolitionist movement, the women’s suffrage campaign, and the protests against the war in Vietnam.

For him to usurp those movements and compare them to this controlled-oppsotion agitprop front.... sigh. 

That's why I'm tuning this guy out in these final few months (pray God).

While Obama said it was unfair to characterize an entire movement by a few dissonant voices, he said “Even rhetorically, if we paint police officers with a broad brush — without recognizing that the vast majority of police officers are doing a really good job and are trying to protect people, and do so fairly and without racial bias — if the rhetoric does not recognize that, then we’re going to lose allies in the reform process.”

I think we do when it comes to local police, but the farther up you get in the state chain (feds are the worst) the more insensitive and distant they are and any contact with them leaves one with the impression of a**hole.

Likewise, he urged police organizations to treat protesters respectfully.

Where were you during Occupy, buddy?

Obama’s secretary of homeland security, Jeh Johnson, echoed that message back home Sunday as he appeared in a series of joint television interviews alongside New York City Police Commissioner William J. Bratton in New York.

Yeah, Obama was over in Europe provoking Russia at this time. 

Isn't that the ultimate height of ironic hypocrisy? 

Here you have a war-pushing president responsible for the deaths of thousands if not millions so concerned with a handful of victims back home.

Addressing the anxieties of Americans shaken by the shootings last week, Johnson said that it was “a time for healing,” but also a time to redouble efforts to build bridges between law enforcement and the communities they serve. “It’s a time to come together, to heal, to mourn, and to remember that those who engage in excessive force in the law enforcement community are not reflective of the larger law enforcement community.”

This has such a 9/11 feel to it; so what are we being united for this time? Gimme the gun?

Johnson strongly rejected the suggestion made by some critics that Obama and his administration had helped incite violence against the police by supporting Black Lives Matter activists. He reiterated the legitimacy of the activists’ concerns while pledging continued federal support for local law enforcement."

That's part of the plan.

Parents believe military changed Dallas suspect; chief defends use of robot

That reminded me of a story Sy Hersh used to tell. After My Lai he tracked down a soldier that was part of it to mother's home. Mother told him I sent them a good boy and they sent me back a murderer.

Slain man was found injured in Lynn street

Does it matter what color?

Mass. bill would extend hate-crime protections to police officers

That will make you drop a load -- as opposed to the love crimes perpetrated on us all by the politicians, the bankers, and the war machine.

Those are lives that matter!


Gunman fires during vigil for slain Baltimore man; 5 shot

Five Arrested After Shooting At D.C. Police Officers

Next Day Updates:

Deal reached on body cameras for Boston police

"President Obama said Tuesday that the nation mourned with Dallas for five police officers gunned down by a black Army veteran, but he implored Americans not to give in to despair or the fear that “the center might not hold.” “I’m here to insist that we are not so divided as we seem,” Obama said at a memorial service for the officers in Dallas, where he quoted Scripture, alluded to Yeats, and at times expressed a sense of powerlessness to stop the racial violence that has marked his presidency. But Obama also spoke hard truths to both sides. It was the poignant speech of a man near the end of his patience about a scourge of violence that words had not been enough to stop, but Obama insisted on holding out hope...."

How audacious at this late stage in his presidency -- unless he is going to call the whole thing off because Trump should win. Never mind the dementia of the man who "spoke hard truths" according to my lying war-promoter. A man who has lost patience with a scourge of violence as he ramps up wars across the planet. 

And that begs another question: why is the pre$$ focusing so much on this lame duck less than four months from the election? They are acting like he is going to be around a lot longer. What do they know, and what are they preparing us for?

Search warrant: Officers saw ‘butt of a gun’ before man shot

Let's hope you never see anything like it, and I'm about out of patience myself.


Dallas gunman’s honorable discharge still unexplained

I didn't even bother reading the latest version of the cover story they threw up falling apart.

Beyond that is is hard to decipher what is real and what isn't as well as who. At the risk of gaslighting you, I have no idea of what is going on these days -- as designed, apparently. I've come to doubt some of my core perceptions yet again. That's why this blog is a wreck. It's got all the warning signs. I feel like I've been shellshocked by the media and in turn and am doing it to you by reporting on it.

Son of slain Louisiana man speaks out for first time

Obama: Still far from solving police, community issues

I'm no longer listening to anything he says, and was just thinking the rallies aren't helping either, but at least the cops have a camera on them here.


George W. Bush Dancing and Laughing It up with the Obamas at the Dallas Memorial

July 15, Day of Rage

Black Lives Matter: America’s Homegrown Version of ISIS?

"The poll suggested Boston, despite its commitment to community policing, faces many of the same tensions and feelings of distrust between police and minorities that have been laid bare in other parts of the country...."

ALL LIVES MATTER, sorry, and all this despite the Globe promoting the notion that Bo$ton is the model these last two years, blah, blah, blah.

I'll tell you what doesn't matter anymore, though. Can't believe a word anymore, and can't take anything in it seriously. 

How come they didn't cover W swaying to the music and winking?


"From 2009 to 2013, just over 90 percent of black victims were murdered by other blacks, according to FBI statistics. Experts say those numbers are largely because races tend to marry and be friends with people of their own race, and most murders are between people who know each other."

What will they tell the children?