Friday, July 8, 2016

Skipping the Latest Batch of Shootings

Four officers slain in Dallas

It was late-breaking news, and comes on the heels of other shootings that -- as many bloggers and alternative news sites have noted -- come just as Clinton's email case was covered up (notice every time the news goes bad for this administration or its minions we get one?). Sanders has already thrown in, meaning there is nothing left to do but stand with Trump

Given that Comey validated ignorance as an excuse for breaking the law then someone better tell all the black dudes in prison and the ones who will be getting arrested. Clinton security clearances are in jeopardy from what I saw. I've unplugged from the Globe on these recent spate of cop killings, if that is indeed what they are and not contrivances. The scandal is behind her in their opinion, and the GOP says they are going to examine the decision (meaning the case goes nowhere other than a few political photo ops). The heat will soon cool and the coverage dry up.

What I'm going to do is going go and give a listen to find out some semblance of what really happened. This guy is a military vet in Dallas, and there are talks of snipers, etc. No one is buying the official story, be it staged and scripted crisis drill event or false flag chicanery. Obama is out there pushing a race war along with all the other political and pre$$ peons when no one cares when Johnny Cracker gets killed (of those shot and killed by police, half were white) or that whites are the only group being exterminated during their safest year ever

The Latest: Suspect dies after police use explosives in standoff

The Dallas suspect wanted to kill white people and told authorities before dying in a standoff that he was upset about Black Lives Matter as well as recent fatal police shootings of black men.

And he thought this would help?

Any chance it was a simple case of road rage?

Before gunfire, Dallas officers, protesters were posing for photos together

When shots rang out in Dallas Thursday night, a peaceful protest was turned into a scene of chaos.
Oh man!
  1. Obama says America is horrified over Dallas attack
  2. Mom shot while shielding her sons, sister says
  3. Boston police order 2 officers in every cruiser after Dallas attack
  4. Dallas transit agency identifies first victim as 43-year-old officer
  5. Videos show chaotic scene in Dallas
Fast Forward: Dallas shooting, anti-marijuana rally in Mass.

I don't know what one has to do with the other, but I don't see anything in the initial photos that indicate anything other than crisis drill and actors. Sorry. Just my first impression. In any event, I turn to my blog roll for the actual accounting regarding whatever happened. The point we have reached with the pre$$ and ma$$ media is that most everything is staged and scripted propaganda, and if real it is a distortion.

Dallas Sniper Attack: Does Anyone Remember June 12, 2015?

Police: Man shoots at motorists, 1 killed, 4 injured

Three teens are shot in Roxbury

Man killed, woman wounded in noontime Dorchester shooting

Suspect arrested in home invasion that led to fatal police shootout

Some shootings don't get the same, you know.

Dozens of convicted rapists in Mass. have avoided prison

Judge says Bill Cosby’s accuser doesn’t have to testify before trial 

If one guy is glad of the media attention regarding the shootings....

US economy rebounds with June hiring surge of 287,000

I'm so sick of being lied to by this this government and its mouthpiece pre$$, be it the economy or everything else.

And they wonder why I no longer love them?



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SNIPERS kill 5 Officers in Dallas at Protest- SNIPERS!! Classic Destabilization Move

"Well, it’s official, Obama and his cabal of criminals are set upon creating race war in America and the migrant situation is a part of that, as is the shooting of black men around the country and now the killing of Dallas policemen in the worst example of the kind in 116 years. Expect much more of the same to follow..... --MORE--"

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